Adjectives That Start With A - Word List

Author: Sarah Perowne

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Adjectives that start with A are amazing, abundant, and occasionally atrocious. But don't let that stop you from asking! Here's a word list of A adjectives, possibly more than you could ever need. We've got adjectives that start with a to describe a person, like your adamant uncle or active toddler that never sleeps. We've also got powerful adjectives that start A, like amorous or adventurous, and 5-letter A adjectives when you need to be more adaptable.

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Powerful Adjectives Starting With A
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Someone or something cheerful or ready

Complete, total amount of something

Showing confidence

Attracts lots of attention, is striking


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Negative Adjectives That Begin with A

Occasionally you might need to describe a situation with a negative A adjective, whether an abysmal experience or an awkward conversation with your boss. These negative adjectives starting with A, give you plenty of options.

  • Abrasive - someone that is rude and mean. A rough material
  • Absent - not present
  • Absent-minded - not present, often forgetful, or not paying attention
  • Absurd - criticizing something or someone for being ridiculous or stupid
  • Abysmal - something that is very bad, awful, or poor quality
  • Acerbic - an acerbic style of humor is very critical, sharp, or sarcastic
  • Agonizing - describing something that causes intense pain in the body or mind
  • Ailing - suffering or having an illness or injury, weak
  • Aloof - distant, someone who isn’t very friendly or approachable
  • Amok - possessed or motivated by uncontrollable rage (rare)
  • Annoying - something or someone that makes you angry or impatient
  • Antagonistic - someone that shows hatred, dislike, or deliberately pushes
  • Anticlimactic - describing something that really disappoints you after excitement or expectation
  • Antipathetic - opposed, having a strong dislike for, or aversion to something
  • Arduous - something difficult to achieve 
  • Arrogant - someone who is unpleasant and thinks they are the most important 
  • Atrocious - describing something as having extremely bad qualities 
  • Aweless - feeling or not showing amazement 
  • Awful - describing something or someone that isn’t nice or not good
  • Awkward - a situation or person that is uncomfortable


  • His antipathetic attitude towards others made it difficult for him to work in an office.
  • It was really awkward when he accidentally called his teacher "mom" in front of the entire class.
  • The critic’s acerbic review offended many readers with his harsh remarks.

5-letter Adjectives Starting With A

As word game enthusiasts know, you might need a 5-letter adjective that starts with A, whether for Scrabble, Wordle, or to impress your ambitious friend in Words with Friends. Even if you’re not playing a puzzle, having an admirable vocabulary will make you less absent and more academically inclined.

  • ADEPT - skilled or proficient 
  • ADULT - a grownup, mature
  • AGILE - able to move quickly and easily
  • ALERT - quick to act and watchful
  • ALIKE - being close in similarity but not identical 
  • AMISS - something imperfect or wrong
  • AMPLE - enough of something, plenty
  • ANGRY - describing the emotion of anger
  • AQUAS - rare alternative word for the color aquamarine
  • AROMA - describing a strong, pleasing smell
  • ASHEN - a pale complexion because of fright, shock, or illness

5-letter Adjectives That Start With A
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Enough of something, plenty

Something imperfect or wrong

Rare alternative word for the color aquamarine

Describing a strong, pleasing smell


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Using Adjectives That Start With A

By now, you have an astonishing word list of A adjectives. Still, even the most academic of us might find it difficult to use these adjectives in a sentence. With that in mind, here is a list of example sentences with adjectives starting with A.

  1. Something about the house felt amiss.
  2. She wasn’t going to be beaten by the arduous paperwork.
  3. The amok elephant charged through the village, causing chaos and destruction.
  4. The news outlet produced an antagonistic report, stirring up controversy and discord from its viewers.
  5. The Amazon Rainforest is abundant with biodiversity.
  6. Her authoritative demeanor commanded respect and confidence in everyone around her.
  7. She looked ashen when she heard the devastating news.
  8. The menu looks extremely appetizing.
  9. After waiting patiently for a year, the new movie was anticlimactic.
  10. Johnny was sitting in the doctor's office agonizing over his test results.

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