100+ Adjectives Starting With N: Word List

Author: Sarah Perowne

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So, you want adjectives starting with the letter N? Well, as luck would have it, we have numerous examples right here just for you! Whether you're a newbie to adjectives or have a few ideas but need some extra help, we've got you. Here is our collection of negative adjectives, positive adjectives, and a whole host of other awesome adjectives!

Many adjectives start with "n," but using them naturally in sentences can be tricky. Get it wrong, and they will be full of nonsense.

This word list will give you some commonly used adjectives starting with the letter "n" and some unique adjectives. As always, we'll give you example sentences throughout of adjectives in laymen's words, so you can begin using them immediately!

Top 10 Most Common Adjectives Starting With N

Take a look at this list of adjectives starting with "n" word list; there will be numerous examples you will have seen before!

  • Nasty - unkind or dirty
  • Naughty - badly behaved or disobedient
  • Neat -  tidy or arranged
  • Negative - opposite of positive; pessimistic.
  • New - opposite of old, up-to-date, or modern
  • Newbie - someone whose not experienced in a new activity
  • Nice - pleasant, pleasurable, and enjoyable
  • Nosy - curious about other situations
  • Numerous - many, lots of
  • Nurturing - caring, protecting, or taking care of

Example Sentences

  • The music is so noisy! Let’s leave.
  • This sweater is nice.
  • I’m feeling quite negative about my upcoming job interview.

Unique Adjectives That Start With N

We're going to kick it off with a collection of adjectives starting with "n" that you may not have seen before.

  • Namibian - describing native inhabitants of Namibia
  • Nasopharyngeal - the upper section of the pharynx
  • Nebulose - hazy or someone that is unclear
  • Nefarious - criminal, wicked, evil, or criminal activity
  • Nephrotoxic - damage to the kidney
  • Nestorian - a Christian sect that believes Jesus existed as two people
  • Neuroendocrine - cells related to particular body functions
  • Nidifugous - young birds leaving the nest after being born

Example Sentences

  • We are Namibian; we come from Namibia.
  • They have a very nebulous outlook on the future.

Nifty Collection Of Adjectives Starting With N

Here are some excellent adjectives that start with "n" that are less commonly used in everyday language.

  • Niffy - attractive or cool
  • Nightmarish - nightmare or something scary
  • Nilpotent - an amount that equals to zero when given power
  • Nimble - quick, agile, quick-thinking, or alert
  • Nimble-minded - quick thinking, clever, or intelligent
  • Nodular - a nodular form, unshapely, or a particular shape
  • Nodulose -  superlative of nodular
  • Noetic -  derives from the Greek adjective noētikos, which means intellectual and magical

Example Sentences

  • You're brilliant, and I admire your noetic abilities.
  • When I'm studying, I like to think I'm nimble-minded.
  • My dog is highly nimble.

Numerous Adjectives That Start With N

This word list is not exhaustive, and there are bound to be some you've encountered. However, it's expected that you forget which ones to use with time. So, we encourage you to write down the ones you may have forgotten!


You can use these descriptive adjectives starting with "n" to express the qualities of people.

  • Naive - gullible, easily influenced, or inexperienced
  • Narcissistic - a character trait; selfish or self-centered
  • Native - a person born or brought up in a particular place
  • Needy - requiring something from someone, insecure
  • Neglectful - careless, uncaring
  • Negligent - careless, failing to follow specific codes of practice
  • Neighborly - being helpful, kind, being a good neighbor
  • Newborn - a baby, a baby who's just been born
  • Nomadic - wanderer, living like a nomad
  • Nervy - nervous, tense, or anxious
  • Neurotic - neurosis, anxiety, or nerves
  • Nitwitted - silly, stupid, foolish
  • Nobel - someone you respect for their accolades or admire
  • Noisy - loud
  • Naked - without clothes
  • Neutral - not choosing sides, indifferent
  • Nostalgic - content or wistful feelings about the past or past situation. A nostalgic person


These are also descriptive adjectives, but they help you to identify specific characteristics of feelings, senses, and objects.

  • Narrow - opposite of wide
  • Navy blue - a dark blue color
  • Needless - unnecessary, not important
  • Nestled - cozy, warm, comfortable
  • Nocturnal - active at nighttime
  • Noteworthy - important, essential
  • Nourishing - nutrition or something that is healthy
  • Novel - original, interesting
  • Noiseless - without noise, silent or very quiet
  • Null - zero, illegal, and invalid


This list of adjectives starting with the letter "n" fits into its own category!

  • Newsworthy - interesting, notable, and significantly important to report on
  • Ninth - a numerical number, 9
  • Nominal - title, role, or status in name only
  • Normal - expected, typical, adhering to standards and angles
  • Normative - standard of normality or conforming
  • North - direction
  • Northern - living in the north of a country (northerner), a place in the north
  • Nutty - tasting like nuts or a playful adjective replacing crazy

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Drag the meaning to the corresponding positive adjective.

Someone you respect for their accolades or admire.

Something original or interesting.

Something interesting, notable, and significantly important to report on.

Being helpful or kind.


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Adjectives That Start With Non

Here are adjectives that begin with "-non."

  • Noncentric - not having a center, not central
  • Nonchalant - without anxiety, calm, relaxed
  • Noncivilized - rude, not adhering to civilized norms; uncivilized
  • Noncombustible - not able to be set alight with flames; inflammable
  • Noncompetitive - opposite of competitive
  • Nonprofit - charity or organizations working without making a profit
  • Nonsensical - without sense or has no meaning

Adjectives That Start With N And Contain A Hyphen

These "n" adjectives fall into their own category because they contain "-non" and a hyphen.

  • Narrow-minded - someone who doesn't see the whole picture or others' point of view
  • Nation-wide - across country, national, state
  • Non-verbal - not using words to communicate
  • Non-assertive - not standing up for oneself
  • Non-aged - youthful, young, minor
  • No-frills - simple; without unnecessary extras
  • Non-absorbent - unabsorbent, cannot take liquids
  • Non-alcoholic - doesn't contain alcohol
  • Non-arbitrary - intentional or acting without thought
  • Non-causative - not causing something or being the cause of something
  • Non-committed - non-committal or lacking in commitment
  • Nondescript - doesn't have interesting features
  • Non-essential - unnecessary
  • Non-restrictive - not restrictive, or a grammar clause giving more information about noun phrases
  • Non-stop - without stopping
  • Non-abrasive - hard or rough
  • Non-adjacent - not nearby or not next to
  • Non-Absorptive - opposite of absorbent and resistant

Checkpoint ✔️
Drag the meaning to the corresponding negative adjective.

Something that's unnecessary

A character trait; selfish or self-centered.

Something that doesn't make sense or has no meaning.

Someone who doesn't see the whole picture or others' point of view.


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Example Sentences With Adjectives Starting With N

Look at our example sentences to see how you, too, can fit adjectives starting with "n" into your casual writing assignments.

  • My daughter is non-verbal, so we've decided to start speech and language therapy.
  • This letter is nonsensical, and it doesn't make any sense.
  • I live in the north of the city.
  • This drink is non-alcoholic.
  • Wow, you're being so narcissistic. You only think about yourself!
  • He's a very neighborly person. He's always helping others.
  • It's not uncommon to find newsworthy information.

Positive And Negative Adjectives

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