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Searching for what rhymes with MAN is pretty simple because it’s short, sweet, and ends in the commonly used English sound; AN.

If you’re a fan of word lists, scan this list and see if you find any you don’t know.

Words rhyme with man examples

Amazing One-Syllable Words Rhyming With MAN

MAN is a one-syllable word, so one-syllable rhymes work perfectly. Here’s a list of perfect rhyming pairs of man, with definition examples and synonyms.

  • An - an article that is used before vowel sounds
  • Ban - legally or officially prevented from doing something or going somewhere
  • Can - to be able to do something, be able to
  • Clan - a close group of people, a big family
  • Fan - a handheld device, a ceiling fan, an admirer
  • Flan - savory or sweet baked good, typically made with eggs
  • Gran - grandma, gran, nan, mamaw
  • Plan - a proposal, decision, making arrangements
  • Ran - past participle of “run.”
  • Scan - examine, study, reading quickly to get the most critical information
  • Span - width, length, the maximum length of something
  • Tan - a light brown color 
  • Than - conjunction or preposition, used to compare
  • Van - pick-up, wagon, boxcar
  • Slam - close something loudly and with force
  • Sprang - past participle of “spring,” to leap or jump
  • Clam - a marine animal that typically lives in freshwater
  • Scam - fraud, an illegal scheme

What Rhymes With MAN? Multi-Syllable Rhymes

Man can also be rhymed with multi-syllable words, provided they end in the same ending sound. Here, we’ve got a list of the multi-syllable rhyming pairs with definitions and synonyms.

  • Began - begin, start, set about
  • Boomerang - a carved flat piece of wood that’s thrown
  • Campervan - RV, motorhome
  • Deadpan - inexpressive stare, blank stare
  • Diagram - drawing, line drawing, a series of mapped-out drawings
  • Divan - sofa bed, mattress without a headboard
  • Doorman - someone that works at the entrance of a building, opens doors, porter
  • Exam - test, examination
  • Game plan - a pre-planned-out strategy
  • Hologram - three-dimensional picture or image formed from light sources
  • Lifespan - the length of life that someone lives
  • Mailman - letter carrier, postman (British English)
  • Outran - to run faster than, go further than
  • Pecan - a type of nut
  • Saucepan - a deeper cooking pan with a long handle
  • Wingspan - length of the wings from end to end of birds or aircraft

Examples Of Proper Nouns That Rhyme With MAN

There are tons of proper nouns that rhyme with “man.” You probably know that proper nouns name countries, places, or specific things. They are always capitalized, and if you fancy checking it out, we’ve got a whole article dedicated to proper nouns.


You can also find tons of countries that rhyme with “Man.” Here are a few.

  • Afghanistan
  • Azerbaijan
  • Iran
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Sudan
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan


You can find many examples of words that rhyme with “Man.” Here are some names that rhyme with “Man.”

  • Ann
  • Anne
  • Ariane
  • Bran
  • Cam
  • Dan
  • Fran
  • Jan
  • Mariane
  • Morgan
  • Roxanne
  • Stan
  • Suzanne


Finding places that rhyme with “Man” is a little trickier; however, it’s not impossible! Have a play around and see what rhymes with “Man.”

  • Amsterdam
  • Birmingham
  • Milan
  • Nottingham
  • Rotterdam

Playing Around With Synonyms!

If you’re after a synonym, you’re in luck. “Man” has lots of synonyms that you can use instead; you could even consider “Men” if it’s better for your rhyming pattern. Here are some synonyms for “Man” with their rhyming pairs.


  • Below
  • Blow
  • Bordeaux
  • Crow
  • Flow
  • Glow
  • Go
  • Joe
  • Slow
  • Toe


  • Buy
  • Bye
  • Dry
  • Fly
  • Hi!
  • My
  • Sly
  • Thai
  • Try
  • Why


  • Disagree
  • Flee
  • Free
  • Glee
  • Key
  • Knee
  • Me
  • Purposefully
  • Sea
  • See
  • Tree

More Synomyns for Man Rhyme Word Flashcards

Want more words that rhyme with man? Check out these synomyns for man. Before you flip the flashcards, test yourself and see if you can come up with your own.

You, too, can rhyme; isn’t it just sublime? Think of all the work you can make, even if you make mistakes. Make a plan, and soon you’ll be able to find all the words that rhyme with “Man!” If you're looking for more resources, flashcards, and quizzes for grades 3-5+, check out our worksheets below.