Advark, Action, and Antidisestablishmentarianism! Using ‘A’ to improve your game

Last update: 7/17/2023

Words with letter A

The letter ‘a’ is a trusted companion when coming up with high scoring words. After all, it’s the second most used letter in the English language. It’s a trusted glue when it comes to combining a seemingly chaotic collection of tiles, but one we can often oversimplify. Sure, words such as ‘air’, ‘arm’ and ‘admire’ might help us get out of a tough spot, but thanks to our Word Generator you can truly appreciate the wonderful world this letter can offer.

With our help, you’ll soon admire the awesome ability this mostadaptable of characters has. To begin, perhaps you’d like an abbozzo, that’s a preliminary sketch in plain talk. After all, one may be required to avoid being aeolistic, or long-winded you could say. At first glance, receiving the tiles  AAGHJKYTZ may look like a total nightmare. We know, we know, ‘Z’s are never fun. But, don’t fear, transform letters to words and you’ve suddenly got ‘Ayah’, and more things that start with a. Not bad for a term for a nursemaid who looks after children…. and you didn’t even need the ‘Z’!

How about JOILAAD? Not easy unassisted, but sometimes less is more. By utilizing just four of the letters you can create ‘Jiao’, that’s 11 points in Words With Friends plus the bonus knowledge that it’s a monetary unit of China, equal to one-tenth of a yuan. To truly defeat your opponent you may have to be alopecoid, or as cunning as a fox. We often dream of getting a few ‘K’s, ‘H’s and ‘F’s to help garner some easy points, but never forget the true power of ‘A’. The ever-reliable yet surprising friend to all you autodidacts out there.