- A bluish-white, lustrous metallic element that is brittle at room temperature but malleable with heating. It is used to form a wide variety of alloys including brass, bronze, various solders, and nickel silver, in galvanizing iron and other metals, for electric fuses, anodes, and meter cases, and in roofing, gutters, and various household objects. Atomic number 30; atomic weight 65.39; melting point 419.4┬░C; boiling point 907┬░C; specific gravity 7.133 (25┬░C); valence 2. See Table at element.
- To coat or treat with zinc; galvanize.

Z10 - I1 - N1 - C3 - S1 has 16 points in Scrabble!

Z10 - I1 - N2 - C4 - S1 has 18 points in Words with Friends!

Found in the OTCWL2014, SOWPODS, ENABLE, and WWF dictionaries