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If you enjoy word puzzles, Codeword is an enjoyable break in your day. This challenge is a mix between a crossword puzzle and a word search.

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If you enjoy word puzzles, Codeword is an enjoyable break in your day. This challenge is a mix between a crossword puzzle and a word search.
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Codeword Game

If you enjoy word puzzles, the Codeword casual game by Arkadium will be an enjoyable break in your day. This challenge is a mix between a crossword puzzle and a word search. Many players find this game to be a relaxing alternative to the frustrations of obscure crossword clues. This game is not about guessing words. Instead, it looks like a crossword without clues. You figure out the words as you fill in more letters. Once you start playing, you will come back every day for a new puzzle.

Arkadium: Creators of Casual Fun
Arkadium has been providing casual games geared toward older adults since 2001. If you have ever enjoyed an online game of solitaire or the ever-popular Minesweeper, you are familiar with their work. You can find their games on several online and mobile platforms. Codeword continues the tradition by offering enjoyable puzzles that challenge the player without adding to their stress levels. A daily Codeword puzzle is just the distraction you need when you are trying to reset your brain for a new task.

How to Play Codeword

The gameplay for this word puzzle is fairly straightforward. When you start the game, you will see a grid much like a crossword. However, you will quickly notice some differences. There are numbers in every square. Instead of a list of clues, there is a list of letters on the right side of the screen.
Codeword puzzles include every letter of the alphabet. At the beginning of the game, a couple of letters are already in place to get you started. You will notice that these letters are shaded squares in the key. You will also see that, in the key, these letters have numbers assigned to them. When you assign a letter to one square on the game board, the game will automatically assign the same letter to squares with matching numbers. As you place more letters, it will become easier to figure the words and arrive at the solution.

Game Controls

Arkadium understands that casual gamers may have different playing styles. For this reason, you can control the game using the mouse, the keyboard, or both. When you are using the mouse, click a square on the game board. Then, click a letter in the key to assign it to that square.
When you play with just the keyboard, you use the arrow keys to move around the game board. You can then use the keyboard to assign a letter to a square. You can also pick squares with the mouse and assign letters with the keyboard.

Additional Playing Tools

IIf you are a word game purist, you will not need any more than the basic controls. However, this is casual gaming, and the designers do not want you to walk away in frustration. At the top of the screen, you will see four icons. Each of these has a specific function.
Check selected cell: The checkbox icon gives a hint by showing you whether or not a cell contains the right letter. If it is correct, the square will receive a green checkmark. If not, you will see a red slash.

Print puzzle: The printer icon gives you the option of printing out the daily Codeword so that you can work on it with pencil and paper.

Reveal selected cell: When you are just ready to move on, pressing this icon will give you the letter that belongs in the square in question.

Open tutorial: The question mark icon opens the game tutorial to remind you of the rules.

Scoring the Game

Arkadium provides a new puzzle every day. Your score is based on how many hints you use and how long it takes you to solve the puzzle. The penalty for checking a square is less than the penalty for revealing a square. Putting the wrong letter in a square also reduces your score. You receive a time bonus if you solve the puzzle in under 300 seconds.
Your daily score reflects your best performance for that puzzle on a given day. You also get a cumulative daily bonus for every day in a row you play the game.
The monthly score is determined by your score when you solve the puzzle the first time. If you use clues on your first time through, your monthly score for the puzzle will be lower than your best daily score.

Daily Codeword Tips and Tricks

To achieve the highest score possible, you want to solve the puzzle quickly while avoiding errors. The timer does not start until you enter a letter into your first square. Take your time and look at the word puzzle before you get started. There is plenty of time to plan a strategy. Often, there are spots that must be vowels. For example, if there are two consonants in a row, it is very likely that the space before and after them are vowels. Also, look for a large number of squares with the same number. These will be common letters like r, s, t, a and e. With a little planning, you will soon have high scores on your Codeword puzzles.