No-Prep Online Activities For First-Grade Sight Words

Save time and energy with these no-preparation first-grade sight word activities and worksheets.

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Here are some easy, interactive, and engaging activities you can try at home or in the classroom for teaching first-grade sight words with no prep. We've focused on first-grade Dolch sight words according to the common core standards for reading foundational skills in first grade. Here we have interactive flashcards that you can use in your classroom, word family story slideshows, worksheets, an I Can Spell drag-and-drop quiz for browsers, and a sight word misspellings quiz.

No-Prep Interactive Flashcards

Use these flashcards on an interactive whiteboard or any electronic device. Flip the flashcard for a simple example sentence suitable for first graders.  Check out our sight words list to find more.

Simple Word Family Stories For First Graders

Look at some of our short stories containing high-frequency first-grade sight words and focus on decoding common CVC words. See if you can spot them!

The Big Cat -at Words

The cat is called pat,

She lives in a big hat,

She has a red mat,

And a small rat.

Her best friend is bat,

He has a small hat,

He likes her red mat,

And he also likes rat.

The Silly Bug -ug Words

The silly bug,

Sat on a blue rug,

Waiting for a hug from the brown pug.

The brown pug likes to lug a big jug around,

When the silly bug sits on the blue rug.

Oh, what a silly bug and a silly pug!

The Cap -ap words

This is my dad's red cap.

It sits on my dad's lap,

When he's taking a nap.

The cap goes zap!

Wake up from the nap!

My dad wakes up from his nap.

Dad, it's a trap! 

The cap is going zap!

I Can Spell First Grade Sight Words Quiz

Use this no-preparation drag-and-drop quiz in your classrooms or on a browser. Simply drag the letter combination into the correct space and match the words. Have your students say the word out loud using their sight word and phonics knowledge, and then drag the correct spelling to the sight word.

Drag and drop the word to match the spelling.












drop one card here


drop one card here


drop one card here


drop one card here


drop one card here


drop one card here


drop one card here


drop one card here


drop one card here


drop one card here

Sight Word Misspellings Quiz

As children are learning to read, there are bound to be mistakes and misspellings along the way. Take the sight words misspellings quiz with your students and see if they can spot the right word! Get it wrong. Don't worry; just press reset, and the question will restart.

What is the correct spelling for VERY?

Choose the best answer from the choices below

Possible answers

What is the correct spelling for ONLY?

Choose the best answer from the choices below

Possible answers

What is the correct spelling for AFTER?

Choose the best answer from the choices below

Possible answers

What is the correct spelling for WALK?

Choose the best answer from the choices below

Possible answers

What is the correct spelling for THINK?

Choose the best answer from the choices below

Possible answers

First-Grade Sight Word Book Recommendations

Here are our top picks for your cozy reading corners to further your student's knowledge of sight words in the first grade.

Go Dog Go! By P.D. Eastman

Look at modes of transport with this well-loved book full of first-grade sight words. It is also suitable for Kindergarten, Pre-K, and children struggling with reading.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr. (Author), and Eric Carle (Illustrator)

Discover a world of animals and repetitive language with this book. It uses color and animal sight words suitable for first graders and below. You can also play a no-prep read-along video version here by Darren Robert McTurk.

See The Cat: Three Stories About A Dog by David LaRochelle (Author), and Mike Wohnoutka  (Illustrator)

Meet Max in this funny book designed for Pre-K to First Grade. Max is a dog, but everyone thinks he's a cat. This book uses high-frequency words, repetitive language, and a simple storyline for early readers to follow with illustrations.

Bob Books Sight Words - First Grade

Bob's Books are a favorite among teachers and guardians. In this emerging readers stage 2 set, there are longer and more complex easy-to-read stories suitable for first graders, 30 new sight words, and tips for teachers and parents along the way.

Learning to read really doesn't have to be boring for our early readers, especially with a wide range of materials and resources available. Check out our Dolch first-grade sight word lists and how to teach first-grade sight words to early readers activity ideas.