Words with FFI

A list of all FFI words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with FFI. Also commonly searched for are words that end in FFI. Try our five letter words with FFI page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
superefficiency34 inefficaciously32 insufficiencies30 efficaciousness29 disaffirmations26 officiousnesses26 standoffishness26 disaffiliations24
14 Letter Words
cycloparaffins33 hyperefficient31 semiofficially30 insufficiently29 trafficability29 disaffirmances28 inefficiencies28 superefficient28 ultraefficient26 understaffings26 disaffiliating25 disaffirmation25 nitroparaffins25 reaffirmations24 sniffishnesses24 disaffiliation23
13 Letter Words
officializing35 cycloparaffin32 insufficiency30 affirmatively29 efficaciously29 disaffirmance27 inefficacious27 inefficiently27 sufficiencies27 difficultness26 officeholders26 officialising26 standoffishly26 understaffing25 nitroparaffin24 officiousness24 scruffinesses24 nonaffiliated23 reaffirmation23 disaffiliated22
12 Letter Words
officialized32 officializes31 inefficiency28 raggamuffins27 suffixations27 unofficially27 officialdoms26 overstuffing26 sufficiently26 affirmatives25 coefficients25 crossruffing25 disaffirming25 efficiencies25 inefficacies25 officeholder25 officialisms25 overstaffing25 semiofficial25 difficulties24
11 Letter Words
officialize30 chaffinches28 handcuffing28 sufficiency27 trafficking27 difficultly26 outbluffing26 raggamuffin26 suffixation26 uncoffining26 affixations25 officialdom25 officinally25 overruffing25 affirmances24 affirmative24 coefficient24 efficacious24 efficiently24 officialism24
10 Letter Words
mafficking29 affixments27 reaffixing26 squiffiest26 chromaffin25 efficiency25 inefficacy25 scoffingly25 affixation24 difficulty24 efficacity24 trafficked24 affiancing23 affirmable23 affirmance23 enfeoffing23 infeoffing23 officially23 paraffinic23 ragamuffin23
9 Letter Words
squiffily28 affixable26 affixment26 chaffinch26 mafficked26 suffixing26 squiffier25 uncuffing24 kaffiyehs23 keffiyehs23 reaffixed23 coffining22 reaffixes22 rebuffing22 sclaffing22 scruffily22 scruffing22 sufficing22 affirming21 chuffiest21
8 Letter Words
quaffing27 affixing24 mafficks24 chuffing23 suffixal23 suffixed23 affixial22 bluffing22 chaffing22 cheffing22 efficacy22 fluffily22 fluffing22 kaffiyeh22 keffiyeh22 suffixes22 whiffing22 affixers21 scuffing21 chuffier20
7 Letter Words
maffick23 jiffies22 zaffirs22 affixal21 affixed21 affixer20 affixes20 buffing20 cuffing20 muffing20 nuffink20 puffily20 puffing20 reaffix20 viffing20 wuffing20 baffing19 biffing19 boffing19 boffiny19
6 Letter Words
zaffir21 suffix20 muffin17 puffin17 biffin16 boffin16 coffin16 effigy16 affirm15 effing15 maffia15 moffie15 nuffin15 office15 offing15 waffie15 haffit14 offish14 affine13 tiffin13
5 Letter Words
affix18 buffi15 offie11