Latin - Its Origins, Impact, and Continued Use

Last update: 3/3/2023

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For most, the idea that 21st-century people are still using elements of a language created around the 6th century BC would seem rather odd, but it's the truth. Despite the common belief that Latin is a dead language reserved for private schools and academics, its influence can be seen in our everyday lives. For one, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian all evolved from this one source, creating what we call the five Romance languages. English contains many Latin words and root words, especially in medical and military terminology, and many expressions are still used on a daily basis.

Alter ego, Carpe diem, Requiescat in pace (Rest in Peace) are just a handful of phrases we use with many not knowing their true origin. Of course, Latin is still spoken today by clergy members and certain religious sects; the Vatican even created Latin versions of thousands of modern-day terms. While you may not get very far trying to have a conversation in this ancient tongue, the study of Latin is a fascinating pursuit that can reveal much about our world today and how we communicate, as well as boost the score of any skilled Scrabble player or crossword solver.

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