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The Essential Guide to Using Word Solvers

Are you trying to come up with new words?

Whether you are playing a word game or just challenging your friends, a world solver is the thing you need. Curious about how word generators work and help you win? Let's find out!

What is a Word Generator - Word Solver Definition

In a nutshell, a word generator is a tool to create words. It does the job of word generator from letters and gives you ideas for new words. People use word solver for various reasons (we will get down to that in a short while), but the main aim is always the same- you make new words with some letters. 

A word solver is also quick and user-friendly. In a few seconds, you can get a list of possible words that can help you beat your friends at a game or win at some challenge. So any time you are stuck with words, get help from a word generator. 

When You Need a Word Builder Tool

As we already said, you can use a world solver for many purposes. Here are the top three:

#1 Anagramming

Many people use a word solver as an anagram generator. You can enter the letters in a name, word, or phrase into the word anagram creator to come up with new words and phrases. The anagram tool will use all the letters you have entered and make words based on dictionary and common words. 

#2 Word Games

Word games are the biggest reason for the popularity of word solving tools. If you are playing Words with Friends, you can use a Words with Friends word generator. The Words with Friends cheat will also work for Word with Friends 2. 

Scrabble is another classic word game famous all over the world. Many people use a word Scrabble tool to unjumble letters and make new words. You can think of the word solver as a Scrabble cheat. 

So if you can't seem to stir up your grey cells, a Scrabble word generator might be the answer!

#3 Making Names

Some people have a special fascination for some language. Others consider some letters or alphabets lucky. So when these people have to come up with names for babies or pets, they use a word solver. 

You can just put all your chosen letters in the word maker, and get new names without making an extra effort. And people will always say how good you are in choosing names!

How to Use a Word Generator App - 3 Simple Steps

All word generators, whether it's a word solver, word cheat website or unscramble app work on the same principle. You enter the letters you have ended up with in the word solver box to make Words from letters. Here's a detailed explanation on how to use online cheat word helper. 

Step 1. Check the Letters or Tiles

If you are playing a board game, check the letters you have got. You will probably have some tiles containing letters, vowels, consonants, syllable and more. If you are just trying to make new words, then decide which alphabets you are going to use. 

Let's take an example to illustrate the process. Let's say you have got the letters M, A, R, T, Y, R, O, L.

Step 2: Enter the Letters in the Search Box

All word solvers will have a blank space or box to enter the letters. Your job is to type in all the letters you will use to spell the word. Now the next task depends on what you are using

  • If you are using a word cheat website, press enter or go beside the search box
  • For word generator app, press the search button

So following our example, type in the alphabets M, A, R, T, Y, R, O, L. Press enter and wait for the results to load.

Step 3: Check Out the Word List

Now the word maker from letters will display the results according to the word length. If we use the letters in our example, the word find result will include-

6-Letter Words

  • Rotary
  • martyr

4-Letter Words

  • Mortal
  • Armory

3-Letter Words 

  • Mortar

Now you can use the words to earn points and win word games for free!

How to Make Words Online

The first thing you will want to do is to find a word generator. You can do a simple Google to get a list of word jumble generator sites and apps. 

Then you need to follow the exact steps we discussed above to generate new words using the word grabber. For example, let's assume you are trying to make words with the letters D, E, T, O, I, R.

So the next thing you do is to

  1. Enter the letters in the search box
  2. Press enter or go
  3. Get your results

So here, the letter combination generator will display words like-

  • Editor
  • Rioted
  • Tie
  • Rod
  • Toe
  • Dot
  • Ire

How to Use Word Solver for Multiple Letters

Have you ended up with too many letters in your hands?

You have nothing to worry as the unscramble generator will ease your troubles! No matter how many letters you got, the 3,4,5,6,7 letter word generator will do its job. We will take an example to show you how. 

8 Letter Example

We will take the letters C, T, I, N, M, A, R and O. Here we have 8 letters. 

Now you know what to do - enter the letters in the box and hit go!

Doing so gives you new words that include

  • Romantic
  • Carotin
  • Atomic
  • Carton
  • Train
  • Ratio
  • Coat
  • Tram
  • Air
  • Ran

So you again have a list of words grouped by length to win your game! 

A word solver is ideal when you have to make new words, no matter how you are going to use them. 

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