Connections NYT: Hints For Today's Puzzle, Sun, Jun 16

Author: Mirela Iancu

Last update: 6/16/2024

SPOILERS AHEAD! You are in the right place if you're after hints to solve today's NYT Connections puzzle by yourself. Slowly reveal today's Connections answers here!

We have our dedicated Connections answers page for a complete archive of past solutions. Scroll to the bottom, and you'll see all the answers from the NYT Connections Solutions History. We've been keeping track, so you don't have to.

If you play word games, you'll have heard of the new NYT Connections game, already played by loads of daily puzzle enthusiasts - you have to place the 16 words on the grid into four groups or categories that share a common thread. Some days are easier than others, so help is here with today's NYT Connections hints.

How to Use Our NYT Connections Hints

Not every NYT connections player wants today's answers. That's why we created this page! Here, we will give you one connection clue for each category to help you solve today's puzzle yourself - feel free to bookmark this page whenever you need a quick connections hint.

Looking to sharpen your Wordle skills? Don't forget to check out today's Wordle answer. We've got a whole page dedicated to it, with daily solutions, Wordle hints, an archive of past answers, and a lot more. For buzzy players, you'll find "What is today's Spelling Bee pangram?" over on our NYT Spelling Bee Answers segment. We have scoured our database for pangram solutions so you can uplevel to QB status (Queen Bee) without relying on Hivemind.

Use our NYT Connections hint page to get help when you need it! Here are a few how-tos for using it.

Quick Hints

Say you want to search for a quick hint but don't want to know exactly which categories the 16 words go into; tap on the first flashcard labeled SEE HINT. This button will give you a short clue to help you guess the category title. We've color-coded them to help you out using the NYT Connections colors, and they're ordered from easy to most difficult. (Yellow to Purple)

To See The Groups

If you need the category title, we've got that too. Simply tap the flashcard labeled SEE GROUP, and the name of each category will come up. You might use this if you're stuck on a particular guess and unsure which category you want.

To Find All The Answers

If you're completely stuck, we have all of today's Connections answers. We've left this until the end, partially for suspense and also to help those who want to solve the daily puzzle themselves. Tap SEE WORD to see which of the 16 words go into which group. Again this is color-coded so you can see how difficult each group was to guess, according to The New York Times.

What is Connections by The New York Times?

NYT Connections is pretty similar to a game you might have played as a child called Categories. However, instead of having a certain starting letter (like in categories), you start with 16 words on your grid. Each group has four words that share a common thread. You have to place these words into one of the four categories or groups without making four mistakes.

You make a mistake when you group the wrong words in a category. Every time you guess a correct group NYT Connections will tell you which color group you guessed correctly.

The NYT Connections Colors

Each of the four groups has a color associated with it, and they each mean a slightly different thing.

🟡 Yellow

Simple or easy answer.

🟢 Green

Fairly easy to guess.

🔵 Blue

It is an unfamiliar answer or trivia.

🟣 Purple

The most difficult to guess. It could be anything from slang to trivia.

Once you've made all your guesses, you can share your NYT Connections solution grid with your friends.

How to Solve The NYT Connections Puzzle?

Solving the daily puzzle is fairly straightforward, but you'll have to know about categorizations before you start; being good with trivia also helps! Here’s our tips to get started.

Tips & Strategies For Playing Connections

Like any good word game puzzle, there are a few skills you can brush up on before you start playing, and with time these skills will get stronger the more you play.

Get to Know Your Trivia

NYT Connections' current editor Wyna Liu says the blue and green groups are medium-difficult. That's because words grouped into blue or green are often based on trivia questions like FILE EXTENSIONS or SYNONYMS FOR..... So, get that board game out or that book about useless information and start swatting up on trivial facts (because they may help you!).

Get Your Guesses Out of The Way

Before you make any guesses, assess which words could be categorized. Once you see one, get it out of the way as soon as possible. That way, you narrow down your word choices for your next guess.

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