Positively Awesome Words That Start With A

Author: Sarah Perowne

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Positive words that start with A are abundant; you can have positive adjectives, nouns, nice words starting with a, and even verbs! Come down the positive word rabbit hole with us and enrich your vocabulary with a whole host of awesome, amazing, and admirable words.

Positive words that start with a examples

Nice Words That Start With A

Use these nice words that start with “a” list to improve your vocabulary and achieve more than you ever thought possible, and who knows; you might just have an advantage over your classmates when you tell them all of the positive words you know!

  • Acknowledge: to accept, bring into focus, or recognize the importance of something
  • Acoustic: related to music, sound, or hearing
  • Acquiesce: to agree to something without objections
  • Aglow: glowing or radiant
  • Amplify: to increase, make louder, or bigger
  • Amusing: something that is funny and makes you laugh
  • Appealing: something that is attractive or alluring
  • Assertive: being self-confident or positive
  • Authenticity: something that is original, genuine, and authentic
  • Authorize: to give permission or to sign.

Positive Adjectives That Start With A

Tons of positive adjectives begin with the letter "a," scroll through this list, write them down, learn the definition, and begin using them right away.

  • Accessible: being open and available for all types of people
  • Acclaimed: something that is celebrated or praised
  • Accommodating: welcoming, adaptable, and helpful
  • Accurate: something that is correct and error-free
  • Ace: something or someone that is good at something in particular
  • Active: someone that is energetic, likes sports, or engages in physical activity
  • Adaptable: someone that can change plans or ideas quickly with flexibility
  • Admirable: someone or something that deserves respect
  • Adorable: cute, sweet, or charming
  • Adventurous: likes to go on adventures and try different experiences
  • Aesthetic: pretty or pleasing
  • Affectionate: showing feelings through words and actions
  • Affirmative: supportive or readily agreeing to a request
  • Affordable: something that is not too expensive for what it is
  • Agreeable: someone or something pleasant; readily agrees with others
  • All-knowing: someone that is very knowledgeable
  • Altruistic: someone that wants to help others, not for their own gain; considerate or selfless.
  • Amazing: something that makes people happy or joyful
  • Ambitious: someone or something that wants to achieve their goals to succeed
  • Amiable: displaying a positive and friendly attitude
  • Amicable: pleasant, agreeable, or nice
  • Angelic: to be like an angel, heavenly, or divine
  • Approachable: comfortable in the presence of others
  • Ascending: to head in an upwards direction
  • Astonishing: incredible, amazing, or unbelievable
  • Astounding: something truly noteworthy
  • Attentive: caring; associated with acts of service
  • Auspicious: favorable
  • Authentic: real or genuine
  • Avid: showing a genuine interest in something; enthusiastic
  • Awe-inspiring: something that is inspiring and noteworthy

Positive Nouns That Start With A

Nouns are words that generally function as the name for things. There are many types of nouns; here, we will list some nouns beginning with the letter "a," you can use them when you're stuck in your writing, in a game, or even to impress your friends with your vocabulary.

  • Ability: the skill to be able to do something
  • Acceptance: the act of receiving, agreeing, or welcoming
  • Acclaim: praise, applause, and tribute
  • Ace: a person who is good at a particular thing; expert
  • Achiever: a person who excels at something
  • Adjutant: a helper or assistant
  • Admirer: someone that is a fan, enthusiast, or supporter
  • Advantage: a circumstance where something is given superiority
  • Aesthete: a person who appreciates art and its beauty
  • Aficionada: a female particularly fond of a specific thing or hobby; a fan
  • Aficionado: a male particularly fond of a specific thing or hobby; a fan
  • Aide: a guide or assistant
  • Ally: someone or something uniting together, usually by treaty
  • Almsgiver: a giver, donator, or benefactor
  • Altruist: a selfless person who shows concern for others
  • Ambassador: a proud representative
  • Ambiance: the particular atmosphere of a place
  • Ambition: a desire to achieve
  • Amity: friendship, friendly relations, or peace
  • Anecdote: a short and funny story
  • Angel: a spiritual being
  • Ardor: passion or eagerness
  • Artisan: a skilled worker, generally in a particular trade
  • Artiste: a professional entertainer
  • Asset: a highly valued thing or person
  • Attraction: a bond between two things
  • Azure: a shade of blue

Positive Verbs That Start With A

Positivity makes the world go around, and so do verbs. Here is a list of positively astonishing "a" verbs. Absorb them all because you never know when you might need them.

  • Abound: to be in large numbers or amounts
  • Accept: to say yes or agree
  • Access: to be able to enter or get into
  • Acclaim: to be praised and celebrated
  • Accommodate: to welcome
  • Accomplish: to achieve
  • Accredit: to give credit to
  • Accrue: to benefit from something or accumulate
  • Achieve: to gain something after a lot of hard work
  • Activate: to begin, to operate, to start
  • Actualize: to make something a reality
  • Adapt: to be able to change, modify, or adjust
  • Admire: to look upon something favorably
  • Adore: to be in admiration and to love
  • Agree: to have the same opinion
  • Align: to give support or to line up
  • Amaze: to surprise
  • Apologize: to say sorry
  • Aspire: to give hope and dreams to achieve something
  • Astonish: to surprise and impress
  • Attract: to pull something towards you
  • Awaken: to bring about a particular feeling or state of being
  • Award: to give a prize, title, compensation, or medal

15 Sentence Examples Using Words That Start With A

In case you're not done with words that start with A, or you're wondering how to fit them into a sentence, here are 15 sentence examples.

  • I would love to accept the accolade.
  • She's an ace at playing acoustic guitar!
  • I really admire your altruistic qualities.
  • Jazz aficionados are some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.
  • You can speak to my aide Sally; she is the deputy principal.
  • My grandparents' car is an authentic mini cooper from the 60s.
  • Your venue isn't very accessible.
  • My cat is extremely affectionate.
  • That's the most adorable little puppy I have ever seen!
  • Her host parents are very accommodating.
  • We enjoyed meeting him; he's very amicable.
  • He likes to go on adventurous vacations.
  • Your line drawings are astonishing!
  • Tom is going to college to actualize his dreams of becoming a musician.
  • The US ambassador for Spain and Andorra, Julissa Reynoso, is giving talks this weekend.

An Awesome Amount Of Action-Packed A Words

We hope we've activated your English vocabulary, and you can attribute these words starting with "a" in your next writing project. Adapt these words to your needs, and if you fancy learning more positive words, we've got a whole article about it!