Verbs That Start With G: Word List

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Verbs are essential in English, primarily used to indicate action. For example, giggle and give are verbs that start with "g." Verbs can also function as helping verbs or linking verbs, but in general, they are the movers and groovers of sentences as they show the state of being and mental and physical actions.

This guide will give you more verbs starting with "g" than you will ever need. Save it and refer to it when you need verbs starting with this glorious letter.

Verbs that start with g

Action Verbs That Start with G

Want some action verbs that start with G? Check out this list.

  1. Go
  2. Get
  3. Gain
  4. Garnish
  5. Gasp
  6. Guard
  7. Guess
  8. Guide
  9. Goad
  10. Grate

Common Verbs That Start With G: Examples & Definitions

Gag -To stop someone from talking freely, a body reflex from something, or write jokes.

  • The smell of cheese makes me gag.

Gain - To get something, to win a competition, or to arrive.

  • The Chicago Bulls gained two free throws in their last game.

Gallop - To move around, run fast, or gallop like a horse.

  • They galloped around the garden.

Gamble - To place bets or to put your trust into something uncertain.

  • She's gambling on a promotion.

Gape - To stare with an open mouth.

  • Hannah gaped at her classmates.

Gargle - To wash or rinse the throat with liquid.

  • My dentist told me to gargle with salt water to get rid of the infection.

Garnish - To finish something with decoration or embellishment.

  • The chef garnished the plate with herbs.

Gasp - To be audibly in shock and take a short, sharp intake of breath.

  • I gasped when I stepped into the icy lake.

Gather - To collect items, conclude, or infer something.

  • I gather that you've not completed your schoolwork.

Generate - To create, produce, or be the cause of.

  • My school project has generated a lot of interest.

Positive Verbs Starting With G

Spread positivity with these positive verbs that start with G.

Gift - To give something, usually a present.

  • He gifted me with a giant panda for my birthday.

Giggle - To laugh.

  • She giggled at her dad's jokes.

Groove - To enjoy oneself, to move, to dance.

  • We grooved to the music.

Glide - To move in a slow and sweeping way.

  • Dan glided across the room to welcome us.

Graduate - To finish college or school.

  • I graduated with honors.

To Be Gentle - To be soft, careful, and considerate.

  • She gently stroked the rabbit.

Glow- Lit up, give off light, or shine.

  • The sunset glowed with hues of orange and red.

Grin - To smile widely.

  • He grinned from ear to ear.

Grow - To mature or develop.

  • You're growing up.

To Garden - To work on a garden and attend to the plants.

  • I love to garden!

More Verbs That Start With G

Glimpse - To peep, to take a quick look at something.

  • From the aircraft, she glimpsed the mountains below.

Gloss - To put a gloss on something and make it shiny. Cover-up.

  • My teacher glossed over the most important details.

Gobble - To eat quickly.

  • They've gobbled up all the food; there's none left!

Glean - To gather information little by little.

  • She gleaned all her information from the internet.

Google - To search on an online search platform.

  • Let's google the answers.

Gossip - To talk about something, tell a secret about someone else.

  • They spent the morning gossiping at work.

Gouge - To scoop out, create a new shape, or remove material.

  • My dog gouged out the new sofa.

Grant - To give permission or to gift

  • My teacher refused to grant my request for extra time.

Grapple - To hold on to something, wrestle, or work through something.

  • I grappled the rope with two hands.

Grieve - To mourn the loss of something.

  • Terry is grieving the loss of his grandma.

Grimace - To show displeasure, to scrunch up your face.

  • He grimaced at his parents.

Grind - To shrink something to a powder, wear it down.

  • I'm grinding the nutmeg to make a powder.

Glance - To look quickly.

  • We glanced over our shoulders to see where the loud noise came from.

Grovel - To ask for something, usually forgiveness.

  • She groveled for her friends' forgiveness.

Guard - To protect, secure, or keep an eye on.

  • I'm guarding my cookies.

Guess - To suppose or believe without much evidence.

  • Can you guess how many candies are in the jar?

Guide - To lead or to direct.

  • She guided us around her new apartment.

Gulp - To swallow quickly, guzzle.

  • He guzzled down his milkshake.

While you grapple with all the verbs that start with "g," why not check out our other grammar articles?

Less Common Verbs That Start With G: With Examples

Let's look at some verbs you may not have seen before. As always, we have the definition and an example sentence.

Gab - To jabber, chat quickly, gabbed, gossip.

  • She was gabbing along, not waiting to hear my response.

Gainsay - To oppose, to deny something.

  • Since she told the truth, no one could gainsay her story.

Galvanize - To startle, jolt someone into action, excite.

  • She galvanized into action after the meeting.

Garble - To talk confusingly, confuse words, distorted language.

  • His wifi connection garbled his words.

Garner - To gather important information, collect.

  • Sally's lawyers were trying to garner evidence from the opposition.

Gesticulate - To mimic gestures in a dramatic fashion to emphasize.

  • She was gesticulating all over the place, and I couldn't understand her words.

Goad - To move along or to provoke an action.

  • Frankie goaded the cattle towards the other field with a stick.

Tips For Verbs Starting With G

  • Remember that verb endings change in the past, present, continuous, and future tenses.
  • Some verbs are irregular, even verbs starting with "g," such as “to go.” In the past, simple “to go” is "went .” So be aware because some "g" verbs change entirely!
  •  Have a guess what the definition of the verb you're learning is before you look it up; once you've got the meaning, try to make sentences with them.

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