12 Old-Fashioned Insults to Spice Up Your Game!

Last update: 3/3/2023

Old insults accepted in Scrabble

For those who don’t appreciate word games, they can often be seen as stuffy, or even be accused of being boring! Pity on those who don’t appreciate the beauty of language and all the wonder words can hold. Like any game, some extra fun can be had by adding a little mischief to proceedings. In Scrabble® and Words With Friends®, in particular, there’s nothing more enjoyable than laying down an old-fashioned insult to perplex your opponent. Below we’ve collected 12 of the most fun, but be warned due to their age most are applicable to the UK dictionary. Let’s begin you stampcards!

Blunderbuss – Points 16
‘A short gun, with a wide bore, for carrying slugs; also, a dumb, blundering fellow.’

Cad – Points 6
‘A mean fellow; a man trying (more ing words) to worm something out of another, either money or information.’

Fop, Foppish, Foppling – Points 8 – 17
‘A man of small understanding and much ostentation; a pretender; a man fond of show, dress, and flutter; an impertinent: foppery is derived from fop, and signifies the kind of folly which displays itself in dress and manners: to be foppish is to be fantastically and affectedly fine; vain; ostentatious; showy, and ridiculous: foppling is the diminutive of fop, a fool half-grown; a thing that endeavors to attract admiration to its pretty person, its pretty dress, etc.’

Fribble – Points 14
‘A trifler, idler, good-for-nothing fellow; silly and superficial.

Fussbudget – Points 17
‘A nervous, fidgety person.’

Gadabout – Points 12
‘A person who moves or travels restlessly or aimlessly from one social activity or place to another, seeking pleasure.’

Milksop – Points 15
‘A piece of bread soaked in milk; a soft, effeminate, girlish man; one who is devoid of manliness.’

Nincompoop – Points 18
‘A fool.’

Ninnyhammer – Points 21
(More things that start with n)
‘A simpleton.’

Poltroon – Points 10
‘An utter coward.’

Sneaksby – Points 17
‘A mean-spirited fellow; a sneaking, cowardly man.’