Q Words for Kids in Kindergarten & Preschool

Aligned to Common Core Standards, CCSS.RF.K.3.a, CCSS.RF.K.3.d, and activity ideas for educators to work on CCSS.L.K.2.c, and CCSS.L.K.6.

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The letter Q is the seventeenth in the alphabet, it's also one of the trickiest letters for kids to learn, but you can make grasping words with Q for kindergarten and preschool kids easier with these words with Q lists.

We've got words that start with Q for Kids, positive words with Q, negative words, sight words with Q, and a list of letter Q activity ideas for educators and parents to help kids build vocabulary as they go along.

words with Q for kids

Words That Start With Q for Kids

Here are some of the most common words that start with the letter Q for kids. 

  1. Quack
  2. Quality
  3. Quarter
  4. Queen
  5. Quest
  6. Quiche
  7. Quick
  8. Quiet
  9. Quit
  10. Quiz

List of Words With Q for Kindergarten

This word list is for kindergarteners to work on building their words with Q in English.

Words That Start With Q

  • Quail
  • Quest
  • Question mark
  • Quick-witted
  • Quiet
  • Quill
  • Quizzical

Positive Words With Q

  • Equality
  • Qualified
  • Quality
  • Queenly
  • Quickly
  • Quirky
  • Require
  • Tranquil

Words With Q

  • Earthquake
  • Quarrel
  • Quash
  • Quell
  • Questionable
  • Sequence

Letter Q Quiz

Test your knowledge with this letter Q drag-and-drop quiz for kindergarten students.

Checkpoint ✔️
Drag & drop each word starting with Q to what it means.

A person who rules over a land.

A punctuation mark that goes at the end of a question. (?)

The opposite of loud.

The sound a duck makes.


drop one card here

Question mark

drop one card here


drop one card here


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List of Words With Q for Preschoolers

Here is a list of words that start with Q and positive words with Q to increase kids' positive language skills and spelling-sound recognition to boost vocabulary.

Words That Start With Q

  • Quack
  • Quacks
  • Queen
  • Question
  • Queue
  • Quit
  • Quiz

Words With Q

  • Aqua
  • Equal
  • Quick
  • Unique

More Quirky Q Words for Kids

Sometimes you need a sight word or word by length for each letter Q word you want to teach. Here are more Q words for kids.

Sight Words With Q

  • Queen - royal
  • Quiet - little or no noise
  • Quit - to give up
  • Quiz - test

4-Letter Words With Q

  • Quag - a marsh
  • Quip - a funny comment
  • Suqs - a bazaar

5-Letter Words With Q

  • Maqui - a type of shrub
  • Pique - to provoke interest
  • Quern - a hand mill for grinding corn
  • Query - asking a question
  • Quiet - little or no noise
Q words for kids activity ideas, letter Q activities for kids

Letter Q Activities for Kids

The letter q can be a difficult alphabet letter for most kids. Still, planning fun and engaging letter Q activities doesn't have to be boring or time-consuming. Try some of these activities to help your littlest learners grasp words that start with Q effortlessly.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts are fun activities for kids to learn about words with Q. You can print off a Q letter or draw it on a big piece of paper and make a collage. As literacy games for kids go, utilizing arts and crafts for learning about the letter Q is a great place to start.

Letter Q Basket

This is a Montessori-inspired literacy activity for kindergarten and preschoolers. Prepare a basket of figures and objects that contain the letter Q or start with the Q; this is the Q box. This basket can help your little ones identify and connect the letter with Q words. Some ideas might be Q-tips, a crown, an aqua-colored object, etc. Once you've finished with the letter Q, you can move on to other letters.

Tracing Q Words

There are tons of tracing worksheets out there for preschoolers and kindergarteners. But what is the purpose of tracing? Tracing helps little ones to build and refine their pre-writing skills, helping them to build a foundation for writing and drawing words and letters. As they aren't ready to write their letters, tracing words with Q and other foundational letters can help them with letter recognition and fine motor skills.


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