Words with FEL

A list of all FEL words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with FEL. Also commonly searched for are words that end in FEL. Try our five letter words with FEL page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
housewifeliness26 feloniousnesses22
14 Letter Words
fellowshipping33 disfellowships28 fellmongerings28 feldspathoidal26 infelicitously26 lifelikenesses24 felicitousness23 lifelessnesses20
13 Letter Words
fellowshipped30 fellowshiping29 disfellowship27 fellmongering27 schoolfellows27 feldspathoids24 fellmongeries24 felicitations21 feloniousness20
12 Letter Words
blackfellows31 fellowshiped26 schoolfellow26 whitefellows25 fellmongered24 feldspathoid23 felicitously23 felicitating22 lifelikeness22 infelicitous21 felicitation20 infelicities20 wifelinesses20 felicitators19 lifelessness18
11 Letter Words
blackfellow30 blackfellas27 playfellows25 yokefellows25 feldspathic24 fellmongery24 fellowships24 rijsttafels24 whitefellow24 housewifely23 fellmongers22 whitefellas21 feloniously20 felicitated19 felicitates18 felicitator18
10 Letter Words
blackfella26 playfellow24 yokefellow24 fellowship23 rijsttafel23 bedfellows22 fellmonger21 infelicity20 whitefella20 felicitous18 goodfellas18 lifelessly18 safelights18 wifeliness18 felicitate17 felicities17 underfelts17 fellations16 fellnesses16 felinities15
9 Letter Words
felicific22 knifelike22 bedfellow21 fellowman21 fellowmen21 fellowing20 woolfells18 feldspars17 fellaheen17 fellating17 goodfella17 refelling17 safelight17 feldshers16 underfelt16 wifeliest16 fellation15 felonious15 heartfelt15 lifelines15
8 Letter Words
ganzfeld25 fellowly19 feluccas19 unwifely19 wifelike19 felicity17 fellable17 fellowed17 feltlike17 lifelike17 woolfell17 falafels16 felafals16 felafels16 feldspar16 felinely16 fellahin16 lifelong16 unsafely16 feldsher15
7 Letter Words
felucca18 duffels16 falafel15 felafal15 felafel15 felling15 fellows15 farfels14 fellahs14 felonry14 felspar14 felting14 felwort14 felines12 fellate12 fellers12 fellest12 fellies12 felloes12 outfelt12
6 Letter Words
duffel15 wifely15 befell14 fellow14 farfel13 fellah13 felony13 felsic13 felled12 rifely12 safely12 unfelt12 felids11 feline11 fellas11 feller11 felloe11 felons11 felted11 refell11
5 Letter Words
felix16 felly12 felty11 felid10 fella10 fells10 felon10 felts9 refel9
4 Letter Words
fell9 felo8 felt8