10 Letter Words

Ten Letter Words are often very useful for word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends. This list will help you to find the top scoring words to beat the opponent. Word Finder by WordTips gives you a list of words ordered by their word game points of your choice.

10 Letter Words
razzmatazz49 vajazzling45 jazzercise40 bemuzzling39 buzzworthy39 puzzlingly39 squeezebox39 whizzbangs39 buckjumped38 embezzling38 jumboizing38 unmuzzling38 unpuzzling38 blackjacks37 buckjumper37 buzzphrase37 dizzyingly37 puzzlement37 schemozzle37 scuzzballs37 zigzagging37 bedazzling36 blizzardly36 crackajack36 dazzlingly36 mumbojumbo36 pozzolanic36 showbizzes36 embezzlers35 jackknifed35 jackknives35 japanizing35 jarovizing35 juvenilize35 kibbutznik35 kolkhoznik35 maximizing35 mizzenmast35 schnozzles35 schnozzola35 shockjocks35 skyjacking35 cheapjacks34 dazzlement34 equivoques34 jackhammer34 jackknifes34 kickboxing34 knickknack34 lumberjack34 mezzalunas34 pizzicatos34 podzolized34 shemozzles34 sjambokked34 supplejack34 applejacks33 azobenzene33 bejumbling33 chickenpox33 equalizing33 highjacked33 jewelboxes33 jockeyship33 joypopping33 mezzanines33 mozzarella33 podzolizes33 pozzolanas33 quantizing33 quickbeams33 quincunxes33 schizziest33 scuzziness33 smokejacks33 squeezable33 zombifying33 zygomorphy33 amberjacks32 blackbucks32 carjacking32 checkboxes32 chequebook32 chiffchaff32 complexify32 equivocacy32 exchequers32 exoenzymes32 exorcizing32 frizziness32 frizzliest32 intermezzi32 intermezzo32 jackrabbit32 jackscrews32 jackstaffs32 jacqueries32 jargonized32 jaywalking32 jeopardize32

If you are a fan of word games, knowing some 10 letter words is a powerful tool for scoring big points. A well-played longer word will give some helpful bonuses. In Scrabble and Words with Friends, longer words can set you up for double and triple-word scores. They also provide a sturdy framework, giving you space to build even more wonderful words with your letter tiles.
Ten letter words can be a challenge. Most players can quickly come up with quite a few five or six-letter words. Although there are plenty of words with 10 letters in the dictionary, you may struggle to come up with them on the fly. If you are a serious word game player, you may want to work at expanding your vocabulary to include 10 letter words.

10-Letter Words FAQ

How many 10 letter words are in the English language?

When you look at lists of words by length, the number of words with ten letters varies. Some lists have over 100,000 words but include proper names and hyphenated forms that would not be acceptable in the OCTWL. Suffice it to say that there are ample words with ten letters that you can play in your favorite word games.

Are there any 10 letter verbs?

If you like to UNSCRAMBLE letters, you have already found a 10-letter verb. It is important to UNDERSTAND and APPRECIATE that verbs of this length are not as unusual as you think. If you learn the list, it will COMPLIMENT your game-playing skills and ACCELERATE you toward victory.

What are some ten-letter words that start with A?

APPARENTLY, people who enjoy word-centered ACTIVITIES need ASSISTANCE in finding ADDITIONAL words that start with A. There are a number of ATTRACTIVE possibilities. Finding the perfect one for your game will not give you a headache requiring ANALGESICS. Your competitors will gaze ADMIRINGLY at your perfectly ADMISSIBLE word choices.