Today’s Wordle Answer May 20 #1066- NYT Wordle Hints & Updates

What is The Wordle answer for May 20? WordTips Full Review

Author: Sarah Perowne

Last update: 5/20/2024

Wordle Puzzle Board

SPOILER WARNING - Wordle #1066 is out! Our tips and handy hints for answering it and all previous answers right here.

Today's wordle answer isn't tricky, but it depends on where you place the correct letter tiles on your game board, so if you want some helpful hints, keep reading.

We will update this article daily with the Wordle answer today and fresh hints to help you crack today's daily Wordle puzzle to find the correct answer. In case you didn't get yesterday's, we'll include yesterday's Wordle answer, and if you’re looking for a complete archive of Wordle answers from the very beginning, we’ve got the previous answers, too.

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Today’s Wordle Answer Hints

Here are some clues to help you solve today's Wordle game.

 Daily Wordle Hints

  1. Often used to describe a better attitude.
  2. Opposite of ruder or meaner.
  3. Today's Wordle answer starts with N.

Drumroll, please… what is today’s Wordle answer?

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Reveal Today’s Wordle Answer

The answer for today’s Wordle on May 20, #1066 is NICER

Don't feel discouraged if you didn't succeed this time in Wordle. The best thing about it is that there's always a fresh challenge waiting for you the following day, and we will be right here daily to provide additional helpful clues and tips.

Yesterday’s Wordle Answer

Reading this from a different timezone?

Wordle’s answer for yesterday #1065 HITCH

Want to get better at cracking the daily Wordle word puzzle? Put the letters you know into our Wordle word finder, play the guess you want, and improve your vocabulary along the way!

Guess the 5-letter Hidden Word With Our Wordle Tips

Cracking the daily Wordle puzzle requires a certain flexibility and word know-how of the English language, but it's not impossible. Here are some tips to improve your Wordle gameplay.

  • Start with common English vowels: Begin by guessing common English vowels - A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y - to increase your chances of hitting the hidden word.
  • Look at Word Patterns: Observe word patterns and letter combinations. For instance, if "MOVIE" yields green squares on O and I, search for other five-letter words with O and I in those spots.
  • Process of elimination: If you enter a word that doesn't get any green squares, eliminate those letters from your next guesses - it might sound obvious, but even Wordle players slip up. Also, don't focus on double letters, as it's a 5-letter word; it's unlikely though not impossible.
  • Letter frequency matters: Prioritize frequent letters like E, A, T, O, and I. Common starting letters include T, O, A, and D, while E, S, T, and D are common ending letters.
  • Explore multiple options: Utilize all six guesses wisely; avoid fixating on one possibility, particularly in the early attempts. Experiment with various letter combinations.
  • Track your progress: Keep a record of incorrect letters, and the ratio of green/yellow squares. Tracking will help you recognize letter patterns and eliminate pointless moves.
  • Practice: The more you play Wordle and other word games, the quicker you'll get at recognizing patterns to reveal the hidden 5-letter word. Using a Word Finder can enhance your vocabulary and puzzle-solving abilities.

Word Play Made Easy With Our WordTips Wordle Difficulty Scale

As avid word game enthusiasts, we're thrilled to share our WordTips Wordle difficulty insights with you finally. Since NYT acquired Wordle from developer Josh Wardle in February 2022, the game has exploded in popularity. Millions across the globe now engage daily, prompting questions about the increased difficulty and the toughest Wordle challenges.

Is Wordle getting harder? Discover our assessment based on comprehensive data from past Wordle solutions here.

Developing Our Wordle Difficulty Scale

We can't spill all of our secrets, but in true word game form, we can reveal some clues like time has a part to play, as does proximity and the frequency of letters it contains. Still with us?

Here's what the colors mean according to our Wordle Difficulty Scale.

🟢- Easy Peasy - Today's Wordle answer is easy to guess.

🟡- Fairly Easy - Today's Wordle answer may take a few guesses, but it's a word you know.

🟠- Medium Difficult - Today's Wordle answer isn't super hard but will take a few guesses.

🔴- Very Difficult - Today's Wordle answer probably isn't in your daily vocabulary.

Previous Wordle Answers

Are you looking for a complete archive of previous Wordle answers? Did you know that CIGAR was the first ever Wordle answer in June 2021? Well, now you do. This list is sorted chronologically, giving you every Wordle answer for fan bases, from current Wordle answers to the first Wordle puzzle ever played, including our data-driven WordTips Difficulty Scale up until Feb 2022.

A Complete List of Past Wordle Answers Ordered By Date





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Wordle FAQs

What are Wordle rules?

You get 6 tries to guess the 5-letter word. Each word guess has to be a valid English word; you can't just input random characters. If you get a green square, it's a correct letter in the right spot; if you get a yellow square, that letter is in the word but in the wrong position.

What is today’s Wordle answer?

Find out today’s answer here; we update this article daily with fresh hints and handy tips. We also have a list of previous answers from the first-ever Wordle grid!

Who owns Wordle?

The New York Times Company bought Wordle in 2022 from the creator and developer Josh Wardle, and now they publish and maintain Wordle. For those who like Wordle, there are spin-off daily word games to solve not associated with NYT, like Quordle and Octordle.