Adjectives That Start With H & How to Use Them!

The most helpful H adjectives you need to know!

Author: Sarah Perowne

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Quite a few adjectives start with H, from positive H adjectives to describe a person and their humble attitudes toward others, or more unusual adjectives starting with H that describe a personality like histrionics. Delve into this word list of descriptive words that start with h, the eighth letter in the English alphabet, and improve your vocabulary at the same time!

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Adjectives That Start with H for Kids

Homeschoolers and parents might find it useful to review H adjectives with young learners and practice using them in sentences. Here is a beginner-specific word list of adjectives starting with h for kids.

  • Hairless - hasn't got any hair
  • Happy - a feeling or emotion
  • Heavenly - something beautiful or peaceful 
  • Helpful - doing something nice for others or describing when someone helps you
  • Hilarious - funny 
  • Homely - not attractive, plain (US English) warm and safe (British)
  • Hot - opposite of cold
  • Huggable - something that you want to hug or is cozy and soft
  • Humble - not showing off and learning there is always something new to learn
  • Hungry - you feel hungry when you need food
  • High - something high up, like a tall tree or mountain

Example Sentences

  • John's tummy was rumbling because he was super hungry.
  • My teddy is very huggable.
  • My teacher told me I was really helpful today.

H Adjective Quiz

Test your knowledge with this adjective quiz!

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Homey (US) Homely (UK)



Something beautiful or peaceful

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Warm and safe

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Not showing off, not thinking you're better than others

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Doing something nice for others or describing when someone helps you

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Helpful List of Adjectives Starting With H

Here is an exhaustive list of adjectives that start with H whenever you need them! Use these descriptive words to describe the hot, scorching summer sun, your hard-headed sibling, or a humorous TV series that gets you through.

Common Adjectives Starting With H

  • Heavy - something weighs a lot
  • High - physical, intellectual, status, elevation
  • Huge - enormous or big
  • Hollow - something that is empty inside
  • Hazardous - something dangerous or risky
  • High-pitched - a noise or sound that has a higher frequency or pitch
  • Historical - related to the past
  • Habitual - regularly done
  • Hispanic - of Spanish-speaking origin
  • Harmful - causes harm
  • Hebrew - language of Israel
  • Hesitant - uncertain, reluctant
  • Hanging - suspended in the air 

Example Sentences

  • My art class taught us how to make hanging macrame baskets for plants.
  • My habitual morning routine consists of coffee and rushing out the door.
  • The sound of the kettle boiling on the stove was so high-pitched that it made his ears ring.

Positive Words That Start With H

Expand your positivity with these positive words with H.

  • Halcyon - peaceful and calm
  • Healthy - good for your body, nourishing
  • Heartwarming - fills with joy and warmth
  • Hearty - warm, enthusiastic, nourishing
  • High-functioning - performs well, usually under pressure or force
  • Holy - sacred or religious
  • Homey - cozy and comfortable (US English) Homely (British)
  • Humanitarian - helps others in need
  • Hygienic - clean and sanitary

Example Sentences

  • Frankie likes to buy cushions to make her house homier.
  • High-functioning is a term often used to describe individuals with neurodiversity.
  • My grandma's hearty stew recipe is a family secret.

Negative Adjectives That Start With H

Having a useful list of negative adjectives on hand is always a good idea because life isn't always harmonious.

  • Haggard - tired and exhausted
  • Hapless - unlucky or unfortunate
  • Harsh - something rough or severe
  • Hazardous - risky and dangerous
  • Heartless - cruel or unfeeling
  • Heated - intense or passionate
  • Heavy-handed - someone forceful or clumsy
  • Hedonistic - constantly seeking pleasure, pleasure-seeking
  • Heedless - careless or inattentive
  • Heinous - shockingly evil or wicked
  • Helpless - unable to help oneself, feelings of helplessness
  • Hideous - ugly or unpleasant to look at
  • Humiliating - Embarrassing, degrading
  • Hurtful - Causing pain or distress
  • Hypocritical - insincere or deceitful, goes against own beliefs
  • Hysterical - uncontrollable emotions

Example Sentences

  • Christmas sweaters are hideous, but I love them.
  • Hattie couldn't get over her ex's hurtful behavior.
  • Louise was so excited to share her news that she was heedless of her friend's busy schedule.

Unusual Adjectives Starting with H

Looking for some unusual H adjectives? Here's a word list and example sentence just for you!

  • Haptic - relating to sense of touch
  • Heady - very intoxicating or exhilarating
  • Hectic - busy, rushed, fast-paced
  • Heliophilous - sun-loving or attracted to sunlight
  • Hellenic - relating to ancient Greece or the Greeks
  • Heterodox - non-conforming with accepted standards, unorthodox
  • Heuristic - enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves
  • Hieratic - highly stylized or formal in character, cursive form of ancient Egyptian writing
  • Hodiernal - relating to the present-day, modern
  • Holophrastic - expressing a complete thought or sentence in a single word
  • Hymeneal - relating to marriage or wedding ceremonies, nuptial
  • Hyperborean - relating to extreme northern regions and Arctic Peoples
  • Hyperkinetic - abnormal or extremely active, hyperactivity
  • Hypnagogic - relating to the drowsy state between waking up and sleeping
  • Hypoallergenic - describing materials that are designed for people with sensitive allergies

Example Sentences

  • I often experience hypnagogic hallucinations, like strange images, just before falling asleep.
  • The Hellenic civilization flourished in ancient Greece and is famous for contributing to philosophy, mathematics, literature, and the arts.
  • The heady aroma of freshly ground coffee hit her as she stepped into the cafe.

H Adjectives to Describe a Person

Adjectives modify nouns and pronouns; they're descriptive and powerful. Here's a list of H adjectives that describe a person.

  • Handsome - pleasing to look at
  • Hard-headed - someone who is stubborn
  • Hardy - someone bold and brave, able to bounce back
  • Harsh - mean and critical
  • Heavy-duty - able to withstand stain, is strong
  • Heavy-footed - heavy or slow when moving
  • Heavy-handed - clumsy, can be harsh
  • Heroic - brave, hero-like
  • Hesitant - unsure, slower to act or move forward
  • Hip - slang for cool, up-to-date, trendy
  • Histrionic - overly dramatic, histrionic personality
  • Honest - someone genuine and real, able to express true feelings
  • Hopeful - full of hope

Example Sentences

  • His daily harsh comments offended the entire team.
  • Thomas is a hardy person despite everything he has been through.
  • She's an honest businessperson; you won't have any problems.

Adjectives That Start with H to Describe a Personality

Some adjectives that start with H can describe a personality trait; here are a few you can use.

  • Happy-go-lucky - carefree personality
  • Hardworking - works hard to get something done, diligent
  • Hasty - impulsive
  • Health-conscious - is concerned with health and fitness
  • High-spirited - very energetic
  • Hilarious - funny or amusing
  • Honorable - ethical or well renowned
  • Hospitable - welcoming and open
  • Hot-headed - impatient and impulsive, quick to anger
  • Humanitarian - charitable personality 
  • Hypnotic - captivating, able to withhold attention of others

Example Sentences

  • Lucky has a high-spirited energy; he's always bouncing off the walls.
  • As a teenager, Hattie was extremely hot-headed.
  • Their hypnotic charm drew people in.

Adjectives Quiz

Test your knowledge with this adjectives quiz. Can you guess which adjective is being described?

1. Choose the BEST adjective to fill in the blank.
Claire felt _____ about her chances of passing the exam.

Choose the best answer from the choices below

Possible answers

2. Which word in this sentence is the ADJECTIVE?
His harsh comments upset everyone.

Choose the best answer from the choices below

Possible answers

3. Choose the BEST adjective to fill in the blank.
Josh is the _____ person I know. (happy)

Choose the best answer from the choices below

Possible answers

Using H Adjectives

Struggling to know how to use adjectives that start with H in sentences? Here are some ideas for you.

  • The haptic feedback system vibrates to simulate the sense of touch.
  • The heady aroma of fresh bread is enough to wake me up.
  • My schedule has been so hectic lately that I haven't had time to catch up with my friends.
  • Sunflowers are heliophilous plants that need direct sunlight to grow.
  • His heterodox beliefs often got him in trouble.
  • The teacher used a heuristic approach to encourage the students to think critically and find solutions by themselves.
  • The ancient Egyptians used the hieratic script for religious texts and administrative records.
  • Today's hodiernal events include a meeting with the CEO and a presentation on market research.
  • Holophrastic language is commonly seen in infants and toddlers, who use single words to express complex meanings.
  • Our hymeneal ceremony was held in a beautiful outdoor garden.
  • The Hyperborean landscape was stark and barren, with little vegetation and extreme weather.
  • Hyperkinetic behavior can make it difficult for people to concentrate and focus on tasks.
  • The hypnagogic state is often associated with vivid dreams and hallucinations.
  • Many people with allergies prefer hypoallergenic products such as hypoallergenic bedding.


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