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Word Cookies Answers is a free to use tool to help players win the tasty Bitmango word game. The word cooking tool will uncover all the delicious words, and using it will help you bake all the letters through the levels. Easy to use and a great vocabulary trainer.

Word Cookies Game

Hungry for a new addiction that’s absolutely free? Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for the best word search puzzle game online, then look no further than the Word Cookies game! If you love Scrabble then we’re feeling pretty confident that you’ll love Word Cookies. Here’s another BitMango Game whose makers believe Word Cookies are just as addictive as hot baked goods fresh out of your grandmother’s oven! This game will not only test your vocabulary and spelling but will also improve your language skills while you play! You can play Word Cookies on your smartphone or your tablet.

Word Cookies is an incredibly tasty game that tests your ability to find words on the puzzle board. The challenge is to connect your letters to build as many words as there are in the English dictionary. Of course, if you are playing in If you’re an absolute beginner, you start by swiping the alphabet cookies on that steaming baking pan on your screen to build a word. You’ll notice Jack’s cookie jar is open and ready to fill up with all those extra words you discover, which is how you can earn more coins!

There are many delicious levels to this baker’s game where you move from a baker’s apron to an elite chef’s hat! You can choose to play the Home Baker’s Butter or Oatmeal, which each has its own beginner’s levels, just to wet the palette. But don’t get too full with all those delicious flavors before the baker’s timer rings, there are many more levels to work up your appetite. As you keep going, you can enter Talented Chef’s flavors like Strawberry, Peach or Cherry consisting of 20 levels each, plus special levels to learn more words so you can really play your letters like a pro! Then see how your skills test out on the Prodigious Chef, hummus, or Ginseng levels! This is a multiplayer game, which means you can challenge your friends, family, and colleagues all while improving your language skills!

Word Cookies Cheat

Guess what? Did you know that you can find all of the answers to Word Cookies online? Word Cookies’ Answers is your key to winning the game, so you don’t have to give up with a sore belly ache. You can use Word Cookies Cheat to uncover challenging words no matter what the consonants or vowels given to you are and no matter which level you are determined to conquer! You can get help, hints, or the complete word with updated answers at your fingertips without leaving any sweet or savory ingredient levels undercooked.

Each level is categorized by different Chef-levels including Home Baker, Novice Chef, or Talented Chef. You can find answers to all the words in the Cinamon, Vanilla, Rose and Cherry levels (plus all those other addictive levels in between). Those are the first few levels you’ll discover when you first enter the game. But, when you soon become a master with this free word solver, you will quickly move on to higher levels. Mid-range chefs include Celebrity Chef, Executive Chef, and Master Chef. Though the mid-range levels may press your knowledge, no baked goods will be left in the oven to burn with all those board cheats you can find online. So, while you’re solving a word on your mobile device on levels like Cranberry, Chestnut, or even Cognac, the answers will be a few simple taps away, and the points will most certainly overwhelm your bank account!

Tips and Tricks to Solve Word Cookies Daily Puzzle

If you’re advancing in the Word Cookies Daily Puzzle, but find many challenges along the way, there is no need to get discouraged! The good news is there are several tips and tricks to continue advancing from one day to the next without falling behind! Online you can find Word Cookies Game answers for all your daily challenges. The answers are updated daily, and you can even find answers that go all the way back to Word Cookies 2018 until Word Cookies 2019. Each daily challenge answer is available right under your nose! Just don’t forget to wipe the counter as soon as the game is over! So, no matter if you’re playing on the multiplayer mode or solo, on your Android or iOS device, you will have everything you need to advance through all the tempting levels!

Interesting Facts about Bitmango and their Word Puzzles

  • Bitmango is a Korean developer, which ranked as one of the top ten free-downloads US Android publishers in 2018.
  • Bitmango’s primary focus is on publishing word puzzle games that are friendly for all users.
  • Some of their major games besides Word Cookies, include Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle, Block! Hexa Puzzle, Bunny Pop!, Fruit’s Mania: Elly’s travel, Word Crush: Hidden Themes!, Move the Block: Slide Puzzle, and many more thrilling games.
  • Before globally launching a new game, Bitmango submits a test launching period for two weeks. Then, they update the game according to the data they receive during this grace period. They only release a new game if they see the game succeeds higher than what they had expected. Otherwise, they drop the game and continue developing new titles! How’s that for a business agenda?
  • And best fact yet, Bitmango had so much success with Word Cookies that they decided to develop a sequel to the Word Cookies game known as Cross Word Cookies 2. Cross Word Cookies 2 offers new challenges for all you Word Cookies professionals out there. But what is the difference exactly? Well, this time you get to use your bank of letters on a crossword puzzle frame AKA Crossword Cookie pan! The coins you earn along the way will help you when you need hints with challenging letters, this way you’ll never be afraid to take a bite into that word! So, we hope you’ve arrived hungry because this single and multi-syllable word game can certainly be a mouthful.