90+ Adjectives That Start With E

All the e adjectives you need to know!

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So, you want adjectives that start with E? How about positive e adjectives or negative adjectives starting with E? Here's an elaborate word list of adjectives with one of the most common letters in the English language; it's gonna get pretty exciting, so stay seated and delve into this excellent word list of adjectives used to describe people, things, and places.

Most Common Adjectives Starting with E

Want to sound more eloquent? Check out this list of common adjectives starting with E.

  • Eager - really wanting to do something, enthusiastic
  • Early - something happening before the expected time
  • Easygoing - carefree and not easily annoyed
  • Eccentric - unusual, unconventional, strange
  • Edgy - easily irritated, on edge, or cool
  • Egocentrist - self-centered
  • Electric - vivid and brilliant
  • Enchanted - placed under a spell
  • Evil - extremely horrible, immoral, and wicked
  • Excellent - extremely great, outstanding, amazing

Example Sentences

  • He was eager to open his birthday presents.
  • She’s so egocentric.
  • Wow, your new jacket is so edgy!

Positive Adjectives Starting With E

Want to be more earnest in your vocabulary? This list of positive adjectives starting with E could help you.

  • Earnest - sincere and honest
  • Ebullient - merry and full of energy
  • Ecstatic - feeling extreme happiness and excitement
  • Elated - happy, excited, hopeful
  • Elegant - poised, graceful, or stylish
  • Eloquent - able to express, good with words, well-spoken
  • Emboldened - confident about something
  • Empathetic - able to understand and empathize with others
  • Enchanting - something charming or attractive
  • Endearing - something adorable, lovable, or cute
  • Entrancing - very interesting, attractive, or charming
  • Epochal - highly significant, momentous
  • Ethereal - out of this world, delicate, or beautiful

Example Sentences

  • His smile was endearing.
  • She is an elegant dancer.
  • The coronavirus pandemic gave the world an epochal challenge.

Negative Adjectives Starting with E

We’re not encouraging negative English vocabulary. Still, sometimes we need to get things off our chest, especially excessive explanations, embarrassing moments, or your erratic neighbor.

  • Egotistical - only concerned with oneself 
  • Egregious - something shocking or outstandingly bad
  • Eldritch - strange or sinister
  • Emaciated - unusually thin normally because of malnourishment
  • Embarrassing - something shameful or that causes humiliation 
  • Embittered - extremely angry or resentful at wrongful treatment 
  • Enervating - something that is unnerving, causing loss of energy
  • Entropic - falling apart, chaotic, without order
  • Erratic - something irregular, unpredictable
  • Estranged - no longer close to a friend or family member, alienated
  • Exasperating - highly irritating or frustrating
  • Excessive - more than needed or wanted
  • Excoriating - critical or condemning

Example Sentences

  • The abandoned temple took on an eldritch glow that sent shivers down my back.
  • The coast has enervating energy.
  • I am no longer closer to my sister; we are estranged.

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Unusual Adjectives That Start With E

Ever heard of an epistolary novel? How about an ephemeral moment? Check out this list of unusual adjectives starting with E.

  • Egalitarian - fair to all people
  • Egomaniacal - someone who believes themselves to be the most important 
  • Ephemeral - lasting for a short period of time; fleeting
  • Epistolary - a type of novel written as a series of letters
  • Equanimous - balanced, calm, and composed in difficult situations
  • Ersatz - an artificial product made to substitute another product, typically inferior
  • Esoteric - something likely to be understood by only a small number of people
  • Esurient - extremely hungry or greedy
  • Euphemistic - polite, indirect, neutral
  • Exiguous - formal word for something extremely small in size or amount
  • Expeditious - speedy, prompt, and swift

Example Sentences

  • The expeditious delivery time impressed the customer.
  • The cafe used ersatz ingredients in its dishes, resulting in poor quality and taste.
  • The esurient child devoured the entire pizza in two minutes.

Checkpoint ✔️
Drag the meaning to the corresponding positive adjective.

Merry and full of energy.

Confident about something.

Highly significant or momentous.

Poised, graceful, or stylish.


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Excellent Adjectives Starting With E

Most of the e adjectives above are excellent for describing people, objects, ideas, and things. Still, brushing up on your education and vocabulary is important, so you can be prepared to describe your exasperating siblings, your eagle-eyed parents, or your eclectic tastes in music.

E Adjectives to Describe People

Feel like empowering your vocabulary? You can use this exemplary list to describe even the most expressive types of people.

  • Eclectic - having a lot of diverse interests
  • Empowered - having power or control over their own life
  • Enterprising - showing resourcefulness or initiative
  • Enthusiastic - very excited to do something
  • Envious - jealous and desiring what others have 
  • Erudite - someone who is well educated
  • Ethical - someone who follows basic principles of right and wrong
  • Even-tempered - not easily angered or upset
  • Exemplary - a positive example, a role model
  • Expressive - able to express themselves effectively
  • Extroverted - loves to be around others and gains energy from it

Example Sentences

  • He’s an exemplary student for our school.
  • I think they’re envious of you.
  • When you improvise, you have to be expressive.

Adjectives for Description

Words aren’t expensive, so next time you need some enlightening vocab to describe things around you effectively, use this word list.

  • Economical - something that is of good value
  • Eerie - something that is creepy and gives you a bad feeling
  • Elaborate - detailed or carefully arranged
  • Elemental - related to nature or fundamental
  • Empty - not filled or occupied, nothing inside
  • Enamored - in love with or very fond of
  • Endless - doesn’t end
  • Engaging - characterized by being charming or attractive
  • Enjoyable - something that you enjoy doing, seeing, watching
  • Enlightening - something that gives you greater knowledge or understanding
  • Enormous - very big or large in size, quantity 
  • Expansive - something that covers a wide area of space or scope
  • Expensive - something that costs a lot of money for what it is

Example Sentences

  • Graveyards give me an eerie feeling.
  • Mozart’s compositions are described as elaborate and enchanting.
  • He made an expansive gesture with his arms.

Checkpoint ✔️
Drag the meaning to the corresponding adjective starting with e to describe a person.

Having a lot of diverse interests.

Someone who is well educated.

Not easily angered or upset.

A positive example, a role model.


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More Adjectives Starting With E

Many more adjectives start with e, even for the most eagle-eyed of you!

  • Eagle-eyed - detail-oriented, able to quickly spot things
  • Earth-shattering - something very shocking, important, or traumatic
  • Efficacious - something that accomplishes the intended result or effect
  • Elegiac - something that involves an elegy, expresses sorrow
  • Engrossing - something that absorbs all energy and attention
  • Epidemic - (of a disease) widespread throughout a community at a certain time
  • Eponymous - named after someone or something
  • Errant - something off-course, misbehaving
  • Euphoric - the feeling of intense excitement
  • Exact - something that is precise
  • Exclusive - not complete, excluding, or restricted to a person, group, or area
  • Exotic - characteristic or originating from a distant foreign country 
  • Extraneous - not to the point, irrelevant to the subject
  • Extraordinary - very remarkable or unusual
  • Extreme - to the highest degree of something
  • Educated - having been educated, informed, schooled
  • Essential - something very important, necessary
  • Eternal - will exist or last forever 
  • Exquisite - very beautiful, charming, or delicate
  • Enforced - something that is forced, compulsory
  • Erosive - something causes erosion, causing damage or destruction

Example Sentences

  • Extreme weather is becoming more common.
  • My teacher has eagle eyes; she spots all my grammar mistakes!
  • The Beatles by the Beatles’ is their eponymous album.

Example Sentences with Adjectives That Start With E

Enthusiastic wordsmiths might have read through that list and thought, but how do I use adjectives that start with E in a sentence? Here are some example sentences of E adjectives for you!

  • The pandemic caused a period of enforced quarantine worldwide.
  • They were euphoric after their soccer meets.
  • My new self-help book is enlightening.
  • He has an extroverted personality.
  • The chef prepared an exquisite dinner that delighted everyone's taste buds.
  • Sally turned any conversation into an erudite discussion.
  • Her thesis is extraordinary.
  • His errant behavior ended in a visit to the principal's office.
  • The eternal struggle for youth.
  • Their extraneous points did nothing for the conversation.

Think you’ve learned enough e-words? Adjectives starting with E are just the tipping point; building an expansive vocabulary means learning about verbs and nouns to improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It could also give you an enormous advantage in your word games, so check out the links below for more words starting with many letters in the alphabet.