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Text Twist is a game where you make as many words as possible from six assigned letters. If you get stuck, use the Text Twist Solver to get many words quickly. If you don't want to use this Text Twist cheat, you can play without it. However, the tool makes high scores easily attainable.

All You Need to Know About Text Twist!

Sure you’ve heard of Text Twist, but have you taken the plunge into one of the most addictive 6-letter word games on your iOS device? Here’s precisely how it works before you download the app onto your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows device. You’re going to be faced with 6 letters that may seem random at first, but you will soon discover all the hidden words buried within those not so random letters from the alphabet. You’ll be given both consonants and vowels, and your job is to unscramble as many words as possible before the timer runs out! 

Unscramble 6 letters in 2 minutes

Start by typing in the letters to build your first word in the solution slot. The ‘Clear’ option will remove all the letters if you need to start over again quickly, and the backspace button on your device will clear the last letter submitted. The only way to make it to the next level is by solving the complete 6 letter word, and you only have 2 minutes per level to make it to the next round! You will notice that in some rounds there are two or three 6 letter words. The good news is, you only need to unscramble one, but the more you unscramble, the more points you’ll gain. This game is great for adults, kids, and non-native English speakers who want to improve their vocabulary, spelling, and anagram skills in one fun and exciting game. 

Don’t sweat, just play!

Text Twist Cheat Guide

Ready for the good stuff? Online you can find free Text Twist Solvers, AKA a Text Twist cheat. This simple tool helps you solve all your challenging words before your timer races to zero. Just make sure to keep the Text Twist Finder open so you can have the answers ready quickly and swiftly. Text Twist solver is an anagram solver and works for a majority of the best word games out there like Jumble, Scrabble, Text Twist 2, Super Text Twist and more! 

This way you can quickly unscramble the letters to build words without having to sacrifice your high score! You can even use wildcards when entering the letters from your game into the Text Twist word unscrambler.

Here are some praiseworthy examples to get you started: 

Example #1: GGEAENR

  • One letter word solution- A
  • Two-letter word solution- Ra
  • Three letter word solution- Gee
  • Four letter solution- Erne
  • Five-letter word solution- Grege
  • The Master Six letter word - Engager

You can find many more options in each letter category, plus definitions available online! 

Example #2: IOONZC

  • One letter word solution- i
  • Two-letter word solution- Oz
  • Three letter word solution- Coz
  • Four letter solution- Zion
  • Five-letter word solution- Zonic
  • The Master Six letter word - Ozonic

Example #3: TSEVEE

  • Two-letter word solution- TV
  • Three letter word solution- Ese
  • Four letter solution- Evel
  • Five-letter word solution- Evets
  • The Master Six letter word - Vestee

Tips & Tricks to Unscramble Text Twist Answers

Help is at hand! There are several clever tricks and hints out there to help you succeed and win the game with an impressively high score without even utilizing an online cheat! Then you can show off your praiseworthy high score to your friends, classmates, and family!

  1. First off, you’ll be happy to know that the Text Twist dictionary is way more generous than the Scrabble dictionary. This means you can plug in letters at random and will have a very high success rate. Later on, you can look up those obscure two-letter words and improve your vocabulary with lightning speed.
  2. Don’t forget to add an ‘s’ or ‘es’ to a word when the letters are available because if it exists in a singular form, then there’s a very high chance it exists in its plural form! 
  3. Don’t be shy, hit that twist button as many times as you need it, you won’t lose points just maybe a few seconds off your timer! But who knows? Shuffling the letters may help you solve that six-letter word that was stuck at the tip of your tongue! 
  4. Look for double letters like ‘DD’ or ‘TT’ that commonly sit alongside each other, or a common suffix like ‘ing.’ This can help you unscramble the 6-letter word in no time. 
  5. Many people have different methods. Some believe that if you first focus on unscrambling the 3-letter words you will quickly discover the 6-letter word(s). Many professionals even memorize 3-letter words so they can quickly type in the letters without wasting time. 
  6. And last but not least, don’t forget to breathe! While the game works on a timer that can get your anxiety alarms blowing, if you calm yourself down, you will certainly find extraordinary results in a mere two minutes.

FAQs about TextTwist

  • Text Twist is easy to download on almost any device. You can play Text Twist on your Windows device, iPhone, iPad, or Android, or all four at the same time! 
  • You can download Text Twist online for free from many different game sites online. However, the free version will have fewer rounds and advertisements, while the paid version is the complete version with all the rounds included, plus no ads during the game. 
  • The game will end if you don’t solve the 6-letter word, no matter how many smaller words you’ve managed to unscramble. 
  • Text Twist is a Single Player word game, which will help you improve your vocabulary, spelling, and anagram skills. 
  • If you get to the point where you no longer find the 6-letter word game a challenge, you can move on to Text Twist 2, which has a seven-letter word challenge, with even more difficult words. Are you up for the challenge?