Words with PEL

A list of all PEL words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with PEL. Also commonly searched for are words that end in PEL. Try our five letter words with PEL page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
monopropellants28 interpellations22 shapelessnesses22
14 Letter Words
spellbindingly30 pelletizations29 ampelographers28 ampelographies28 monopropellant27 kapellmeisters26 interpellating23 hopelessnesses21 interpellation21 interpellators20
13 Letter Words
spellchecking33 spellcheckers30 appellatively28 pelletization28 ampelographer27 doppelgangers26 bipropellants25 compellations25 kapellmeister25 archipelagoes24 speleological24 counterspells23 unshapeliness22 interpellated20 shapelessness20 shapelinesses20 speleologists20 interpellates19 interpellator19
12 Letter Words
spellchecked30 compellingly29 spellchecker29 ampelography28 bathypelagic28 uncompelling28 spellworking27 archipelagic26 doppelganger25 pampelmoeses25 spellbinding25 appellatives24 bipropellant24 compellation24 archipelagos23 misspellings23 pelargoniums23 counterspell22 cupellations22 spellbinders22
11 Letter Words
gospelizing29 cappellacci28 pelletizing28 spellchecks28 compellable26 reexpelling26 pelletizers25 spelunkings24 appellative23 mesopelagic23 pellucidity23 archipelago22 cappelletti22 misspelling22 pelargonium22 unspellable22 antechapels21 cupellation21 pelycosaurs21 spellbinder21
10 Letter Words
spellcheck27 expellable26 gospelized26 gospelizes25 pelletized25 compelling24 pelletizer24 pelletizes24 pampelmoes23 pelecypods23 pellucidly23 pelvimetry23 reexpelled23 spelunking23 epipelagic22 pipelining21 propelling21 rappelling21 repellency21 spellbound21
9 Letter Words
zeppelins26 expelling24 gospelize24 pelletize23 pelecypod22 compelled21 cupelling21 expellees21 expellers21 acappella20 impelling20 spelunked20 grapelike19 pellmells19 pellucida19 rappeling19 spellbind19 spelunker19 unshapely19 appellant18
8 Letter Words
zeppelin25 expelled21 speltzes21 expellee20 expeller20 cappella19 chapelry19 cupeling19 pipelike19 popelike19 reexpels19 cupelled18 pellmell18 pellucid18 spelunks18 bonspell17 cupeller17 impelled17 pelagics17 pellicle17
7 Letter Words
pelvics18 reexpel18 compels17 spelunk17 chapels16 cupeled16 pelagic16 pelhams16 apelike15 capelan15 capelin15 cupeler15 pelican15 pelikai15 scalpel15 shapely15 capelet14 carpels14 graupel14 pelitic14
6 Letter Words
speltz19 expels17 pelvic17 compel16 chapel15 pelham15 cupels14 pelike14 pelves14 pelvis14 appels13 carpel13 impels13 pelmet13 propel13 rappel13 drupel12 gospel12 pelage12 peltry12
5 Letter Words
expel16 cupel13 appel12 impel12 pelfs12 lapel10 pelau10 pelon10 spell10 peles9 pelta9 pelts9 repel9 spelt9
4 Letter Words
pelf11 pele8 pelt8