Top-notch Adjectives That Start With T - Word Lists & Examples

All the T adjectives you need with a quick quiz to test your knowledge!

Author: Sarah Perowne

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T is a pretty common starting letter; it's not the most common English consonant, but according to dictionaries, 5% of words start with this letter, so many adjectives start with T too. T adjectives can describe people, things, and objects and provide extra information about their qualities, characteristics, and features.

If you need a complete list of adjectives that start with T, look no further; here are some T adjectives to take charge of your vocabulary and triumphant adjectives starting with T.

Positive Adjectives Starting with T

We all need a bit of positivity, especially in troubling times. Here is a list of boosting T adjectives to describe your terrific vocabulary!

  • Terrific - amazing
  • Tremendous - something large, great, or powerful
  • Top-notch - the best of the best
  • Talented - good at what they do
  • Tolerant - is able to be open-minded
  • Transformative - has the power to bring change
  • Triumphant - achieving success after struggle
  • Thrilling - exciting
  • Tranquil - relaxed, peaceful, or calm
  • Timeless - isn’t time-bound, not affected by time
  • Tantalizing - tempting, but normally out of reach
  • Trail-blazing - sets trends, pioneering, or innovative

Complete List of Adjectives That Start With T

From "tiny" to "tremendous," "terrible," to "terrific," adjectives that start with the letter T are amazing! Delve into this comprehensive list of adjectives starting with T to help expand your vocabulary and knowledge of descriptive words!

T Adjectives for Kids

Kids can learn some T adjectives too! Here are some adjectives starting with T for younger learners.

  • Tall - has height
  • Tiny - very small
  • Tropical - comes from a hot or humid place
  • Tough - not easy
  • Tired - feeling sleepy or need to relax, no energy
  • Thirsty - need a drink
  • Thankful - full of gratitude or thanks
  • Tasty - yummy
  • Terrible - awful
  • Tan - a darker brown color 
  • Tangy - sharp or sour

Example Sentences

  • Lemon is tangy!
  • I’m tired, but I don’t want to sleep.
  • Look! A tiny ladybug!

T Adjectives Flashcards

Test your knowledge of T adjectives here! Flip the flashcards to reveal the answer.

Negative Adjectives Starting With T

Negativity isn’t all bad. Here’s a list of negative T adjectives.

  • Tough - not easy
  • Tricky - is difficult
  • Treacherous - very dangerous or unpredictable
  • Turbulent - has lots of ups and downs
  • Threatening - horrible behavior or things that are dangerous or pose risks
  • Totalitarian - describing a government system that exercises complete control
  • Tedious - something very boring or dull
  • Tense - pressure, conflict, anxiety
  • Transient - lasts for a short period of time
  • Tacky - slightly sticky or slang for something cheap or tasteless
  • Tyrannical - characterized by oppressive or cruel behavior 
  • Terse - straight to the point, only uses a few words
  • Torpid - low energy and sluggishness

Example Sentences

  • After eating lunch, he felt torpid and struggled to stay awake during the meeting.
  • He gave a terse reply to the interviewer.
  • Toddlers have turbulent emotions because they are still growing.

Adjectives That Start With T to Describe People

Want to describe your tenderhearted auntie? Here’s a list of adjectives with T to describe those closest to you.

  • Team-oriented - focused on goals as a team, not as an individual
  • Tenderhearted - someone who is tender and affectionate
  • Thoughtful - thinks about others, careful, and considerate
  • Tactful - careful in how you communicate
  • Trustworthy - is able to be trusted by others
  • Tender - careful, considerate, soft
  • Tardy - always late or delayed
  • Tense - pressure, conflict, anxiety
  • Talkative - talks a lot
  • Thrifty - careful with money, able to spot deals
  • Tough-minded - being practical and realistic
  • Temperamental - inclined to sudden mood swings and unpredictable behavior

Example Sentences

  • They asked her about her team-originated attitude in the interview.
  • My grandma is a thrifty woman. She’s always finding deals!
  • Lucas was given a late pass for being tardy.

Adjectives That Start With T to Describe Things

You might want to describe a toasty blanket or translucent material. In that case, you might need some T adjectives for describing objects and material things.

  • Topical - related to current issues, important topics for now
  • Temporary - doesn’t last for a long period of time
  • Tempered - influence or soften something to modify it (tempered chocolate)
  • Technical - complex or detailed procedures
  • Teeming - filled or overflowing with something, usually emotions
  • Taboo - things not talked about or forbidden by social or cultural norms
  • Tubular - has a circular shape or tube-like structure 
  • Titanic - enormous, has strength or power
  • Tasteful - has good taste or style, looks good

Example Sentences

  • The Mississippi River is teeming with 120 species of fish.
  • Frankie tempered the chocolate.
  • The titanic effort by the team led to big sales.

Proper Adjectives Starting With T

What are some proper adjectives starting with T? Dive into this list.

  • Taiwanese - related to Taiwan, its people, or culture
  • Thai - related to Thailand, its people, or culture
  • Turkish - related to Turkey, its people, or culture
  • Texan - related to Texas, a state in Southern USA, its people, or culture
  • Tasmanian - related to Tasmania, its people, or culture
  • Tibetan - related to Tibet, its people, or culture
  • Trinidadians and Tobagonians - related to Trinidad and Tobago, a twin-island country in the Caribbean, its people, or culture
  • Togolese - related to Togo, its people, or culture

Using T Adjectives in Writing

Having a list of T adjectives is good, but how do you use them in sentences? Here are a few example sentences of adjectives that start with T.

  • I love eating tangy pickles.
  • Her family is Texan; they are from Houston.
  • Sally knew her feelings were temporary, but they were still upsetting
  • They needed to find a trustworthy dog sitter for their pets.
  • He sent back the steak because it was a bit tough.
  • Daniel was always tactful when we spoke to his boss.
  • A major e-commerce giant picked up her trail-blazing ideas.
  • He was fed up with his terrible job, so he quit.


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Incorporating descriptive and powerful adjectives starting with T can add depth and color to your writing. So why not give it a try in your next piece? Start by brainstorming some T adjectives that will suit your topic and use them in a way that enhances your vocabulary and your essays. If you need more adjective word lists, head to the links below.