- Sufficient to meet a need or satisfy a desire; adequate: enough work to keep us all busy. See Synonyms at sufficient.
- An adequate number or quantity: "The Gods above should give,/They have enough and we do poorly liveÔÇŁ ( Henry David Thoreau).
- To a satisfactory amount or degree; sufficiently: Is the fish cooked enough?
- Very; fully; quite: We were glad enough to leave.
- Tolerably; rather: She sang well enough, but the show was a failure.
- Used to express impatience or exasperation: You've been practicing the guitar all afternoon. Enough!

E1 - N1 - O1 - U1 - G2 - H4 has 10 points in Scrabble!

E1 - N2 - O1 - U2 - G3 - H3 has 12 points in Words with Friends!

Found in the OTCWL2014, SOWPODS, ENABLE, and WWF dictionaries