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Word Solver is a tool used to help players succeed at puzzle games such as Scrabble, Words With Friends, and daily crosswords. The player enters his available letters, length, or pattern, and the word solver finds a variety of results that will fit into the spaces on offer.

What is a Word Maker?

Maybe you’ve heard of a word maker and maybe you haven’t. If you have, then you’re likely well-versed in how it really can up your score when you play various word games. However, if a word maker is new to you, then stay tuned while we explain what it is and when it comes in very handy.

Essentially, it’s a word maker from letters device that creates all the possible choices from the available letters. When vowels, consonants and even wild cards are fed into the word maker, the tool comes up rapidly with new words from different letter combinations. This includes developing other words from the letters in existing words.

When You Need a Word Solver Tool

Are you beginning to think of situations where using a word maker can definitely help you out? For example, do you love playing board games with friends and family members but your ability to spell words correctly often gets in the way of a win? Maybe you’re a big fan of online word games and, while you don’t want to cheat, having access to word generators now and then would keep the game moving along at an enjoyable pace. 

A word solver tool can be a helper for so many language games. Let’s take a closer look at some of them to give you even more ideas.


If you’re really into anagrams, a word anagram creator can assist you to rearrange the letters of an existing word, phrase or sentence into something totally new. Since you must use all of the vowels and consonants present in the original word or longer language example, it can be a real challenge to come up with something different containing everything that you have. Not only that, but you don’t want to spend all day puzzling over the possibilities ─ you want to discover the options quickly. This is where an anagram maker is an invaluable word solver!

Word Games

There are so many unique and interesting word games that require you to unscramble a jumble of letters to win points. Many of these games are for young players as well as adults. For instance, Scrabble is targeted at those who are aged eight and older while Words with Friends has both a children’s and an adult’s version.

When you think about it, a Scrabble word maker or a Words with Friends word maker can be useful for players of all ages. Children who are still expanding their vocabulary and understanding how to make more and more words from letters, can really benefit from using a word find device. In addition, participants who are relatively new to these games will enjoy the opportunity to use a Scrabble cheat or Words with Friends cheat. And, if a player is struggling with English since it’s not their first language, a word maker can assist their learning and provide a feeling of accomplishment that goes well beyond winning a word game. Of course, seasoned competitors will love this type of support when they consider the tiles laid out on their rack. 

Finally, by being allowed to employ a word Scrabble tool or a word maker in a game of Words with Friends, all players will feel that they have a more equal chance to win.

How to Use a Word Solver Website - 3 Easy Steps

Websites that feature a word maker from letters tool can be great fun to use! Some are more intuitive than others but, generally, this is how to use them:

Step #1: Research & Choose

You have to prepare before you start your game. Try a few word solver websites first to see how they work and stay with the one you like the most. Keep it open while playing.

Step #2: Find the appropriate tool.

For example, if you’re trying to solve an anagram, you can click on our Anagram Solver.

Step #3: Enter the letters

Type in the letters of the word that you’re working with.

Say that you have the following word ─ DESSERT. Once you enter it, the anagram solver will present this word ─ STRESSED.

Don’t forget that you can use the advanced filter function. It will help you zero in on word options that start or end with particular letters or contain certain letters or any wildcards.

Wordsolver Apps

You can also download a word generator app to your cell phone. There are some very cool ones out there. Basically, you just go to the app store on your phone or find an online app store, browse what’s available and download the one that you like best. Wordmaker apps operate similarly to those that you find online on websites.

Make Words for Scrabble & WWF

Here’s another example for how to make words online using a word jumble generator:

  • Step 1: Go to the website that you want to use.
  • Step 2:  Find a word grabber designed for your game and click the button to open it up on your screen.

For example, if you’re playing Scrabble, try our Scrabble Word Finder.

  • Step 3:  Type in the vowels, consonants and wild card tiles that you have.

Let’s imagine that you have these letters ─ CIUTJSE. These are just some of the few exciting letter combinations that the Scrabble word finder will offer up ─ JUSTICE, JUICES, CUTIES, JESUIT, JUICE, SUITE, JEST AND SECT. 

In the above example, depending on what words you can make with the tiles already laid on the Scrabble board, you could be in for a very high point score!

Generate Words by Length

Yes! Making use of a letter combination generator that will turn letters to words whatever the circumstances, can absolutely be productive. Keep reading below. We have even more for you about the usefulness of a letter word generator. Following are examples of using an unscramble generator with different numbers of letters:

3-letter word examples

UPT becomes CUP or PUT

AYW becomes WAY

NUF becomes FUN

4-letter word examples

PEOH becomes HOPE

RLUP becomes PURL

VELO becomes LOVE

5-letter word examples




6-letter word examples




7-letter word examples