Quordle Answer Finder

🟩 Correct Letters

Letters in the word and in the correct position (green tiles)

🟨 Misplaced Letters

Letters in the word but in the wrong position (yellow tiles)

⬛ Excluded Letters

Letters not in the word in any spot (dark grey tiles)

Online game players meet Quordle. Forget solving just one five-letter word puzzle; Quordle is four times the space size, and strategizing those green squares has never been more important. Are you ready for Quordle and its up-leveled difficulty spike?

Quordle is a Wordle uplift for serious game players who want a more difficult version of their favorite daily word game. But how do you play Quordle? Check out our strategy guide for getting the most out of your correct letters to crack the four Quordle spaces simultaneously and satisfy your hunger for challenging games.

What's Quordle? Crack The Harder Version of Wordle

Quordle difficulty level is elevated to whole new levels, so for word game tricky puzzle enthusiasts, it's a game you have to crack. Quordle is similar to Wordle in the sense that there are 5-letter words to solve, but really it's a whole lot more. Originally inspired by a group of word game fans who wanted a more challenging version of Wordle, Quordle was born. David Mah initially engineered it, Freddie Meyer created it, and now millions of fans play it.

If you've already played Wordle, it's pretty easy to understand Quordle rules. Instead of just one puzzle per daily game, you'll have to solve four answers per game simultaneously, yes, that's right, four 5-letter words in one game, in nine tries. The daily word puzzle game changes daily, and game players can view and share their results like Wordle.

How to Play Quordle

Placing four 5-character words per game requires an elevated daily game mode. Let's start with the basics of how to play Quordle, so you can optimize your yellow letters.

  1. The aim of Quordle is to guess each 5-letter word; there are four grids, so each time you enter your letters, all four grids will have color hints. You've got nine guesses to guess all four.
  2. Green means it's in the correct spot, yellow means it's in the word but in the wrong space, and a gray square means it's not in the word. So, don't use this character again in that grid space.
  3. Like Wordle, each 5-letter word you enter must be a valid word.
  4. Every time you enter a new word, it will appear on all four grid spaces.
  5. One great new feature of Quordle is the keyboard. Once you've entered a new word, color hints on the keyboard will show you the color status of each letter.
  6. If you get one of the four 5-letter words correct, that grid will be frozen, and it'll show all green letters.
  7. You'll see Quordle Complete if you've finished the daily puzzle, and you can share your results with your friends.

Helpful Hints and Tricks for Quordle Games

Want some tricks for Quordle? Here are our helpful hints to get you started.

Tips To Get Started

Use practice mode! You can go wild and practice this difficult puzzle in practice game mode as often as you like before playing the daily brainteaser.

Make Use of Common Letters

You've got nine tries to get four 5-letter words to crack the puzzle, so your first few guesses or starting words should contain all the vowels and common consonants as possible without repetition. Avoid uncommon letters like Q, K, and Z at the beginning. Having this strategic tool set will help you to maximize gained information by choosing the best starting words. Quordle works on an empirical approach, so observation is key!

Elevate Your Strategy

Quordle is a marathon, not a sprint; it's a slow game with strategy, that needs a creative idea master plan, so focus on one quadrant at a time once you've got your starting words out of the way. Pick a quadrant with the most green and yellow letters. Once you've solved one, it should help you solve the rest.

Look at the Keyboard

One exciting feature of Quordle is the user-friendly keyboard. If one out of the four words has an E, for example, the E key will be quartered and filled with a green square. If one of the letters is in the word but in the wrong spot, it will show a quartered yellow square. The longer you play, the keyboard will start to certain highlight letters, helping you to crack the puzzle before the nine tries are up.

Watch Out for Deadly Traps

Double letters are possible in Quordle, but it's better not to use all your grid space for double letters for your first few guesses. These can get confusing, so use them wisely.

Where can I Play Quordle?

Want to up your difficulty spike? Here’s where to play Quordle.

Desktop - https://www.quordle.com/#/

App Store- Mac https://apps.apple.com/us


iPad - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/

Android- https://play.google.com/store/apps/