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🟩 Correct Letters

Letters in the word and in the correct position (green tiles)

🟨 Misplaced Letters

Letters in the word but in the wrong position (yellow tiles)

⬛ Excluded Letters

Letters not in the word in any spot (dark grey tiles)

Think Wordle is easy? Put your word gaming skills to the test with Octordle and choose the correct 5-letter words to fill in all eight grids in thirteen tries. Octordle is a daily word game for serious word game fans looking to elevate their strategies. Think you can solve one grid? See if you can solve eight!

What is Octordle?

Octordle is similar to Wordle; you still have to solve 5-letter words, but instead of one, you have to solve eight. If you're familiar with the Wordle rules, Octordle is the level-up; think of it as Wordle's difficult cousin. It's a more difficult game that requires an empirical strategy, and though it's currently not affiliated with Wordle in any way, the grid is similar but eight times bigger - it’s all in the name!

In a daily Octordle game, you have to solve eight different five-letter words with the correct letters in 13 tries; serious game players try to solve it as quickly as possible. So, how do you play Octordle?

How to Play Octordle

Playing the Octordle game requires serious muscle flexing, brain power, and a lot of observation. Its advantage is in an empirical approach. It's way more than solving eight different puzzles with common letters; it requires game players to watch carefully and use their thirteen guesses to enter letters based on experience and observation.

  1. The aim of Octordle Daily is to get 8 different 5-letter words in 13 guesses. The game spans over 8 grids, so each time you enter a word, all of the grids are updated.
  2. If an entered letter is in one of the eight words, the grid and keyboard will show color hints, similar to Wordle, but eight times as much!
  3. If one of the grids shows a green letter, it means it’s in the right place. If it shows a yellow letter, then that letter is in the word but in the wrong place, and if it shows a gray letter, that letter isn’t in the word on that grid.
  4. For example, say you enter SWUNG and look at the fourth grid, S might be a green square, so it’s in the right place, but U might be in a yellow square, which means it’s in the word on the fourth grid but not in that place.
  5. Every time you enter a new word guess, you must check all 8 grids.
  6. You can scroll to other grids using the numbers at the top of the keyboard.
  7. The keyboard feature will give color hints, too. For example, the keyboard will show a quartered green square on Z if the letter Z is in two of the words in the correct spot. It will highlight a yellow square on the keyboard letter if it’s in one of the words but in the incorrect spot.
  8. Each guess you make has to be a valid Octordle word.
  9. Once you've completed a board, the keyboard will highlight the grid's number in green with a tick.
  10. Octordle has an unlimited practice mode, so you can get into game mode before you take on the Octordle word puzzles.
  11. For more advanced wordsmiths, there are other game modes, like the daily sequence Octordle, Daily Rescue, or for gold members, the Daily Gold game.

Tricks for Octordle to Elevate Your Game Mode

Focus on Good Starting Words

When you're solving eight 5-letter puzzles, it's important to start with a bang, there are eight to solve, so the likelihood of common letters and vowels coming up is high. It's also highly likely that uncommon letters like G, J, W, V, and Y will be in several words. The rarest letters Q, K, or Z might be in a few. So, based on this logic, focus on good starting words containing a combination of one common vowel, a few common consonants, and a few uncommon letters. We recommend starting with something other than the rarest letters, like Q. Instead, start with words like MOUND, PITHY, PROUD, and SWUNG; these could give you some great hints for the next play.

Maximize Your Moves

If you want to solve Octordle before the thirteen tries are up, you've got to maximize your moves and guesses. This requires good starting words but also an empirical approach. Playing Octordle requires diligent observational skills because you're entering your guesses over eight grids, so keep watch, and remember the grids.

  1. Once you've played a couple of guesses and found a few letters, move your attention to other words with fewer colored squares. From a Quordle tips perspective, this is perhaps the most important for maximizing your gameplay.
  2. If you focus all your attention on Octordle answers that are almost complete, you will end up repeating letters early on in your game, which will cost you precious time and turns. Instead, deal with the harder grids first.
  3. If you notice that a word could have double letters. Leave it until the end. Save your energy and focus on Octordle answers that will give you the most potential across all eight grids. Want some Octordle tips? Save repeated letters for the end.

Octordle Game Modes

Octordle is a great brain teaser activity, and for committed game players, Octordle game modes let you practice and hone your skills. Here are a few different ways you can play.

Daily Octordle

The original Octordle game, a new game, is released daily.

Daily Sequence

Octordle Sequence mode is similar to the original Octordle game but with a few changes. Only one unsolved word is visible, so once you've solved one, the next game board is unlocked. Because of the increased difficulty, you've got 15 guesses.

Daily Rescue

Fed up with repeating the same starting letters game after game? Have the computer choose starter words for you. You've got 9 guesses in this game mode.

Octordle Challenges Mode

Want to play with a theme? Octordle challenge games have a set theme, where all 8 5-letter words are themed. You've got themed puzzles about colors, countries, U.S. cities, etc. New challenges are added regularly.

Octordle Unlimited

Game players know that sometimes, one game isn't enough. In this game mode, you can play the free original, free sequence, and free rescue puzzle as many times as you want.

Octordle Gold

For a fee, word game fans can unlock exclusive features, play without ADs, backup, and more.

How is Octordle Scored?

At the end of each Octordle game, the number of guesses per word is shown with emojis. Say you got a 7️⃣; that game board took 7 guesses to find the correct word. A 🔟 means you found the right word in 10 guesses. Octordle focuses on the efficiency of guesses and the overall performance in the game. Lower scores are better in the Daily and Sequence games, and higher scores in Rescue game mode.

 The challenge is to get through the game with no clocks; clocks show guesses higher than 10. 

  • 🕚 - Took 11 guesses
  • 🕛 - Took 12 guesses
  • 🕐 - Took 13 guesses

 Here’s an example of a Daily Octordle word answer. 

4️⃣5️⃣ SCION - STONY




Score: 76


4️⃣- 4 points

5️⃣- 5 points

8️⃣- 8 points

🕐13 points

🟥- Unanswered worth 14 points

🕛- 12 points

🕚- 11 points

9️⃣- 9 points

= 76 points.

Where To play Octordle

Whether you’re out and about or at home on a desktop, there are tons of ways to get your Octordle fix.

Browser - https://octordle.com/

Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/

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