Word Chums Cheat

Enter up to 15 letters and up to 3 wildcards (? or space)


Millions of people love to play word games. They enjoy the challenge of creating words out of random letters. When you add the spirit of competition into the mix, online word games can become quite addictive. Word Chums from PeopleFun is an exciting Scrabble-like word game with unique features.

What is Word Chums?

This anagram game looks similar to some favorites. Players receive a series of letters that they must place on the gameboard. They score points for every word they play, and there are bonuses for playing on a bonus spot or using challenging letters like Q and X. The game is available for both Android and iOS. Players can seek out friends for competition or challenge random opponents.

One of the defining features of the game is the Chums. Every player gets to choose a customizable Chum to represent them. As players level up and earn coins, they can purchase items to decorate their characters and unique backgrounds for their Chum.

How to Play Word Chums

The Set Up

The initial setup for the game is similar to other anagram word games. The player sees a blank board and receives a collection of vowels and consonants. Blank tiles are wild, and players can use them to represent any letter.

Game Play

From there, players take turns placing words on the board. Up to four players can compete in online play. They can place words on open parts of the board, or they can build on existing words.


Like Scrabble, scoring is a combination of letter scores and word placement. Players can leap ahead by placing words on the double or triple word score square. The player with the highest total score at the end of the game wins that match.

XPs, Coins and Leveling Up

Your personal Chum is another part of the gameplay. The more you play, the more experience points you will earn. When you start, you receive an XP for every word score point. With enough XPs, you will make it to the next level.
The game awards coins every time you level up. You can also earn coins by watching ad videos. This currency will let you buy items to customize your Chum in the Chum Market. More items become available as you go up levels.

Hints and Bombs

It is easy to hit a dead end when you are playing an anagram game. Hints and bombs are important sources of Word Chums help. A hint will help you build a word from your existing letters and show you the most profitable place to play it.
When you feel like you are out of options, a bomb will shake things up. Using a bomb removes all the letters from your current collection and replaces them with a new set. What looks like an impossible board is now full of options. Players can purchase extra hints and bombs with coins.

Tips and Tricks for Word Chums Help

People who love word games are looking for victory. A strong vocabulary and a list of more challenging words will take you far. Other strategies can also help you win your next match.

Word Extensions

When you first get your letters, you will start forming words in your head. However, you must have flexibility as the board changes. Extending words can help you rack up serious points. Pluralizing a word with an S or ES is a common trick. Prefixes will also lead to higher scores. Turning AMPLE into EXAMPLE uses a high-scoring X for a bonus.

Short Words for Hard Letters

Two and three-letter words may not seem worth your time, but they can incorporate difficult letters. Words like Qi, QAT and ZOA will help you clear your letters and score points.

Work with Bonuses

In the middle of an intense game, you might forget about the power of bonus squares. Take some time to think about word placement as well as word formation. If you are not sure, you can use a hint to show you the highest-scoring word placement.

Bombs Away!

Many players are too conservative with their letter bombs. It takes some resources to obtain these items, so you want to use them wisely. However, getting a new mix of letters is sometimes the easiest way to keep playing.

Dress Up Your Chum for Extra XP

The Chum Market has a variety of items for your character. These not only decorate your player, but they also affect the rewards you receive from each game. Increasing your experience will help you go up levels. Leveling up will give you free access to more bombs and hints. If you are struggling, you can pay real money for extra tools.

Using the Word Chums Cheat

Now and then, you need a secret weapon. The Word.tips Word Chums Cheat can help you determine your next move. Using the cheat is simple.

1. Input the letters in your collection.

If you have blanks, you can add them as a space or a question mark. Searching at this point will generate a list of all the possible words that you can make from these letters.

2. Refine your search.

As the game continues, you will need to work with the letters on the board. With the Word.tips interface, you can filter your search by starting or ending letter, a letter the word must contain or word length.3. Pick your word.

3. Pick your word.

The word you choose will depend on where you are in the game. For your first or final move, you might look for a longer word to maximize points. In the middle of the game, you may want shorter words to build strategically.

4. Win the game!

Armed with a powerful word, you will surprise your opponent and win the match. A few victories will lead to extra experience, new items and a well-dressed Chum.