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So, the board is laid out, and you are ready to begin the day's challenge. Now, you have your letters, and you're wondering if the letters you're unscrambling in your head actually spell out a real word or not? Or, could it be that your opponent has laid out their letters and you're feeling pretty confident that the tiles they just laid out is not actually a real word? Lucky for you, and maybe not so lucky for your opponent, you can quickly solve this problem with one simple tool, a Scrabble Dictionary Checker.

What exactly is a Scrabble Dictionary Checker? We are glad you asked. A scrabble dictionary checker will help you officially determine if the word spelled out (on too many high ranking points) is actually a real word in whatever language you're playing scrabble in (we're going to assume it's English). If the consonants and vowels you were mixing together is truly an official word, you will quickly discover its definition with the scrabble dictionary checker. Then you can get ready for your next move.

Scrabble Helper

One of the best parts about playing scrabble is when you're faced with the challenge of building a word with the letters you have, and for a slight moment, you feel stuck. Especially when you're about to win, and you only have two tiles left on your rack. Lucky for you, there are comprehensive word lists online, which are free to boot!

The Power of Two-letter Word Lists

What's even more is, you can also find 2 letter word lists! Some call it cheating, and others call it strategizing, we'll let you decide what suits you best. Just because you're playing a board game doesn't mean you can't use an online word generator right? 

This tool is especially useful when you have a blank tile, AKA, a wildcard, and need help jumbling together your letters to build a word from the letters on your stand. Think of Scrabble helper as a word solver and find the word that will truly blow your opponents away! 

Imagine using one-syllable words like: 

  • Ab
  • Ee
  • Os
  • Te
  • Un
  • Zo

We're not showing off, we're only showing you how to. And guess what? New words have been added to the Scrabble Dictionary, ​sixth edition. Sweet!

Official Scrabble Dictionaries


Believe it or not, there is such a thing as the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, also known by the acronym, OSPD. The OSPD was officially published by Merriam-Webster, but is no longer used for highly competitive competitions. Hasbro published the 4th edition of the dictionary in 2005, and a 6th edition had been published since then in 2018.


Now what's most commonly used for serious competitions is the Official Tournament and Club Word List (OTCWL) in the United States and Canada.


Interestingly enough, while Scrabble may be played in other countries, many countries have opted for Collins Scrabble Words (CSW), which is a word list used in tournaments in most countries around the world except the USA, Thailand, and Canada, who knew?


The British resource their word lists from the Collins dictionary, which is where SOWPODS comes in. SOWPODS is the combination of OSPD (Official Scrabble Players Dictionary) and OSW (Official Scrabble Words), because as you may have imagined, these people really love their letters! But, nonetheless, it does stand for the word list for countries like Britain and Australia.


In 2009 NASPA was created, North American Scrabble Players Association. NASPA was developed to secure Scrabble competitions for adults in North America. It was only natural for NASPA to generate their own word list, which is also known as NWL, which stands for NASPA Word List. Imagine that an acronym within an acronym. 

Scrabble Dictionary Online

Online you can use a scrabble dictionary checker tool if you're not sure whether a word played is correct or not. An online Dictionary Checker is a quick and easy way to search for words without losing momentum in the game. What's even better is when you use the word finder you can get right to the point! Perhaps your opponent is sure the word they have laid out is a real word, but you have a hunch that there is something funny about the word, perhaps the spelling is off? Scrabble Dictionary Online will resolve the problem, and leave very little room for your opponent to try and convince you otherwise.

Scrabble Word Dictionary FAQs

Is there an official dictionary for Scrabble players?

Of course, there is! The official Scrabble dictionary was put out my Merriam-Webster and is known as OSPD. 

When I looked for a word on the scrabble online dictionary is wasn't there, how could this be?

The word you are looking for may not be in the dictionary edition online. And, typically, online dictionaries only work with a word in short format, rather than long format. So, if you're trying to look up the word 'harp,' for example, then harping will not turn up when you do your search. Instead, try looking up the short version of the word. 

What is a word cheat in Scrabble, and how do I use it?

A dictionary word finder online will help you search for words quickly and efficiently. Many refer to this as a word cheat tool, because all you have to do is type in the letters you have and the word finder will help find all the possible word combinations from the letters you've entered. Call it a problem solver, or a word solver, either way, you'll certainly end up winning this match! 

Will Word Finder provide the definition of the word as well?

You bet it will! It will also tell you if it is a noun, adjective or verb and, more than that, it will provide synonyms too.

While playing Scrabble, how do I challenge a word played? And can I use a Scrabble dictionary to prove it?

You can challenge the word before the next player lays out his or her tiles. If you are correct, the player must take back their tiles and loses their turn. And, naturally, the best way to prove the word is invalid is by using a Scrabble dictionary.