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Broaden your vocabulary and sharpen your mind with Word Wipe by Arkadium. The many levels available can keep you busy whenever you need a break from your daily grind.

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Broaden your vocabulary and sharpen your mind with Word Wipe by Arkadium. Considered a fan favorite, this word-find game starts off easy but soon gains a feverish pitch as you try to clear lines of letter tiles from the board in a specified amount of time. Surprisingly addicting, you can play this online game for free right from your browser. The many levels available can keep you busy whenever you need a break from your daily grind.

Word Wipe Game

When you play Word Wipe, the goal is to clear lines from the 20x20 grid either horizontally or vertically before the time runs out. At first, you'll only have to clear one line in 120 seconds, but as the levels increase, so does the challenge as you'll need to clear more complete lines with less time available.

It's easy to get started with this word puzzle. Simply open a new window or tab on your browser, access the site, and begin playing Word Wipe. Using your mouse, click on a beginning letter. Slide your mouse to choose an adjacent letter, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, then continue with another adjacent letter. Drag your mouse over each consecutive letter until you spell your word, essentially wiping away the letter tiles. The tiles above the word that was wiped away will drop down, creating more opportunities to find words.

Arkadium is the developer of casual games. If you have a Windows computer, you might be familiar with their popular game called "Minesweeper." As the creative force behind some of the world's most played games, Arkadium has won many awards for its hiring practices and for being a great place to work.

How to Play Word Wipe

After the word game loads, press the begin button to start. Words must be at least three letters in length. As you select adjacent letters, valid words will become apparent as the tiles turn from yellow to green. Release your mouse, and the word will disappear. While each letter can only be used once, you can move in any direction during the formation or your word.


During game play, most of the control will be handled with your mouse. However, there is relevant information to the left of the letter grid that you can access while you play. The upper box shows you what level you're on, the points for the words you make, your current score for that level, and how much time you have remaining. In the lower box, you'll see how many bonus bombs you have and your progress toward reaching the set line goals before you can move on to the next level. Below these boxes, you'll find controls that you allow you to exit or pause/play this word search as well as a button to control the music volume and access an example of how to form a word.


Step 1

Before you press the begin button, you can view a portion of the grid. Take a moment to see if you can find any words before you start. This will make it easier to get through each level.

Step 2

Click on the first letter, drag your mouse, and begin clearing out tiles. When you clear lines of tiles, horizontal lines will be erased from the top and vertical ones from either side. If you clear columns in the middle of the board, the tiles will slide together, allowing you to complete more words.

Step 3

Continue in this manner until you reach the set goal for that level, or the time expires. Submitting words even after you've met the goal will charge your bonus bombs.

9 Tips and Tricks to Score Higher

If you'd like to compete with your friends or simply wish to best your own high score in the Word Wipe game, there are ways to get more points.

  1. While you're most likely to easily spot 3-letter words, you'll obviously score more points for longer words.
  2. Before releasing your mouse for a word, check to see if you can make the word longer with letters either at the front or back end.
  3. Three of the same letter in a row also counts as a word.
  4. Even if you've completed your goal of clearing lines for a level, complete as many words as you can before moving on to the next for a higher score.
  5. Clearing the grid will double your score for that level.
  6. A small bar will pop up under the score box once you have reached your goals.
  7. With the exception of the letter "U," vowels score lower points, so use as many consonants in a word as possible.
  8. Because you always need to watch out for the time you have remaining, it can be tricky to remember which words will give you a better overall score. Complex words won't always give you the highest score, so try to create words using letters with the highest points. Make a wordlist to keep on hand or to memorize.
  9. Don't forget to use your bonus bombs if you get into some trouble finding words or if you're running out of time.

WordTips Bonuses for Word Wipe Fans

Highest-point Letters

  • T=8
  • M=8
  • P=8
  • C=8
  • U=8
  • G=10
  • B=14

Highest-Scoring 3-Letter Words

  • bbb
  • bug
  • bum
  • but
  • ccc
  • cub
  • ggg
  • gub
  • gum
  • gut
  • mmm
  • mug
  • ppp
  • pub
  • pug
  • ttt
  • uuu
  • tub
  • tug
  • cum
  • cup
  • cut
  • mut
  • put
  • tum
  • tup
  • ump

Highest-Scoring 4-Letter Words

  • bump
  • tump