- To give personal assurances; give a guarantee: vouch for an old friend's trustworthiness.
- To constitute supporting evidence; give substantiation: a candidate whose strong record vouches for her ability.
- To substantiate by supplying evidence; prove: charges that he could not vouch.
- Law To summon as a witness to give warranty of title.
- To refer to (an authority, for example) in support or corroboration; cite.
- To assert; declare.
- Obsolete A declaration of opinion; an assertion.

V4 - O1 - U1 - C3 - H4 - E1 - D2 has 16 points in Scrabble!

V5 - O1 - U2 - C4 - H3 - E1 - D2 has 18 points in Words with Friends!

Found in the OTCWL2014, SOWPODS, ENABLE, and WWF dictionaries