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The Scrabble Go Word Finder gives you a serious advantage when you are shooting for a higher score. When you enter your current letter tiles, the program accesses a Scrabble dictionary and generates a list of all the words you can make. If you are desperate for a win, this free tool will help you find a high-scoring word.

What is Scrabble Go?

Scrabble Go from the Scopely design team is a word game that gives you the official way to play Scrabble online. This is more than an update from the EA online version from 2009. If you want to play Hasbro’s board game online, Scrabble Go is the app for you. You can download it to your device from both the Google Play Store and the Apple Play Store.

Popular Scrabble Go Modes

Scrabble Go gives you several new game modes as well as a more authentic experience of classic Scrabble.

Duel Mode

Each player gets five timed turns for a fast battle.

Tumbler mode

This mode is for people who love anagrams. You are given a rotating set of letters and challenged to find the highest-scoring words possible. It's like a word jumble game. The ticking time limit puts on the pressure.

Rush mode

You play against yourself with a limited amount of time and number of turns. This is a great training mode for competitive and league play.

How to Play Scrabble Go - 4 Easy Steps

Scrabble Go uses the official rules of Scrabble in classic play mode. Like other online word games, you go head-to-head with another player. After you set up your account, you can choose whether you want to play against one of your friends or an unknown opponent.

1. The Game Setup

At the start of a standard game, you receive seven letter tiles. These can be vowels, consonants or blank, wildcard tiles. One of the challenges of Scrabble is that you may not recognize any words right away. This situation is where a Word Finder can be a big Scrabble Go help.

2. Taking Turns

On each turn, players have three options. They can place a word, exchange some or all their tiles or pass their turn. Knowing the best move to make is a matter of learning a good game strategy through experience. Scrabble Go involves more than making words. You want to use special DL, DW, TL and TW spaces to get the most points for your move. Players might skip a turn if they think it will give them a chance to play one of these precious spots.

3. Using Boosts

Unlike the board game, Scrabble Go has some online boosts to help you find the best word. These hints can show you possible word locations, play a random word from your rack or let you swap tiles without losing a turn.

4. Winning the Game

There are 100 letter tiles in a regulation Scrabble game. Players go back and forth until they run out of tiles. Once players have used all the tiles they can, the game is over. In Scrabble Go, the player with the highest score wins.

Scrabble Go Cheat

The Scrabble Go system sets things up so that you are matched with players with similar skills. The more games you win, the harder the competition becomes. At higher levels, you may need some assistance to find the right letter combination. When you are looking at a tile rack without any vowels, it is helpful to have a Scrabble Go cheat that can give you some obscure words. Scrabble Go Word Finder will improve your game and earn you the points you need to win.
It is important to remember that many of the modes in Scrabble Go have a time limit. For this reason, you want to be certain that your Scrabble Go help solution is running before you start the game. If you take too long to enter a word, the game will skip your turn.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Win Scrabble Go

Because the online version follows traditional Scrabble gameplay, many of the winning board game strategies work on your digital device.

Be Flexible

When you see your tiles on the rack, right away you start trying to combine them in your mind. However, your plans can change with each turn. Every time your opponent plays a word, it is an opportunity. The best Scrabble players can let go of last turn’s plans and adapt to the new situation.

Learn Plenty of Short Words

Two and three-letter words are critical pieces of any Scrabble game. A well-placed word with two letters can help you snag a double or triple-letter spot. Landing the z in za, an abbreviation for pizza, on triple-letter space will give you an extra 20 points.

Pay Attention to Special Spaces

Scrabble Go winners understand the importance of the bonus spaces on the board. If you build a word on two double-word spaces, it is worth four-times its normal score. This can turn an average word into a serious boost.

Mind Your Qs and Zs

10-point letters like Q and Z make a big difference in your score. Most people have limited knowledge of words with these letters. It is time to get beyond QUIET and ZOO. QAT, QI and QWERTY are a big help when you do not have access to a letter U. ZEALOT, RAZE and TZAR can get your Z out of the rack and onto the board.

Scrabble Go vs. Words with Friends

Words with Friends is another popular online word game that is like Scrabble. Scrabble Go has some advantages. Because Scopely developed the game in cooperation with Hasbro, Scrabble Go has access to the official Scrabble dictionary. Most players find that this is a better collection of words that consistently includes word variations such as plurals.
The traditional Scrabble board was designed in the 1930s to give many scoring opportunities without giving an advantage to either player. This thoughtful design is what has made Scrabble a worldwide phenomenon for decades. When you play Scrabble Go, you are carrying on this tradition. It also makes Scrabble Go a better training tool for serious Scrabble players.