Scrabble, WWF and Anagrams FAQs

What is an Anagram?

An anagram is a new word or phrase created from the alphabets of another word or phrase. The general rule is to use all the letters from the original word or phrase to make new words. Let's give you a few examples to clear the air. 

Take the word 'silent.' Now if you have to make an anagram out of 'silent' what would that be?


Now let's say you have the name 'Elvis.' What would be the anagram?


In the same way, 


Does an Anagram Have to Use All the Letters?

An anagram can be a word, phrase, title, or sentence. The standard rule is to use all the letters from the original word only once. That means you cannot use one letter two times or more. You cannot also skip using any letter- your anagram should use all alphabets of the original word only once. 

For example, let's say someone asks you to make anagram from the word 'heater.'

Here, you have 6 letters - H, E, A, T, E, and R. 

So in your anagram, you have to use the 6 letters once. 

And the possible anagram can be- REHEAT.

Which Scrabble Letter is Worth the Most?

Scrabble is one of the most popular word games ever made. Different letters in Scrabble have different points. The rule of thumb is that the less common is a letter, the higher are the points. 

That being said, in the traditional rules of Scrabble, the letters 'Q' and 'Z' have the highest points. You will get 10 points if you use 'Q' or 'Z' in your moves. 

Do note that in the English version of the game you have only one 'Q' and 'Z.' In terms of point, 'J' and 'X' are right behind 'Q/Z' and gives you 8 points each. 

Some websites or apps may have different points for the letters.

When does Scrabble End?

The aim of the Scrabble is to score points by making words with tiles containing letters. 

According to the official rules of Scrabble, a game can only end when the players have finished drawing all the letters from the bag. At this point, there are two possibilities-

A player has finished using all of his tiles,


All possible moves have been played.

If all moves are exhausted, then you will have no space left on the board to make new words. 

Once a Scrabble game ends, you can calculate the scores to declare the winner.

Is 'Scrabble' a Valid Scrabble Word?

You might be surprised to know, but 'scrabble' is a valid word in the game Scrabble. The word 'scrabble' has two possible meanings-

 Noun: The name of a word game played on a board with squares. Players win points by making words from letters with varying values and linking them to existing words on the board. 

Verb: To move your fingers or hands in an attempt to find or grab something, especially things you cannot see. 

For example, John had to scrabble in the dark to reach for his pistol. 

Making the word 'scrabble' in Scrabble also gives you 14 points!

What's the Best Scrabble Word?

The best Scrabble word should help you earn huge points and win the game. The highest scoring word in the game of Scrabble would be ' OXYPHENBUTAZONE,' and earn you 1,458 points. But sadly, no one has been able to use the word in the actual game. 

The record for the word with most points in the history of Scrabble is ' CAZIQUES' (the plural for a type of oriole). The move gave Karl Khoshnaw 392 points in 1982. This is still the top-scoring single move in Scrabble in the whole world. 

Another player, Michael Cresta, earned 365 points with the word ' QUIXOTRY' in 2006.

How does Words with Friends End?

Word with Friends can end in two ways

  1. A player finished playing all tiles in his rack, and there are no more tiles left for drawing.
  2. Three consecutive moves result in no scores (the score has to be more than 0 - 0 for this to happen).

After the game ends, the opponent player loses the total of the values of all remaining tiles. The score is then transferred to the player who played the last tile.

What is Word with Friends 2?

Words with Friends 2 (WWF2) is the new and improved version of Words with Friends. Made by Zynga, WWF 2 offers more ways to stimulate your brain cells. You can now take part in solo missions and play against fictional characters. The exciting team match is also there if you want to enjoy some multiplayer action. 

WWF2 also comes with new themes and challenges. You can also participate in weekly challenges and earn cool badges to show off. The traditional one-to-one action is also present. You can quickly create a game and invite your friends to join in.

Is Word with Friends Scrabble?

Strictly speaking, Words with Friends is not Scrabble. Scrabble and Words with Friends are two different games

  • Scrabble is a traditional word game created by an American architect called Alfred Mosher Butts. The board games released in 1938 challenged players to make words out of tiles containing alphabets. 
  •  Word with Friends is a word game released in 2009 on platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. You can also play the game on Facebook and Kindle Fire. 

Both games share a similarity in the way they are played- you have to make new words out of alphabet tiles you get. 

Can Words with Friends be Played on a Computer?

You can play Words with Friends on your computer in many ways.

  • Zynga has released the Windows version of Words with Friends. You can download the game for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Words with Friends is available on Facebook. You can log in to Facebook from your computer and then play the game. 
  • You can also play Words with Friends on Windows or Mac by using an Android emulator.