Words with FFL

A list of all FFL words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with FFL. Also commonly searched for are words that end in FFL. Try our five letter words with FFL page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

14 Letter Words
wafflestompers30 efflorescences28 spifflications28
13 Letter Words
exsufflations29 spifflicating29 wafflestomper29 efflorescence27 shuffleboards27 spifflication27 snufflebuster26 insufflations23
12 Letter Words
afflictively29 exsufflation28 shuffleboard26 spifflicated26 effleuraging25 efflorescing25 spifflicates25 insufflating24 whiffletrees24 efflorescent23 affluentials22 insufflation22 insufflators21
11 Letter Words
bafflements25 buffleheads25 reshuffling24 spifflicate24 affluencies23 scheffleras23 whiffletree23 afflictions22 effleuraged22 effloresced22 nonaffluent22 affluential21 effleurages21 effloresces21 insufflated21 insufflates20 insufflator20
10 Letter Words
bafflingly26 effluviums26 effluxions26 unmuffling26 bafflegabs25 kerfuffles25 afflictive24 bafflement24 bufflehead24 afflicting23 affluences22 affluently22 effluences22 schefflera22 affliction21 offloading21 reshuffled21 sufflating21 unaffluent21 effleurage20
9 Letter Words
affluenza27 cufflinks25 effluvium25 effluxion25 bafflegab24 kerfuffle24 whiffling24 affluency23 scuffling23 skiffling23 unmuffled23 scofflaws22 shuffling22 unmuffles22 wafflings22 affluence21 effluence21 moufflons21 mufflered21 snuffling21
8 Letter Words
cufflink24 affluxes23 effluxes23 muffling22 baffling21 coffling21 maffling21 piffling21 scofflaw21 unmuffle21 waffling21 whiffled21 effluvia20 moufflon20 rufflike20 scuffled20 skiffled20 whiffler20 whiffles20 cuffless19
7 Letter Words
bluffly21 gruffly19 muffled19 whiffle19 baffled18 coffled18 maffled18 muffler18 muffles18 piffled18 scuffle18 skiffle18 snuffly18 waffled18 afflict17 baffler17 baffles17 coffles17 maffles17 piffles17
6 Letter Words
afflux21 efflux21 waffly18 muffle17 baffle16 coffle16 maffle16 piffle16 ruffly16 waffle16 duffle15 yaffle15 ruffle14 raffle13 riffle13