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R adjectives are useful to learn to have in your word arsenal, especially because, as a consonant, it's one of the most common. R is a pretty important letter in the English language, so spend some time looking at this refreshing word list of adjectives starting with R to boost your knowledge of descriptive words.

Positive Adjectives Starting with R

Express your resilient positive vocabulary with this word list of positive R adjectives. 

  1. Rad - informal word for cool
  2. Radiant - glowing and reflects light
  3. Rare - original and unique, not many of it
  4. Ravishing - attractive and pleasing
  5. Razor-sharp - quick, able to think quickly, and very sharp
  6. Reassuring - gives or restores confidence and assurance
  7. Recommendable - something that can be recommended
  8. Relaxed - chilled, calm, and at ease
  9. Reliable - can be dependent on
  10. Resilient - able to keep going despite a change or shock
  11. Respectable - highly respected
  12. Responsible - liable, trustworthy, or assumed responsibility
  13. Restorative - having the ability to restore to the natural state, life-changing
  14. Reverential - highly respectable and honorable 
  15. Revolutionary - related to a revolution, brings about a major change
  16. Robust - showing strength or sturdy
  17. Royal - describing something related to the royal family or very high quality and magnificent 

Example Sentences

  • After an intense workout, stretching can be extremely restorative.
  • I like to put on some calming music and sit on my couch to feel relaxed.
  • My grandma is a reliable person; I can always count on her.

Positive R Adjective Flashcards

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Negative R Adjectives

Sometimes you've got to be a little ruthless! Here's a list of refreshingly negative R adjectives, depending on what you think is negative and rude.

  • Rusty - affected by rust
  • Rambunctious - unruly and energetic. It isn’t always negative!
  • Reluctant - feeling unwilling or showing hesitation in doing something 
  • Ruthless - cruel and horrible
  • Rugged - rough, uneven, and weathered
  • Rash - quick to do something without thinking
  • Repulsive - extremely disgusting 
  • Repugnant - incompatible, disgusting, and revolting
  • Remorseless - not having or showing any remorse for something
  • Reclusive - lives alone and prefers to spend time alone without others
  • Rigged - something manipulated or controlled, fitted out with rigging
  • Rigid - very stiff, doesn’t move, unmoveable

Example Sentences

  • The smell coming from the swamp was so repulsive that they had to cover their noses.
  • The ruthless principal showed no mercy.
  • She made a rash decision to quit her job and quickly regretted it.

List of Adjectives That Start with R for Kids

Kids can be raucous, but learning some adjectives that start with R can help them to build their vocabulary of descriptive words. R adjectives won't necessarily help them to be less rowdy, but they could help them improve their spelling and language skills.

  • Rude - not very nice, impolite, and disrespectful
  • Revolting - disgusting 
  • Rusty - something that is old, worn out, or not working properly
  • Rainbow-colored - uses all the colors of the rainbow
  • Red - a color 
  • Rushed - finished or done quickly
  • Round - a circle shape like a ball, full
  • Roaring - describing the sound of a roar, loud sounds, intense boom
  • Rubbery -  feels like rubber
  • Runny - Has lots of liquid and is soft, like a runny egg
  • Ripe - a fruit or vegetable ready to eat
  • Rich - lots of money or high-quality
  • Ready - prepared and organized to do something 
  • Respectful - showing respect
  • Rebellious - describing someone who has a strong opposition to authority
  • Rewarding - valuable and makes you feel good about it
  • Responsible - trustworthy and accountable for what you do
  • Rumpled - something that is creased or wrinkled
  • Roomy - comfortable and has lots of room
  • Ruddy - has red cheeks
  • Rowdy - loud and rough
  • Rotten - spoiled and in food is inedible, like a rotten banana

Example Sentences

  • The teacher couldn’t control her rowdy class of toddlers on a Friday afternoon.
  • She studied hard and knew it was rewarding when she got good grades.
  • After a whole day outside, his cheeks were ruddy from the sun.

R Adjectives Quiz for Kids

Can you remember what the adjectives that start with R mean? See if you can drag and drop the R adjective to the meaning.

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Spoiled or food that’s inedible, so it can’t be eaten.

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Describing someone who strongly opposes authority.

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Has lots of liquid and is soft.

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A fruit or vegetable ready to eat.

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List of Adjectives That Start with RE- prefix

Lots of adjectives that start with r begin with the English prefix re-. This prefix is used for lots of descriptive words, and it often means "again" in phrases like rewrite your message or a can of refried beans. The re-prefix can sometimes mean "behind or back," like being reluctant to get out of bed on a Monday morning.

  • Reformed - something changed for the better
  • Refried - when describing something that has been re-cooked in oil
  • Resolute - firm determination, bold, or steady
  • Resilient - able to recover quickly from change
  • Resourceful - capable of coming up with ideas and ways to do things
  • Reflective - is able to reflect light, feeling or to be thoughtful
  • Reductive - simplifying or reducing something to its simplest form
  • Refractive - able to refract light, bend light
  • Reactive - describing something that easily responds to a situation or stimuli in a certain way
  • Regal - something that’s majestic, fit for royalty, elegant
  • Remorseful - feeling or showing deep guilt 
  • Renowned - something that is widely known, respected, or famous
  • Regretful - feeling or showing shame and disappointment over something in the past

Example Sentences

  • They ordered a plate of refried beans with their tacos.
  • Glass is a refractive material because it can bend light.
  • The sodium was highly reactive and quickly mixed with the other compounds in the solution.

Example Sentences for Using R Adjectives

It's all well and good knowing a word list of R adjectives, but you have to put it into practice to increase your vocabulary. Here are some example sentences for using these adjectives that start with R in your daily life.

  • The refrigerator is full of rotten fruit.
  • The company has implemented a reformed business plan.
  • Sally’s razor-sharp brain solved the Wordle puzzle quickly.
  • The red hue of the sunrise woke me up.
  • Her rumpled clothes are in the corner.
  • She’s a responsible employee who always completes her tasks.
  • Their rude attitude towards the staff was unacceptable.
  • Tony did a rad trick at the skatepark.
  • The detective was known for his ruthless and remorseless behavior.
  • Louise spoke with a reverent tone when talking about her grandma.


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