Some of the Best and Weirdest words to recently enter the Dictionary…

New words for scrabble and words with friends

Like the most useful Pokemon, language is constantly evolving, matching our ever-connected world. In fact, so many of the new words to enter the Oxford English or Merriam-Webster dictionaries are related to the digital age. From slang terms to movie references, our vocabulary is becoming more eclectic with every passing year. Let’s take a look now at some of the more unusual, and bizarre, additions.

Beemer – Are you lucky enough to own one?

‘A car or motorcycle manufactured by the company BMW’

Bouncebackability – Do you have it?

‘(especially in sport) the capacity to recover quickly from a setback.’

Cyberslacking – Are you guilty? I think we all are.

‘A person who uses their employer’s Internet and email facilities for personal activities during working (more ing wordshours.’

Fuhgeddaboudit – Pardon?

Simply ‘Forget about it’ in US informal.

‘If you think you’re going to get a cab, fuggedaboudit

Gaydar – We’ve heard it said many a time and now (More things that start with n) it’s official!

‘The supposed ability of homosexuals to recognize one another by means of very slight indications.’

Grrrl – Yes queen.

‘A young woman regarded as independent and strong or aggressive.’

Haligonian – What all this all ‘about?

A native or inhabitant of the Canadian city of Halifax in Nova Scotia.

‘Haligonians have wanted a new race track since the 1980s’

Lookism – Never judge a book by its cover now.

‘Prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s appearance.’

Mardarse – A brilliant one from Northern England's sulky, petulant, or grumpy person.’

‘He is just a mardarse who doesn’t like being taken away from his food’

Riffage – One for you metalheads out there.

‘Guitar riffs, especially in rock music.’

Screenager – Most people nowadays.

‘A person in their teens or twenties who has an aptitude for computers and the Internet.’