CodyCross Answers is a free and simple to use aid for solving Fanatee Inc's hit crossword game. CodyCross Help uncovers the missing letters for all puzzle levels by utilizing the hints to find the matching words. Simple, intuitive, and a must-have tool for any fan.

What is CodyCross?

CodyCross is a free game app developed by Fanatee Inc., available to download on Android, iOS, and Windows. This online board game is an absolutely fun way to learn new words and enhance your command of a certain language! A cute purple alien named CodyCross crash-landed on Earth, and he counts on your help to navigate our world! The objective is for you to answer all the words on the crossword puzzles by using the descriptions given for each item, including some secret words that will be completed vertically as you go along. For every word keyed in on the board, letter tiles will be uncovered randomly to help you answer the remaining items. You’ll also receive tokens every day, which you can use to reveal more tiles and give you hints in cases when you need help.

Worlds, Groups, and Puzzles

This online game features different levels. The crossword puzzles are divided into worlds and groups—each world contains 20 groups and each group contains 5 puzzles in it. Every level is a different adventure, from ‘Planet Earth’ to ‘Under the Sea’ to ‘Inventions’ and ‘Seasons.’ As you move from one to another, you can use this page as a handy tool to gather clues and help you unlock all the other adventures.

CodyCross Answers

CodyCross becomes more and more challenging as you further along with the online game. You start out with a blank board, and all you can do to get more letter hints is by answering the word using the descriptions. Even the most expert word solvers will find themselves having a hard time solving the puzzles at some point. That is why we created this free CodyCross answers tool as a way to help gamers like you discover new words and improve your knowledge of the language. We regularly improve this site with updated answers, and so we recommend you to bookmark this page and treat it as a handy cheat sheet in case you will need some help to win. 

CodyCross features various levels of word puzzles. Here, you’ll find different worlds, which you’ll get to uncover as you complete the groups of crosswords. Your journey with CodyCross begins on Planet Earth, where you’ll need to help him figure out the words that match the descriptions given for every puzzle. 

Here are examples of the answers from the first 5 worlds that you can find in this CodyCross answer cheat sheet:

CodyCross Planet Earth

Example: CodyCross Planet Earth (Group 1, Puzzle 1)

  • Description: Disappeared into thin air
  • Answer: VANISHED

CodyCross Under the Sea

Example: CodyCross Under the Sea (Group 21, Puzzle 1)

  • Description: Popular cocktail allegedly created in Mexico
  • Answer: MARGARITA

CodyCross Inventions

Example: CodyCross Inventions (Group 41, Puzzle 1)

  • Description: Developed radio telegraph system Guglielmo ___
  • Answer: MARCONI

CodyCross Seasons

Example: CodyCross Seasons (Group 61, Puzzle 1)

  • Description: Heated month of the French Republican calendar
  • Answer: THERMIDOR

CodyCross Circus

Example: CodyCross Circus (Group 81, Puzzle 1)

  • Description: Ingrid __ actress of Casablanca
  • Answer: BERGMAN

5 Tips and Tricks to Solve CodyCross Puzzle

CodyCross is a very addictive online game. Once you start winning the first few levels, you are going to want to advance and complete some more puzzles. Prepare to invest some hours on learning new terms and improving your command of the language, ‘cause you’re definitely in for a fun journey with CodyCross!

Standard CodyCross gets more challenging as the game progresses. In order to keep winning, you may have to employ a few strategies and get help from your trusted CodyCross answer tool.

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep you moving along in the game.

  1. Don’t force yourself to answer the items in chronological order. Look for the ones that seem easiest to you and work your way from there. For every word answered, several tiles are uncovered to give you hints for the remaining words.
  2. Every day, you are given free points in the form of coins which you can use to uncover some more tiles. To use these, drag CodyCross’ little friend to a certain letter tile that you want to reveal.
  3. If you want to earn more free points, you can do it by working on challenges. For every achievement, there’s a corresponding amount of tokens that you can collect.
  4. Consider the secret words that form vertically. The answer to the horizontal words should match the letters of the vertical words.
  5. If you’re completely stuck on a certain level, you can always refer to this CodeCross answer tool to get a little help. We regularly update this site to provide you with an updated list of CodyCross game answers.

FAQs about CodyCross

Find here the answers to some commonly searched questions about CodyCross.

#1: How many levels are in CodyCross?

Inside the online game CodyCross, there are different worlds containing 20 groups. Inside each group are 5 puzzles. In order to move from one group to another, you need to solve the puzzles in chronological order—which makes the game even more challenging and frustrating if you get stuck on a certain crossword.

Here’s a sneak peek of the first few levels and some examples of the items you’ll find inside.

  • Sample Puzzle Item: CodyCross Planet Earth (Group 1, Puzzle 1)
    "Parts of a TV show that make up a series"
  • Sample Puzzle Item: CodyCross Under the Sea (Group 21, Puzzle 1)
    "Computer electronic circuit on small plate"
  • Sample Puzzle Item: CodyCross Inventions (Group 41, Puzzle 1)
    "The ear is the __ organ"
  • Sample Puzzle Item: CodyCross Seasons (Group 61, Puzzle 1)
    "Instruments that sit to the right of bassoons"
  • Sample Puzzle Item: CodyCross Circus (Group 81, Puzzle 1)
    "Deep green stone May’s birthstone"

If you want to know the answers to riddles, don’t hesitate to use our free CodyCross answer tool!

#2: In which countries and languages are CodyCross available to?

Versions of CodyCross are available in many countries and languages: English, Deutsche, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Portuguese, and Russian. The team is working hard to make it available across every part of the world.

#3: Is the CodyCross answer tool available for free?

It absolutely is for free. Use and abuse it to win more levels on CodyCross!