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Words With Friends (WWF) includes the most up to date words playable in the game, including words from the social dictionary.
Scrabble US consists of all words in the official OCTWL dictionary.
Scrabble UK is based on SOWPODS, played in most of the rest of english speaking countries.


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Scrabble Word Finder

Whether you're playing Scrabble online or on the classic board itself, Word tips' Scrabble Word Finder is a must-have tool for all word game enthusiasts. It's no secret that sometimes our minds draw a blank when it comes to utilizing our tiles correctly, at others our friends argue about the validity of our chosen word. With our search engine, you can intuitively find potential words with the tiles you've been given, presented by highest scoring first. We know that scanning the Scrabble dictionary can be time-consuming, so we've streamlined the whole process! Don't see us a Scrabble cheat, but more of a Scrabble helper.

Did you know..?

Since its creation in 1931, the Scrabble board game has sold more than 150 million sets in over 120 countries. Though the formal timeline for the game's history is a bit confusing, it is well documented that the game we know today as Scrabble was trademarked and officially released to the public in 1948. Prior to that, its creator Alfred Mosher Butts had struggled to come up with both the design and name.

His first version was a game he called Lexiko, later changed to Criss Cross Words. Sadly no manufacturers were interested in what he was offering, but then Butts met an entrepreneur named James Brunot, who was absolutely sure it would be a hit. After making some suggestions for changes in design and the rules, as well as offering a new name, Scrabble was officially born.