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Occasionally, you're playing a word game, doing a quiz, or want to improve your language skills; that's where a comprehensive list of sensational adjectives that start with S comes in. Use this collection of adjectives when you want to describe your sophisticated vocabulary, the selfless acts of kindness you do on a daily basis, or even to help kids learn a striking amount of S adjectives with our list of adjectives starting with S for kids.

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List of Adjectives Starting With S for Kids

Smaller kids can benefit from this exhaustive list of letter adjectives. Focus on a small amount of S words at a time. You can help kids explain their scary nightmares, showcase their stellar vocabulary, and slowly extend their knowledge of the English language.

  1. Sad
  2. Silly
  3. Smart
  4. Strong
  5. Super
  6. Some
 s adjectives for kids

Super Positive Adjectives That Start with S

Having a positive vocabulary isn't always simple. Still helping kids to build a word bank of positive adjectives that start with S can keep their brains sharp.

  • Selfless - not selfish, looking after others before yourself
  • Sensible - making great choices, practical
  • Sharp - very smart
  • Smart - clever and intelligent
  • Sparkling - reflects beams of light
  • Sparkly - shiny
  • Special - unusual or particular
  • Splendid - very impressive
  • Stellar - related to the stars, high-quality
  • Strong - powerful
  • Stunning - attractive or impressive
  • Successful - doing well
  • Sunny - bright and brilliant
  • Super - something that is excellent
  • Supportive - caring for and supporting others
  • Sweet - made with sugar, or someone or something nice

Example Sentences

  • It was a bright sunny day.
  • The strong superhero saved the city from the bad guys.
  • My strawberries are sweet and delicious.

Negative Adjectives With S

It's always important to teach kids about negative S adjectives because it can help them understand how certain words become negative depending on the situation, like selfish, spineless, or spoiled.

  • Sassy - full of energy and cheeky
  • Selfish - focused on yourself
  • Snappy - irritable and angry
  • Sneaky - sly, doing things that are crafty
  • Snobby - thinking you’re better than someone else
  • Snooty - being horrible toward someone else because you think they’re less important
  • Sore loser - being angry by losing a game
  • Spoiled - a food going bad or a person being given anything and everything they want
  • Stupid - not showing intelligence or common sense
  • Sulky - bad-tempered

Example Sentences

  • His sassy attitude annoyed everyone.
  • Tommy was being a sore loser after the game, he didn’t want to shake hands with the other team.
  • They were sulking because they didn’t get the present they wanted for their birthday.

Descriptive Adjectives With S

Kids learn about adjectives to describe people, objects, and nouns in early elementary; with this list of adjectives that start with S, kids can start describing their super mom, shy pet mouse, and sly plans.

  • Saucy - has lots of sauce
  • Savoury - something that is salty
  • Scared - something frightening
  • Scaredy-cat - someone who is very scared of something
  • Serious - something important or being serious about what you do
  • Shaggy - lots of fur, long, and thick, bushy
  • Shy - nervous around other people
  • Sick - ill or unwell
  • Silent - doesn’t have any noise, quiet
  • Sleepy - tired and ready for sleep
  • Slippery - surface that is greasy, oily, icy, wet, etc.
  • Sloppy - careless, quick, and baggy
  • Small - little
  • Snug - comfortable, warm, and tight
  • Soft - easy to move, squashy, low light
  • Soggy - something wet and soft
  • Solid - hard and firm
  • Sour - acidic
  • Speedy - quick
  • Spicy - hot and spiced normally with chili

Example Sentences

  • I love my sloppy trousers.
  • I always feel snug in my book corner.
  • Mom makes a delicious savory soup.

Most Common Adjectives S Adjectives

Some adjectives are common; these are S adjectives to jog your memory.

  • Shiny - light bounces of it
  • Shocking - something that causes shock or surprise
  • Short - opposite of tall
  • Sociable - friendly and likes hanging out with other people
  • Starry - lit by stars
  • Stern - serious and severe, frowning face
  • Straight - linear line, in line
  • Strange - not usual
  • Striking - something that attracts a lot of attention
  • Strong - powerful
  • Swift - very quick and efficient
  • Sympathetic - able to feel or show concerns for others

Example Sentences

  • You have to go straight ahead along this road and then turn left.
  • Tim’s behavior was a bit strange since he came from school.
  • The night sky is more starry in the forest.

Uncommon Adjectives with S

Want some S adjectives to describe your sheepish neighbor or a squalid restroom?

  • Saccharine - artificially sweet
  • Sardonic - mocking or sarcastic
  • Scatterbrained - unable to concentrate or disorganized
  • Scrupulous - attention to details, careful
  • Sequacious - a sheep, not independent, following others
  • Sheepish - showing embarrassment from shame
  • Spry - especially an older person who is active and energetic
  • Squalid - disgusting and dirty
  • Stalwart - hardworking and loyal
  • Staunch - extremely loyal and committed
  • Stoic - doesn’t show much emotion, passion, or feeling. Related to the Stoics
  • Sullen - gloomy or resentful
  • Superfluous - unnecessary amounts, more than needed

Example Sentences

  • Her facial expression was sheepish after she admitted her mistake.
  • John's sequacious personality made him blindly follow his boss's orders, even though they went against his own values and beliefs.
  • Despite being in his 80s, Grandpa Sam is spry enough to play tennis with his friends every day.

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Showing embarrassment from shame

Attention to detail, careful

Hardworking and loyal

Disgusting and dirty


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