Words that Start with DES

Words that begin with DES are commonly used for word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends. This list will help you to find the top scoring words to beat the opponent. You can also find a list of all words that end in DES and words with DES. Try our five letter words starting with DES page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
desynchronizing37 desexualization35 desulfurization32 despiritualized31 desacralization30 despiritualizes30 destabilization30 desalinizations28 desynchronising28 descriptiveness27 desensitization27 desexualisation26 destructibility26 dessertspoonful25 destructiveness25 destructivities24 desertification23 desacralisation21 desirablenesses21 destabilisation21
14 Letter Words
desulphurizing35 desynchronized34 desynchronizes33 desulphurizers32 despiritualize29 desalinization27 despicableness26 desulphurising26 descriptivists25 desynchronised25 despitefulness24 desynchronises24 desulphurisers23 deservednesses21 desuperheaters21 desegregations20 destructionist20 desirabilities19 desalinisation18 desirousnesses17
13 Letter Words
desexualizing35 desulfurizing32 desulphurized32 desynchronize32 desulphurizer31 desulphurizes31 desacralizing30 destabilizing30 desulfurizers29 desquamations28 descriptively27 descriptivism27 desensitizing27 desexualising26 destructively25 descriptivist24 desensitizers24 destructivity24 despondencies23 desulphurised23
12 Letter Words
desexualized32 desexualizes31 desquamative30 desulphurize30 desquamating29 desulfurized29 desulfurizer28 desulfurizes28 desacralized27 desalinizing27 desquamation27 destabilized27 desacralizes26 descrambling26 destabilizes26 desensitized24 despitefully24 descramblers23 desensitizer23 desensitizes23
11 Letter Words
desexualize30 desulfurize27 desquamated26 desacralize25 desquamates25 destabilize25 desalinized24 desalinizes23 descrambled23 despatching23 despondency23 descrambler22 descrambles22 describable22 descriptive22 desensitize22 deservingly22 desiccative22 descendible21 desexualise21
10 Letter Words
desquamate24 despicably23 desalinize22 descramble21 despicable21 destocking21 describing20 deskilling20 despatched20 descending19 deservedly19 despatcher19 despatches19 despiteful19 desponding19 descanting18 deservings18 deshabille18 desiccants18 desiccated18
9 Letter Words
deskbound20 descrying18 destocked18 descaling17 described17 deserving17 desiccant17 deskilled17 descended16 describer16 describes16 desiccate16 designing16 desirably16 desmosome16 desorbing16 despising16 despiting16 desponded16 despotism16
8 Letter Words
desexing19 despatch17 desktops16 destocks16 describe15 deskills15 despotic15 desulfur15 descaled14 descends14 deserved14 desilver14 desponds14 descaler13 descales13 descants13 descents13 descried13 deselect13 deserver13
7 Letter Words
desexed16 deskman16 deskmen16 desexes15 desktop15 destock15 deskill14 descend13 despond13 descale12 descant12 descent12 deserve12 desmans12 desmids12 desmoid12 despoil12 designs11 desorbs11 despair11
6 Letter Words
desoxy16 descry12 desman11 desmid11 design10 desorb10 despot10 desand9 deshis9 desalt8 deseed8 desert7 desire7 desist7
5 Letter Words
desex13 desks10 deshi8 desis6
4 Letter Words
desk9 desh7 desi5