A-Z of the 50 US State Abbreviations & Codes

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Technology has undoubtedly made communicating with our loved ones easier; you no longer need a big old book of forward mailing addresses like your grandma used to have. However, there are still times when you need to know the U.S. states standard state abbreviations and codes, especially if you want to get in touch with people the old-fashioned way - by letter. With that in mind, here's the complete A-Z list of the 50 U.S. states' abbreviations and letter codes, so you can be sure they will get to the right place, and a state abbreviation quiz, so you can test your knowledge!

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Using Postal Abbreviations vs. US Traditional State Abbreviations

What’s the difference between postal abbreviations and traditional US abbreviations? Postal and traditional US abbreviations refer to ways of abbreviating the names of the 50 states in the United States. Still, the two have a few key differences:


Postal abbreviations consist of two uppercase letters without periods. In contrast, traditional US abbreviations typically consist of a capitalized first letter followed by a lowercase second letter (e.g., "Calif." for California versus "CA" for California).


Postal abbreviations are primarily used in mailing addresses, while traditional US abbreviations are used more formally, including in academic writing and depending on different style guides.


Postal abbreviations were standardized by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in the 1960s, so there is a consistent set of abbreviations that are recognized and used nationwide. Traditional US abbreviations, on the other hand, can change depending on the source.

Overall, postal and traditional US abbreviations serve similar purposes but have some important differences in format, usage, and consistency. So, below is the complete list of U.S. state abbreviations and codes from A-Z for your reference.

Complete List of U.S. States Abbreviations & Codes

Regardless of what you're using this list for, here is the complete catalog for you to browse all 50 US state postal abbreviations and their traditional counterparts. The postal abbreviations are the official current state standard abbreviations standardized by the United States Postal Service (USPS.)

A-G From the Arkansas Abbreviation to the Two-letter Postal Codes for Georgia

Looking for the postal abbreviation and traditional abbreviations for the US states from A-G?

Name of U.S. State Postal Abbrev. Traditional Abbreviation
Alabama AL Ala.
Alaska AK Alaska
Arizona AZ Ariz.
Arkansas AR Ark.
California CA Calif.
Colorado CO Colo.
Connecticut CT Conn.
Delaware DE Del.
Florida FL Fla.
Georgia GA Ga.

 H-M Process Mail from Hawaii to the Maryland Abbreviation

All the abbreviations for the US states that start with H to M.

Name of U.S. State Postal Abbrev. Traditional Abbreviation
Hawaii HI Hawaii
Idaho ID Idaho
Illinois IL Ill.
Indiana IN Ind.
Iowa IA Iowa
Kansas KS Kans.
Kentucky KY Ky.
Louisiana LA La.
Maine ME Maine
Maryland MD Md.

State abbreviations Quiz

Can you remember the state abbreviations for US states A-M? Test our your knowledge here.

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M-N All the M Mailing Addresses from Massachusetts to New Mexico

What’s the Missouri abbreviation? List of abbreviations for M-N.

Name of U.S. State Postal Abbrev Traditional Abbreviation
Massachusetts MA Mass.
Michigan MI Mich.
Minnesota MN Minn.
Mississippi MS Miss.
Missouri MO Mo.
Montana MT Mont.
Nebraska NE Neb. or Nebr.
Nevada NV Nev.
New Hampshire NH N.H.
New Jersey NJ N.J.
New Mexico NM N.Mex.

N-S Uppercase Abbreviations for U.S. States NY to South Dakota

List of abbreviations from the Empire State to The Mount Rushmore State.

Name of U.S. State Postal Abbrev Traditional Abbreviation
New York NY N.Y.
North Carolina NC N.C.
North Dakota ND N.Dak.
Ohio OH Ohio
Oklahoma OK Okla.
Oregon OR Ore. or Oreg.
Pennsylvania PA Pa.
Rhode Island RI R.I.
South Carolina SC S.C.
South Dakota SD S.Dak.

T-W List of Abbreviations from Tennessee to Wyoming

All the abbreviations you need from Tennessee to the Equality State.

Name of U.S. State Postal Abbrev Traditional Abbreviation
Tennessee TN Tenn.
Texas TX Tex. or Texas
Utah UT Utah
Vermont VT Vt.
Virginia VA Va.
Washington WA Wash.
West Virginia WV W.Va.
Wisconsin WI Wis. or Wisc.
Wyoming WY Wyo.

US Two-Letter Abbreviations for Commonwealth and Territories

As the United States has 6 territories outside of the 50 states in the union,  they have the same rule of two capital letters for their official state abbreviations; these have also been standardized by the United States Postal Service (USPS)

Name Postal Abbrev Traditional Abbreviation
American Samoa ASAmer. Samoa
District of Columbia DC D.C.
Guam GU Guam
Northern Mariana Islands MP M.P.
Puerto Rico PR P.R.
Virgin Islands VI V.I.

Common Postal Abbreviations You Should Know

Reading your post and wondering what the abbreviations for the postal service mean? Here’s a list of common abbreviations you might encounter.

Abbreviation Meaning
COA Change of Address
CFS Computerized Forwarding System
USPS United States Postal Service
U.S. United States
POB Post Office Box
UTF Unable to Forward


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