Adjectives That Start With K to Kickstart Your Vocabulary

All the K adjectives you need to know!

Author: Sarah Perowne

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Do you want some adjectives that start with K? When it comes to K adjectives, there are loads to choose from that can be used to describe a person's character, abilities, or behavior, as well as to describe objects, places, or events. Some common examples of adjectives starting with K include "kind," "keen," "kooky," and "knowledgeable," but don't stop there! Here is a comprehensive list of more K adjectives with their definitions.

Use these positive adjectives with K, K adjectives for kids, and a list of descriptive adjectives to add color and detail to your English language skills, helping you to kickstart your vocabulary and capture the essence of what you want to express, regardless of whether you're writing creatively or academically.

positive adjectives that start with k for kids

What are K Adjectives?

Adjectives describe words in their basic definition. They describe the physical, sensory, shape, and sound of nouns. For example, instead of saying the road, you can help your reader or listener understand what the road looks like by saying the empty road. This adjective (empty) helps them picture what the road looks like. Adjectives with K, like kooky or knackered, meaning very tired, can describe people and feelings.

65+ Adjectives That Start With K

Adjectives are great! Here's a list of adjectives starting with K to describe people, personalities, proper adjectives, and positive K adjectives - no doubt you will find an adjective here that helps you express what you want!

Adjectives That Start With K for Kids

Kids can learn adjectives with K to improve their vocabulary, plus as one of the least common letters in English, learning these could help them with writing, reading, and speaking.

  • Kaleidoscopic - multicolored with patterns like a kaleidoscope
  • Keen - very strong interest and enthusiasm 
  • Keen-eyed - having very good vision or eyesight
  • Kid-friendly -  is suitable for kids. Kids can use or see it
  • Kind - being very friendly or helpful
  • Kind-hearted - being naturally friendly toward others without effort
  • Kinetic - full of energy
  • Klutzy - very clumsy and moves awkwardly
  • Knightly - having or showing courage or being brave
  • Knobbly - something having lumps or bumps
  • Knowledgeable -  intelligent
  • Kooky - strange and uncommon

Example Sentences

  • My little sister likes to wear kooky outfits to school.
  • The fireworks in the sky were kaleidoscopic, with bursts of bright colors.
  • The kinetic sculpture in the park was constantly changing.

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K Adjectives to Describe Personality

Use these adjectives that start with K to describe a personality trait like your boss's knavish personality or your highly knowledgeable sibling.

  • Kind-hearted - someone that is kind and generous
  • Kinky - liking something different from the “norm,” or rumpled.
  • Knavish - dishonest and a trickster
  • Kindly - a person with a kindly personality who is kind and caring
  • Kindless - an old English word for unkind

Example Sentences

  • The man used his knavish tricks to steal money from his friends.
  • Her hair has a kinky texture, with tight curls, giving it a unique and beautiful feel.
  • His kindly attitude towards others was recognized with an award.

Positive Adjectives With K

Kickstart your positivity with these K adjectives for positively describing things or people around you.

  • Keeper - someone who you want to keep around
  • Kick-ass - tough and powerful
  • Kindred - similar and closely related
  • Kissable - able to be kissed
  • Knockout - a sudden defeat or an amazing thing
  • Knowledgeable - having or showing knowledge or intelligence
  • Known - recognized or familiar through experience or acquaintance

Example Sentences

  • Her kick-ass attitude is highly respected.
  • They had soft kissable lips.
  • Terry threw a knockout punch and won the match.

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Someone who you want to keep around

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Descriptive Adjectives Starting With K

These descriptive adjectives describe a person you might know, a thing, or an object.

  • Kempt: well-groomed and neat, not messy
  • King-sized -  larger than the standard size, typically used to describe beds and food
  • Kinder - superlative for kind or more gentle than something else
  • Killer - someone who causes death or is capable. In slang, to describe something cool or impressive
  • Khaki -  a lighter brownish-yellow color seen in military uniforms or pants
  • Killable - is capable of being killed
  • Keeled - having a keel or shape. It can also describe a calm and stable person
  • Keyless -  lacking a key or doesn’t need a key to work
  • Kleptomaniac -  describes a person who has an impulse to steal, often without desire or need
  • Knotted - is twisted or tied into knots
  • Knotty - has lots of knots, is difficult to untangle or solve
  • Knarled - is rough and twisted, often used to describe knots or fingernails
  • Kosher - conforms to Jewish dietary laws and, in slang, can mean acceptable or legitimate
  • Key -  very important and essential. It can also describe the object for opening locks
  • Knock-kneed - knees that touch or nearly touch. Knees knocking is an idiom meaning someone is nervous

Example Sentences

  • She has an even keeled personality, nothing upsets her. 
  • Louise was always kinder than Sam as a child.
  • My family only eats Kosher food according to the Kashrut, derived from the Torah.

Proper Adjectives With The Letter K

Here are 10 descriptive adjectives that are also proper adjectives.

  • Kafkaesque - related to novelist Franz Kafka or his writings
  • Kazakh - referring to the Turkic people native to Central Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Kazakhstani - referring to all inhabitants of Khasakatan regardless of ethnicity
  • Kentuckian - people from or things related to Kentucky
  • Korean - people from or things related to Korea
  • Krio - referring to the Krio people in Sierra Leone
  • Kurdish - referring to the Kurds, their language, customs, or food
  • Kuwaiti - referring to Kuwait, its people, language, or food

Example Sentences

  • The Krio language is a Creole language spoken by around 4 million people.
  • Andrew went to culinary school to learn how to cook Korean cuisine.
  • She has a friend who lives in Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait.

More K Adjectives to Use

Need some more K adjectives? Check these out!

  • Kaput - not working anymore
  • Katabatic - describing winds that blow downhill and carry cold, dense air downwards
  • Katabolic - Catabolic. Characterized by the breakdown of complex molecules in the body for energy
  • Kechuan - a variant spelling of Quechuan, relating to customs or language of the Incas
  • Kelpy - is covered or filled with seaweed (kelp)
  • Keyed - in music means pitched in a specific key, fitted with keys, or in slang, keyed-up means very excited or nervous 
  • Kin - related by blood ties
  • Kinesthetic - describing something which engages bodily movement and position. Kinesthetic learning
  • Kippered - in British English, means preserved, cleaned, and salted. Normally fish
  • Kittenish - playful, like a kitten
  • Kneadable - is able to be kneaded, bread
  • Knee-deep - describing something that reaches the knees, normally water
  • Knee-jerk - describing a reaction, normally automatic 
  • Knockabout - rough, noising, or boisterous
  • Know-it-all - describing someone who claims to know everything
  • Knowing - having or reflecting knowledge
  • Knuckleheaded - someone who is foolish or stupid
  • Knurly - knotted and textured
  • Kyphotic - describing an abnormal forward curve of the spine


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The wide array of adjectives that start with K can be impressive. From "katharobic" to "katabatic," many K descriptive adjectives describe things around you. We hope you've enjoyed this exhaustive list, and if you're looking for more adjective word lists, head to the links below!