Words with EFR

A list of all EFR words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with EFR. Also commonly searched for are words that end in EFR. Try our five letter words with EFR page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
defragmentation26 irrefragability26 refrangibleness26 refractometries24
14 Letter Words
birefringences27 refractometric26 refrangibility26 refractiveness25 refractivities24 refractometers23 unrefrigerated22 refractoriness21 refrigerations20
13 Letter Words
freezeframing34 birefringence26 defragmenting26 refractometry24 defragmenters23 irrefrangible23 pesticidefree23 refractometer22 refrigerating21 refrigeratory20 refrigeration19 refrigerators18
12 Letter Words
freezeframed31 freezeframes30 refractively25 refractivity24 defragmented23 irrefragably23 refreshingly23 birefringent22 defragmenter22 refringences22 irrefragable21 refractorily21 refreshening21 refreshments21 battlefronts20 refrainments20 carefreeness19 refractories18 refrigerants18 refrigerated18
11 Letter Words
freezeframe29 prefreezing29 prefranking25 prefreshman23 prefreshmen23 spaceframes23 befriending22 defragments21 defrayments21 refrangible21 refringence21 defriending20 grapefruits20 refreshment20 stagefright20 whitefronts20 battlefront19 prefrontals19 refrainment19 housefronts18
10 Letter Words
prefreezes25 refreezing25 defrocking24 befringing22 prefranked22 spaceframe22 defragging21 wavefronts21 defragment20 defrayable20 defrayment20 refractive20 befretting19 befriended19 defrauding19 grapefruit19 lakefronts19 refracting19 timeframes19 whitefront19
9 Letter Words
prefrozen25 prefreeze24 defrocked21 refreezes21 prefranks20 wavefront20 wherefrom20 befringed19 smokefree19 befringes18 crimefree18 defragged18 defraying18 lakefront18 reframing18 timeframe18 wireframe18 befriends17 homefries17 therefrom17
8 Letter Words
prefroze23 refrozen21 refreeze20 defrocks19 prefrank19 befringe17 befriend16 refrying16 defrayal15 defrayed15 reframed15 carefree14 defrauds14 defrayer14 defriend14 refracts14 reframes14 treefrog13 defrosts12 refrains12
7 Letter Words
refroze19 defrock18 befrets13 defrags13 defraud13 defrays13 icefree13 refract13 reframe13 refresh12 defrost11 refrain11 refried11 refront11 refries10
6 Letter Words
befret12 defrag12 defray12
5 Letter Words