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Generate Random and Unique Passwords Instantly

Creating secure and strong passwords for your accounts has become too hectic! You need to choose a unique password that includes several barriers to prevent attempts of hacking and unauthorized login. 

Websites suggest you use symbols, lowercase, uppercase, use the right length, and other tricks to create safe passwords. However, we often lack time or patience to come up with strong passwords for our email and other accounts instantly. What should you do then?

Well, you can use an online password generator and get secure passwords to protect your accounts.

What is a Random Password Generator?

A random password generator is an online tool to create safe passwords instantly. Our passwords include lowercase, uppercase, numbers, symbols, and more to make your passwords as strong as ever. 

You just need to choose the password length and press the "Generate Password."

Yes! It's that easy. However, you also have the option of having full control over your passwords. We give you the ability to include special characters and even tricky characters in your passwords. If you want it simple, you can also exclude the option of including tricky characters. 

Our secure password generator is all you need to create quick passwords to protect your accounts, apps, and routers. No one will be able to break in or put your password in the list of stolen passwords on the internet.

What Makes a Strong Password

We have a habit of using our name, nickname, or birthday as passwords. However, nothing can be more dangerous!

You need to choose a strong password that makes cybercriminals scratch their heads! You need to come up with passwords that are difficult to crack or guess. Here are some factors to consider while creating your passwords


Short passwords are easy to break. You should aim for a password length of at least 12 to 16 characters. The longer the length, the more secure is the password!


Don't use a straightforward password. Use a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and anything that makes passwords more secure.


As we already said, don't use personal data, name, birth date, or similar events as passwords. They are easy to guess and break. Use our tool to generate random passwords. 

Master vs. Unique Passwords

Also, don't use a master password. A hacker will get access to all your accounts just by breaking it! Always aim for a unique password that no one is likely to guess.

Steps to Generate Secure Passwords

Do you want to create a password that is safe and secure? 

Just use our password generator that creates passwords randomly. Here's how to do it:

1. Access Our Random Password Creator

Visit the page of our online password generator.

2. Choose Your Password Length

Select password length from 2 - 15 characters.

3. Select Characters to Include in Password

Click on respective boxes if you want to include- 

a) Special characters

b) Numbers

c) Uppercase

4. Exclude Tricky Characters

Tricky characters can make your passwords strong. However, it's easy to get confused. For instance, it can be difficult to distinguish between "1," "l," and "I" from a quick glance. 

Our password gen tool gives you the option to exclude tricky characters and remove all confusion. Just click the box beside "Exclude tricky chars" to create simple passwords.

5. Click "Generate Password" Button

Go ahead and click the green "Generate Password" button to generate your free and secure password.

Helpful Tips to Create Safe Passwords

Avoid Weak Passwords and Common Passwords

This cannot be stressed enough! You need to use unique and random passwords that can't be broken easily. So always avoid using common and weak passwords like "John123" or "September1980."

Go for random and unique passwords.

Create Unique Combinations

Combinations work really great and prevent unauthorized access. Create password that combines alphabets, numbers, symbols, special characters, uppercase, lowercase- anything that makes your password stronger. Here are examples of a good password combining several characters-  "Dian$87q," "BNPD 12%&ldp*," and "John98BC@!ps."

You can also use our password generator to protect your router, apps, and computer.

Be Careful of Tricky Characters

You already know how tricky characters can make passwords strong and confusing at the same time! Ideally, you should use at least 1 - 2 tricky characters in your passwords to make them strong. 

If you don't want to use tricky characters, your password may be a bit less secure. However, that might make it easy to remember your passwords. You also no longer confuse between "I," "1," and "l."

In that case, we advise using unique passwords and combinations to make the password safer. You can also use our tool to create random and unique passwords.

Generate Separate Passwords

Don't use the same password for all your accounts. Use our tips and create a different password for every single computer, account, or app. You can also utilize our tools to create separate passwords for different services.

Change Passwords Frequently

Some services like net banking require you to change your passwords every few months. You should follow this best practice for all your email accounts, routers, computers, and social media. 

Changing passwords regularly gives less time for hackers to try their tricks. As a result, your accounts stay more secure and safe.

Make Passwords Stronger As Ever

Are you worried that hackers might guess your password? From employing brute force attacks to plain guessing, hackers can get access to your account before you know it - and we are sure you wouldn’t want that! 

Our random password generator is the ultimate solution for passwords as safe as prisons. No one will be able to break in or steal your data from any of your accounts. Keep our password generator handy and use it anytime you need a strong password.