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Aligned to the Common Core Standards for ELA Literacy, CCSS.RF.K.3.

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The letter n is a pretty common starting character. In fact, did you know that over 2,000 words start with n in English? However, finding simple and age-appropriate terms of words that start with n for kids can be difficult, especially because in kindergarten and preschool, words with n should be short, simple, and a maximum of 3 to 4 letters long. This consonant sound is powerful, but it can sometimes be silent too! For example, when the letter is followed by an "m" in words like column, autumn, etc., the n is silent. To start, focus on simple and basic n words for kids, and gradually as they become more fluent with this fundamental sound, you can introduce them to four-letter and 5-letter words, too.

Here we've got words with n for preschool and kindergarten and a few for early elementary. If you need help sourcing bonus activities to engage your early reader, scroll down for some fun activity ideas and tips designed for teachers, homeschoolers, and online tutors.

10 Words With N for Kids

Want words that start with n? You can use this top 10 words list for kindergarten and preschool. For different grade levels and reading abilities, use this list to inspire your digital classroom activities. Scroll down for some easy-to-use flashcards to inspire and optimize your planning time.

  1. Not
  2. No
  3. Nice
  4. Nap
  5. Name
  6. Nature
  7. Nose
  8. Nest
  9. Never
  10. New

Flashcard Checkpoint

Read the sentence out loud, fill in the blanks, and flip the flashcards to reveal the answers.

Words With N for Preschoolers

Though these words don’t start with n, they are simple words preschoolers will see in picture books and are aligned with Dolch sight words for pre-K.

  • Can
  • Run
  • Not
  • In

Here's a short list of N words for preschoolers. These n words for kids will help your preschooler identify the n sound in high-frequency words and work on building vocabulary.

  • No
  • Nut
  • Now
  • Nose
  • Nurse
  • Nanny
  • Night
  • Net

Words With N for Kindergarten

This timesaving word list is for words that start with n for kids. Go over them with your child or students and see if they can spot any they know.

  • Neat
  • Nail
  • Nut
  • Number
  • Necklace
  • Neat
  • Nine
  • Nuggets
  • North
  • Nod
  • Noun
  • Nope
  • Nickel

This word list uses high-frequency sight words that start with n for kids and common n words that they will see and hear often. 

  • Fun
  • Done
  • An
  • Any
  • Want

Describing Words With N For Elementary

Kids in elementary and kindergarten usually discover describing words or adjectives when they read story books. In the beginning, these words are simple, like big, red, and blue. However, you can start working on simple describing words with n to help them on their way. Some of these words start with n, and some contain the letter n.

  • Nice
  • New
  • Neat
  • Nasty
  • Naughty
  • Newborn
  • Silent
  • Down
  • Strong
  • Young
  • Thin
  • Skinny
  • Angry
  • Tangy
  • Round
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Nine
  • Ten
  • Sunny

Advanced Words With N for Kids

Use this word list when your students or children need a little more challenge. If your little ones love big nifty words, try practicing these together.

  1. Naive
  2. Narcissism
  3. Neighborly
  4. Nymph
  5. Nemesis

How is The N letter formed? Tips

Similar to the /m/ sound, the /n/ letter sound is nasal and voiced and is created by the speaker vibrating their vocal cords while pushing air through their nasal cavity or nose. The /n/ sound is a little different from the /m/ because of tongue placement. To make the /n/ sound in English, place the tip of your tongue just behind the front bottom teeth, leaving a small gap, and push slightly. Typically, toddlers around 2 years old will start to produce the /n/ sound and, by around 3, will have grasped it. This sound won't be the first your child will start making, but it's a crucial early sound for early learner speech development.

Letter N Activities To Build Solid Vocabulary In Preschool Kids

Want some amazing activities for kids? Check these out to inspire your early readers in ELA classrooms and for ELA homeschooling.

Books For Children

Reading is a hugely important life skill, and reading together is fun! Spend some time looking through colorful picture books and see if you can find words that start with n. If you find a new one, write it down on a whiteboard, and go over it together. To make this more of a challenging activity, see if your student can find them by themselves.

Arts & Crafts Activities

Most children are visual learners, so use this to empower your planning for n word activities. You could make my name is necklaces, focus on an n word for kids and make a collage out of the weekly n-word, or do words with n treasure hunt. Simply hide objects around the room that start with n and have your students find them. Get them to say the name of the object as they go.

Letter Tracing

Have your students practice their spelling skills by writing words that start with n into sand or moveable material. This is a great no-prep spelling activity, and the best part is they can easily rub away mistakes, so less frustration, too!


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