Be warned! You may use these every day… but that doesn’t mean they’re real

Last update: 3/3/2023

Words not in Scrabble Vocabulary

We’ve all been there. You’re enjoying a nice and normal conversation with a friend and then, BOOM. They mangle a word so horrendously you can’t help but notice, or better still they just invent a whole new one. Language may be ever evolving, but that’s still no excuse for slip-ups. In the world of Scrabble® and  Words With Friends® such mistakes will not only make you look foolish, they’ll get you ZERO points too. Thanks to our unique Word Generator there’s no real reason for you not to check the validity of a word, but here are a few common mistakes that are best avoided, to begin with.

Irregardless – A classic error. We’ve all heard this one, but alas it’s not a word. What’s most interesting with this mistake is the fact that when people say irregardless they actually mean to just say regardless. The additional ‘ir’ has become the norm for many, but that doesn’t stop it from being (more ing words) incorrect.

Conversate – Simple, this means to have a conversation, right? Wrong. Conversate actually doesn’t exist. Meant to be a mixture of conversation and converse, this ‘verb’ is utterly useless as we already have converse, why would we need a second? *We don’t*.

Misunderestimated – Once uttered by one George W. Bush during a public speech, this double negative essentially just means estimated. Best avoided.

Alot – Said with such speed you can be forgiven for thinking that alot is a very commonly used term. But here are things that start with a. Nope. We don’t have ‘alittle’ so we certainly can’t have ‘alot’. Its time must end.

Unequivocably – Adding ‘ably’ to the end of many words seems like the most natural thing to do, but in this case, you’re going to want unequivocally.

Unlightening – There’s enlightening, but why would you’d want to make something ‘un-light’ when you could just use darker or darkening?