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What Is Irony? Irony Examples and More

Reading Comprehension For 3rd Graders - Flashcards & Quizzes

Peter Piper Alliteration

Alliteration Examples for Kids - Flashcards & Quiz - ELA For Kids

reflexive pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns With Timesaver Paperless Test

present continuous examples

Present Continuous with Timeaver Quiz and Flashcards

Present Perfect Continuous Example

The Present Perfect Continuous in English

5th grade metaphor worksheets

5th Grade Metaphor Worksheets

Sarcasm Overview Image

Sarcasm - Definition and Examples | Using Literary Devices

future perfect continuous definition and example

Using The Future Perfect Continuous Correctly

text slang

Text Slang Explained: What does...Mean? - Texting Guide

verb examples

Verb Examples: Definition & Common Types in The English Language

Reading Comprehension For 4th Graders - Worksheets & Quizzes

comparative adjectives

Comparative Adjectives with Examples: A Timesaver Study Guide

future perfect definition and example

What Is Future Perfect Tense? With Examples

Interrogative Pronouns

Using Interrogative Pronouns to Question Things

American slang examples

American Slang Explained - US Slang Words And Rad Phrases

Active vs. Passive Voice Test

Active vs. Passive Voice - All You Need To Know

metaphor example

Metaphor Examples And Sentences - What Are Metaphors? 

Compound Words For Kids

Compound Words for Kids: Play-to-Learn Lists

Simple present tense title

Simple Present Tense For ELA

verbs starting with m

Verbs That Start With M - ELA Vocabulary

Words to say thank you and appreciation

Inspiring Appreciation Messages To Show Gratitude

when to use apostrophe

Apostrophe (') | When To Use Them - Punctuation Explained

idiom example

English Idioms Examples and How to Use Them

possessive pronouns examples

Your Handy Guide to Possessive Pronoun Examples and Uses

Examples of rhyme

Examples Of Rhyme In English - Types of Rhyme

2nd grade sight word activities

How To Teach 2nd Grade Sight Words: Activity Ideas For Teachers

second grade sight words

No-Prep 2nd Grade Sight Word List For Engaged Children

2nd grade sight word practice

Digital Classroom Activities For 2nd Grade Sight Words

Thank you card

Thank You Words Examples For Kids and More

future continuous tense

3 Statements To Use With The Future Continuous Tense - ESL

personification worksheets

Personification Worksheets: Figurative Language For 4th Grade

Phrasal verb example

Phrasal Verb Examples - ELA Classroom

declarative sentence

Declarative Sentence Examples - Digital Classroom

Parts of Speech - Adverb

Adverbs and All You Need To Know About Them

Past perfect continuous tense title

Past Perfect Continuous Tense For 3-6 Graders

descriptive words

Descriptive Words and Describing Words For Grade 6+

personification worksheets for 5th graders

Personification Worksheets: Figurative Language For 5th Graders

order of adjectives

How To Order Adjectives In English - Rules And Examples

superlative adjectives

The Greatest Guide to Superlative Adjectives

Simple future tense grammar

Quick Fire Guide To The Simple Future Tense


Pronouns: With Types of Pronoun Examples - Parts Of Speech

Verb Tenses

12 Verb Tenses in English Explained

noun as adjective

When Is a Noun Not a Noun? When It's an Adjective

opposite words

Opposite Words For Kids - Timesaving Lists

Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns Examples For Elementary

Possessive nouns

Possessive Nouns Guide For Grades 3-5

n words for kids, words that start with n, words with n, words with n for kids

Words With N for Kids - Timesaving Lists

Present Perfect Tense Examples

Using The Present Perfect Tense: ESL Rules and Examples

Names for group of animal names

Animal Group Names For Kids

Noun Examples

Noun Examples: Definition, Types, Examples - A Complete Guide

rhyming words for kids

Rhyming Words for Kids Play-to-Learn


Adjectives with Examples For Grade 3+

Personification for kids overview

Personification Examples for Kids - English Language For Kids

Beautiful words

Charming Guide To The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language


Symbolism: The Emojis of Literature - Literary Devices Explained

compound nouns

Compound Noun Examples - ELA Classroom

countable and uncountable noun examples

Uncountable Nouns: Quick Fire ELA Guide With Examples

assonance worksheets, consonance worksheets, examples of assonance, examples of assonance

Assonance and Consonance Worksheets 5th Grade Reading & Writing

demonstrative pronouns

Demonstrative Pronoun Examples For Grades 4-6+

Semicolon list

Semi-Colon: Rules & Examples - Punctuation

Literary Devices - Assonance

Assonance Examples | Wonderful Literary Devices Explained

Past perfect tense examples

Past Perfect Tense Examples and Quiz

capitalization rules

Capitalization Rules & Examples - Punctuation

idiom worksheets for 4th and 5th grade

Idiom Worksheets for 4th & 5th Graders

simile example

Simile Examples: What Are Similes? - Figures Of Speech

compound sentence

Compound Sentences and Examples for Grades 3-5

Transition Words

Transition Words - Definition And Examples

Idioms and phrases guide title

English Idioms and Phrases Guide - ELA

Article examples

How to Use Articles in English Grammar Correctly

Preposition Examples

Prepositions Examples & Rules

what words rhyme with man

MAN Rhyme Words | Words That Rhyme With MAN | Word Lists

onomatopoeia worksheets

Onomatopoeia Worksheets Grades 3-5

idiom for kids

75+ Examples Of Idioms For Kids - English Language For Kids


Hyphen Punctuation - Let's Demystify Their Use

metaphors and similes worksheets

Metaphors and Similes Figurative Language Worksheets For 3rd Grade

metaphor worksheets, metaphor worksheets 4th grade

Metaphor Worksheets for 4th Grade

Imperatives sentence

30+ Imperative Sentence Examples: Definitions

colon punctuation

Colon Punctuation with Examples, Uses, and Grammar Explanations

Reading Comprehension For 5th Graders - Flashcards & Quizzes

rhetorical question

Rhetorical Question Examples

Examples of point of view

Examples Of Different Points Of View: Literary Devices

Action Verbs

Action Verbs for Kids K-5

common nouns examples

Common Nouns in English - With Examples

onomatopoeias examples

Onomatopoeia - All You Need To Know With Examples

plural only nouns

Plural-Only Nouns: Rules and Examples

First grade Dolch sight words practice

How To Teach First-Grade Sight Words To Early Readers: Activity Ideas

Words that rhyme with orange

What Rhymes With Orange? What A Challenge! - Rhyming Fun

punctuation and quotation marks

Punctuation Inside or Outside Quotation Marks?

personification example

Personification: What Is It And How To Use It With Examples

Absolute adjectives and non gradable adjective example

Absolute Adjectives vs. Non-Gradable Adjectives - Examples

Past continuous tense teaser

Past Continuous Tense: Definition, Rules & Examples

Homophone examples

Homophones Examples: Learn How to Write Homophones Right

suffix examples

Suffix Examples And Rules - With Flashcards And Quiz

Adjectives starting with M word list

Adjectives Starting With M - Describing Words You Need To Know

Kindergarten reading comprehension worksheets level B

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Leveled Worksheets - B

Kindergarten reading comprehension worksheets level A

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Leveled Worksheets - A

kindergarten reading comprehension worksheets level C

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Leveled Worksheets - C

Reading comprehension for 1st graders

Reading Comprehension For 1st Graders - Quizzes and Flashcards

kindergarten reading comprehension worksheets

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Worksheets - Timesavers