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Scrabble Cheat is a word finder tool used to help players succeed at games such as Scrabble, Words With Friends. Input the available letters or tiles, and the cheat tool will offer all possible words instantly.

The Complete Guide to Win at Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the coolest word games on the planet. The goal of the game is to make words by deciphering and connecting letters. Sometimes you may find it challenging to come up with new words during a game. At those times, a Scrabble cheat is the thing you need!

What is a Scrabble Cheat?

A Scrabble cheat is a simple word solver or tool to make words. When you can't unscramble the letters in Scrabble, you take the help of Scrabble cheat word finder. The whole process is free and can go a long way to improve your word-making skills. 

You will find several Scrabble cheat sites, apps, and tools to win at Scrabble. The words cheat tools use Scrabble and other approved dictionaries to make new words in an easy way. So whether you have an anagram or a bunch of letters, use a Scrabble word generator online to discover possible words.

How to Cheat at Scrabble - 3 Easy Steps

Are you ready to use Scrabble cheat?

The first thing is to find yourself a words cheat or word unscrambler. You can also use a Scrabble cheat app on your mobile. Here's what to do next

Step #1: Check Your Rack

Before you use the word finder cheat, see what letters you have got. Let's say you have to make a word with the letters E, A, R and D. 

Step #2: Navigate to the Cheat Site

Now, pick a jumble solver by doing a quick Google. You can choose any site or app you want as long as they use Scrabble dictionary.

The next task is to enter the letters as it is in the word solver. You will see a blank space to type in the letters on your tiles.

So we will type in E, A, R and D. And then press enter or the 'search' button.

Step #3: Use Words from the List

The Scrabble cheat will now give you a list of possible words you can make with your letters. In our example, the words you can get will include

  • Deary
  • Ready
  • Deray
  • Dear
  • Dare
  • Read
  • Rad

Now you can just see the letters and put them on your Scrabble board to get a higher score.

How to Use a Scrabble Cheat Board in 4 Steps

Many word solver sites also give you a Scrabble cheat board. What is the benefit?

Scrabble cheat boards help you to keep a close track of your game. Along with using a word generator, you can also input letters on the Scrabble cheat board and see how the game progresses.

So how do you use a cheat board for Scrabble?

First, you may want to get a list of possible words you can make by following the steps we discussed above. Enter all the letter, syllable, consonants, vowels in the search box and press go. Then, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Check Which Words will Fit

From the list of words you get from the words cheat, see which ones can be used. Check the words on the board and determine what else you can add to them.

Step 2: Click on Words to Add

Now, click on the appropriate words from the word list. Doing so will add the words on the proper positions in the Scrabble cheat board. You can change the direction of adding words based on the words on the board.

Step 3: Input Opponent Words

You will have to enter the words made by your opponent on the board. Use a blank space to enter wildcard tiles.

Step 4: Calculate Scores after Game Ends

After the game ends, calculate the score of both players. If you are using a cheat board, then you will have your points automatically calculated. 

You will probably also win the game with the highest score.

Best Scrabble Cheating Tactics

Are you looking to become a pro at Scrabble? Then we have the best tips for you! Here are a few ways to make the most out of Scrabble cheat

  • Keep a words cheat tool handy, so that you can use it any time you are out of ideas. 
  • Maintain a poker face if you are playing face-to-face and using a Scrabble cheat. You don't want your opponent to find out you are cheating, do you!
  • You can also try words from another language if they are accepted by Scrabble. Use the word finder tool meant for Scrabble only to get approved words.
  • Try to make a bingo for high scores. You can also try making words with Q, Z, X or J for more points.
  • Use the word solver to learn a lot of new words. Then use them in your game at appropriate times.
  • Don't fall for paid Scrabble words cheat. You will find plenty of free sites and resources to help you out.

Scrabble Vs. Words with Friends Cheat: Which One should You Use?

Just like you have Scrabble word generator, you can also get a cheat dictionary for other word games. Words with Friends is another fun word game that has become immensely popular in recent years. Words with Friends or WWF share many similarities with Scrabble, though there are major differences too.

So are you wondering whether you should use a Scrabble cheat or WWF cheat?

As the rules of the games are different, it's best to use Scrabble cheat when you are playing Scrabble and WWF cheat when you are playing WWF.

That being said, you can also use a Scrabble cheat for finding new words for WWF, and vice versa. But you won't be able to use the Scrabble cheat board which is meant for Scrabble only.

Other than that, a Scrabble cheat or WWF cheat can help you make new words without any issues.