Adjectives Starting With M - Describing Words You Need To Know

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Adjectives are describing words; they describe the particular characteristics of a noun. If you want to say the animal moves particularly gracefully, you could say majestic- the animal is moving majestically. This is an adjective that starts with ‘M.’

Adjectives help nouns, allowing speakers to play around with language, make them sound more interesting, and give more information to a clause.

This word list will give you plenty of adjectives starting with ‘M.’

Adjectives That Start With ‘M’ 

Here is a list of 50 common adjectives that start with ‘M.’

  • Majestic - graceful, beautiful
  • Magnetic - to attract
  • Main - the first priority
  • Modern - up to date
  • Mysterious - difficult to explain
  • Mean - opposite of kind
  • Mundane - boring, routine, dull
  • Multi-purpose - can be used in many different ways or has different functions.
  • Moral - ethos, concerned with particular behavior
  • Mute - silent
  • Massive - very big, enormous
  • Modest - small amount, humble
  • Moldy - gone off, not good to eat or drink, old
  • Musty - dusty, old
  • Marvelous - great, positive adjective
  • Material - stuff, belongings, type of cloth, non-important possessions, e.g., material things
  • Motivational - gives motivation, inspiring
  • Miserable - unhappy, uncomfortable
  • Moody - change in mood, unhappy
  • Married - traditionally, two people legalize their relationship
  • Miniature - very small, intricate, cute, tiny
  • Malleable - able to be changed and moved
  • Minimum - the least amount
  • Motherly - caring, kind, sympathetic, acting with mothering qualities
  • Malnourished - not getting enough nutrition, unhealthy
  • Malpractice - negative work ethic, lousy practice
  • Melodic - good sound, instrumental
  • Masculine - traditional qualities associated with male-identifying people
  • Mammoth - huge, enormous, grand
  • Manual - operated by hands
  • Man-made - made by humans
  • Misty - cloudy, hazy, fuzzy, mist
  • Medium-sized - medium in size, not big or small
  • Magical - fantastical, related to magic, outstanding
  • Man - a male-identifying person, human
  • Monotonous - lack of variety, boring, dull
  • Microwavable - able to be put in the microwavable oven
  • Melancholy - sad or sorrowful
  • Multi-lingual - able to speak several languages to a native level, plurilingual
  • Materialistic - concerned with unimportant objects or belongings
  • Manipulative - cunning, able to influence others easily
  • Marketable - able to be sold
  • Mild - opposite of spicy, compassionate, not serious
  • Meek - quiet, patient, shy
  • Manicured - perfectly presented, looks good, tidy
  • Mindful - to think carefully about other things, feelings, or thoughts
  • Many - lots of
  • Major - important or serious
  • Maximum - the limit of something
  • Meaningful - important, giving or having meaning

See if you can remember any, flip the flashcard and get the answer!

Less Common Adjectives Starting With ‘M’

Here is a list of 30 less commonly used adjectives, starting with ‘M.’

  • Macabre - horrifying, death, morbid, gruesome
  • Maggoty - full of maggots, bad-tempered
  • Macroscopic - very small, can’t be seen by the naked eye
  • Maladjusted - not able to cope with normalized societal expectations or environments
  • Malfeasance - wrongdoing particularly by an official, bad practice in law
  • Majuscule - large letters or font, all letters the same size and height
  • Mastoid - anatomy, one of the skull bones
  • Mandean - religious sector, relating to a person, is a part of the religious sect.
  • Malthusian - related to a characteristic of the economist Thomas Robert Malthus
  • Macho - aggressive, assertive. Could we seen as very gendered language.
  • Maverick - independently mind, has own ideas, unorthodox
  • Militant - relating to military, aggressive, favoring unorthodox and violent methods
  • Mincing - doesn’t hold back on stating opinions, mincing.
  • Magnanimous - showing a courageous spirit, kind-hearted.
  • Mercurial - likely to be unpredictable or change mind often
  • Monarchical - monarchic, related to the monarchy, king and queen
  • Multiparous - giving birth to more than one child at once, twins, quadruplets
  • Mulish - stubborn, obstinate, difficult to deal with
  • Macroeconomic - part of economics concerned with general economics, interest rates
  • Meager - lack of quality or quantity
  • Monomorphic - only one form
  • Munificent - generous, open-handed
  • Myriad - many options, open and countless
  • Metamorphic - metamorphosis, change in form or many forms
  • Misanthropic - to not like other people, dislike, unsociable
  • Modish - following current fashionable trends
  • Maidenly - demure, sweet, or innocent
  • Miscreant - someone who has done something wrong, unlawful
  • Monosyllabic - using only a few words when talking, brief in conversation
  • Monopolistic - when a company or person has complete control over a supply chain or certain trade

Now for a trickier challenge, see if you can remember the definition of these words starting with m. Flip the flashcard to get the answer!

Adjectives Starting With ‘M’: Feelings And Qualities

Here are adjectives that start with the letter ‘M’ related to feelings and emotions.

Feelings and Emotions

  • Motivated - someone who is keen or eager to do something
  • Mellow - quiet character, doesn't talk much but is happy to listen
  • Merry - happy, excited, cheerful

Here are adjectives that start with the letter ‘M’ related to qualities or aspects of a person, thing, or object. 


  • Multi-talented - able to do lots of things at a high level
  • Mint - British English, something that’s good quality or a good idea
  • Muscular - has muscles, well defined
  • Mouthwatering - tasty, yummy, delicious
  • Mature - adult, grown-up
  • Messy - untidy, has lots of things lying around, used to describe a situation
  • Mean-spirited - horrible, nasty
  • Masterful - is powerful and able to take control

Example Sentences For Adjectives That Start With ‘M’

  • She’s a very messy person. 
  • That film was magical.
  • He’s very maladjusted to the environment.
  • You are thinking like a maverick.
  • I think that scary movies are macabre.
  • The plastic was very malleable to move and form.
  • I like to follow modish trends.
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  • She’s multi-talented. She can do so many things.
  • The apple pie is mouthwatering.
  • They are incredibly militant in the way they work.
  • He’s very magnanimous in the way he relates to others at school.
  • Our wifi could be described as mercurial. It’s constantly changing its mind on whether it wants to work.
  • The cup is microwaveable.
  • She doesn’t mince her words and tells you exactly what she thinks.

There you have it! There are many adjectives that start with ‘M.’ We have lots of learning tools to help you. Check out our Word Finder Tool or Words With Friends.